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Fine Porosity
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  • Borosilicate Glass Buchner Funnels

    United Scientific Supplies

    Manufactured from thick walled borosilicate glass, funnels include a beaded rim and a fritted disc with coarse, medium or fine porosity.

  • Porous-Bottom Crucibles

    United Scientific Supplies

    Porous-bottom crucibles have a molded-in porous disc with stable porosity and consistent flow rate. Available with very fine (1.2 µm), fine (5 µm), and medium (15 µm) pore diameters. Glazed inside and out, except for outside bottom and rim. Autoclavable.

  • …GRADE F - Fine porosity, medium flow rate, with a 0.7 µm size particle retention. Frequently used with Grade D to filter diluted aqueous solutions containing strong oxidizing, acidic, or alkaline components prior to laser spectroscopy. May also be used for TCLP analysis and collecting extremely fine

  • …filter eliminates pin-holing and fiber-shedding to ensure consistent, accurate results comparable to 934-AH® brand filters. Fast flow rate, fine porosity and 1.5 µm particle retention makes the TSS Filter the preferred choice of environmental chemists for total suspended solids analysis of…

  • Buchner Funnel, Fritted Disc Capacity: Multiple capacities available ranging from 2-600mL Disc OD: 10-90mm available Porosity: Xtra Course, Coarse, Medium, and Fine available Not recommended for filtration where pressure will exceed 15 psi

  • Depth filtration glass micro fiber GRADE B - Fine porosity, medium to fast flow rate, with a 1.0 µm size particle retention. Ideally suited for the collection of biochemical polymers that have been precipitated by denaturation. This material is twice as thick as Grade A with a higher loading…

  • …Extraction The amount of humic acid present in coal correlates to the degree of oxidation. Because of the high solids loading, and presence of fines, the test recommends using a bi-layer filter. Grade 74 is used as the pre-filter and Grade 94 as the main filter. This will provide the necessary…

  • porosities of Pyrex fritted ware so that precipitates varying in size can be filtered at maximum speed with no sacrifice of retention. Porosity is controlled in manufacture, and discs are individually tested and graded into these classifications: medium porosity (10 to 15 µm) and fine porosity

  • Buchner Filter Funnels

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    WUsed in applications where filter paper would be attacked by the material being filtered, these borosilicate glass Buchner filter funnels with sealed-in fritted glass discs are available in Coarse(C), Medium(M), or Fine(F) porosities.

  • Filtration without material transfer Ideal for filtration involving recovery of solids High-density polyethylene coarse porosity disc (90-130 micron) and body Use directly or precoat for fine filtration Large filter has a serrated tubing connector

  • Depth filtration glass micro fiber 934-AH® - Fine porosity, fast flow rate, with a 1.5 µm size particle retention. This material is the standard for volatile suspended solids content and related measurements (Standard Methods 2540D and EPA Method 160.2). Also widely used in cell harvesting…

  • Crucible Gooch Low Form Fritted Medium 30ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Porosity 10-15 microns Capacity (mL) 30 Height (mm) 50 Diameter (mm) 30 Shelf-Pack Qty 2 Case Qty 12   ·          Available in fine (4-5.5 microns),…

  • Depth filtration glass micro fiber GRADE A-E - Fine porosity and fast flow rate, with a 1.0 µm size particle retention. Binderless borosilicate glass microfiber. DOP efficiency is 99.98%. Primarily used in suspended solids and air monitoring. Particle retention: 1.00 µm …

  • XenoMax Washed, Dried TSS Filter

    Xenosep Technologies

    Binder-free, fast flowing, fine porosity borosilicate glass microfiber filters have been optimized for better wet strength/handleability and high temperature (550°C) blank stability; two quality issues known to affect other brands of TSS filters. Xenomax TSSFVS Filters are readily available in…

  • Universal Columns

    Evergreen Scientific

    …acid and alkali Total capacity of reservoir is 25 mL Columns come complete with filter support in three levels of porosity         fine (15-45 um)         medium (45-90 um)        …

  • …and the analysis of carbohydrates. STM 2530 Particulate Floatables Standard process to measure the quantity of particles that have a density less than that of the surrounding water, such as oil and grease, via gravity separation. Grade 131 has the fine porosity needed for this test.

  • Depth filtration glass micro fiber GRADE A - Fine porosity, fast flow rate, with a 1.6µm size particle retention. Frequently used in the filtration of precipitated proteins and cells. Ideally suited for use as a filter for radioimmuno assay of weak beta emitters by scintillation counting…

  • Depth Filtration Glass Micro Fiber GRADE C - Fine porosity, fast flow rate, with a 1.2 µm size particle retention. Primarily used for RIA procedures and harvesting lymphocytes. Binderless borosilicate glass microfiber. Particle retention: 1.20 µm Filtration speed: 25 seconds Thickness: 0.28 mm…

  • Depth filtration glass micro fiber GRADE E - Fine porosity, fast flow rate, with a 1.3 µm size particle retention. This material is an economical media for suspended particle analysis in water, cell harvesting, pre-filtration and air monitoring applications. Binderless borosilicate glass…

  • For fine dispersion. Porous tip approximately 5mm or 7mm O.D. x 10mm. 7mm O.D. Tube fits #7 Ace-Thred. Offered with Porosity A (145-174 micron), Porosity B (70-100 micron), Porosity C (25-50 micron), Porosity D (10-20 micron), or Porosity E (4-8 micron

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