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Filter Crucible
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  • Glazed throughout with the exception of outside bottom surface Outside diameter is measured at the top of the crucible

  • Fused, fritted glass disc Polished ends Pore size: coarse, 40-60 µm, medium, 10-15 µm, fine 4-5.5 µm 30 mL disc diameter: 30 mm; fits tube i.d. 36 mm, 50 mL disc diameter: 40 mm; fits tube i.d. 42 mm.

  • For supporting funnels, Gooch crucibles, filter tubes, etc., in filtration assemblies Particularly suitable for Buchner and fritted glass funnels, porcelain filters without head pieces and for reverse flow cleaning of filter crucibles Adapters will withstand autoclaving Taper angle in all sizes…

  • Porous Discs


    …chemical filtration, CoorsTek Porous Ware can separate solid particles from liquid or gaseous suspensions. Stream flow is not obstructed by the filtering action. For gross particle filtration, clarification, polishing, and sterilization of serums, vaccines, antitoxins, and other biochemical…

  • Filter Adapters

    Bal Supply

    …seven cones designed to fit the Buchner and fritted glass funnels, porcelain filters without headpieces, and for reverse flow cleaning of filter crucibles. Especially useful for supporting funnels, Gooch crucibles, filter tubes, etc. in filtration assemblies. The adapter does not need to be fitted…

  • …purity from filter to filter. Quantitative analysis Low ash content 0.007% (Acid-wash treated) High wet-strength Consistent performance Custom cut Bulk packaging Ashless Grades (Ash 0.007%) These standard ashless grades are high purity filter papers suitable…

  • Rubber Filter Aid

    United Scientific Supplies

    This molded rubber filter disc is designed to support and seal in place a filter crucible or a funnel in the neck of a filter flask. Inside diameter of the socket at top is 32mm, and outside diameter of the disc is 76mm. The bottom of the disc is flat so that it seals tightly against the lip of…

  • Crucible Holder


    …mL porcelain Gooch crucibles A combination rubber stopper and crucible holder with glass funnel insert Dimensions 57 mm length, tapered from 38 mm diameter at top to 22 mm diameter at bottom; length of tapered portion 35 mm Fits 4948F21 and 4948H23 series Filter Flasks, 125 to 1,000…

  • …temperatures. As specified for the analysis of water and waste samples in the Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater (1992) Retains precipitates such as silver chloride Compares favorably with fritted glass filter crucibles Maximum usable temperature 500°C

  • Filter Adapter Set, Neoprene

    United Scientific Supplies

    …adapter cones designed to fit Buchnew and fritter glass funnels, porcelain filters without headpieces, and for reverse flow cleaning for filter crucibles. Adapters can be used to support funnels, Gooch crucibles, filter tubes and other apparatus in filtration assemblies These adapters are…

  • …tubes (Thomas No. 0319Y64) These 27mm inner diameter PYREX® filter tubes have an 8mm. O.D. by 75mm long constricted lower end. They can be used on the bottom end of 30mm O.D. PYREX® Gooch Low Form fritted disc crucibles to collect the filtrate. Also for use with porcelain plates. …

  • Neoprene filter adapters are designed to fit between a filtering funnel and a flask. For use with Buchner funnels, Gooch crucibles, filter tubes, etc. Can be used individually or nested with adjacent sizes. Eliminates the boring of rubber stoppers and the difficulties of inserting and removing glass…

  • Synonym: filter flask, filter flasks, filtering flasks, flask filter General description 1,000 mL, with 3-way glass stopcock. Allows waste solvent to be drained from flask via stopcock without disassembly, thus minimizing breakage. Use with NMR tube cleaners, Gooch crucibles, and Buchner…

  • Deluxe Chemistry Hardware Assortment

    United Scientific Supplies

    …Burette (1), Clamp, Mohr's Pinchcock (1), Crucible with Cover, 10ml (1), Cylinder, Graduated, Glass, 10ml (1), Cylinder, Graduated, Glass, 50ml (1), Cylinder, Graduated, Plastic (PP), 100ml (1), Evaporating Dish, Porcelain, 35ml (1), Filter Paper, 9cm dia, pk/100 (1), Flask, Boiling, 100ml…

  • Calyx Capsule Filter

    GVS Filter Technology

    …gas streams. They are ready to use, eliminating the need to disassemble, clean and reassemble filter housings. GVS Life Sciences capsules contain no glue or surfactants and feature serial layer filter design for increased throughput and extended life. Two upstream vents are included to facilitate…

  • …a glassware kit and accessories to match workload Hydrolysis is carried out with hydrochloric acid for approximately 60 minutes at 170°C. The hydrolyzed sample is then filtered in a glass crucible and washed with warm deionized water in order to eliminate the residues of hydrochloric acid.

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