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Field Ph Meter
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  • EcoTestr™ pH 2+ Pocket pH Meter


    … Expanded 4-digit dual-line display shows pH and temperature readings simultaneously Additional key provides an easier, more intuitive interface Improved cap functions as a sample cup and as a stabilizing base to stand the meter upright IP67-rated housing is waterproof and floats…

  • SevenGo Portable pH Meter

    Mettler Toledo

    …features the SevenGo pH meter, pH electrode InLab® 413 with a 2 m fixed cable and SevenGo electrode clip.  The 4157A09 Field Kit includes meter, pH electrode InLab® 413 with a 2 m fixed cable, professional carrying case with electrode clip, field electrode arm and protective…

  • SenTix® pH Electrodes


    SenTix®: Standard electrodes with gel and precision electrodes with liquid gel electrolyte for pH measurements in lab applications and in the field Maintenance-free gel reference system across the entire product life Quick repsonse time by good connection to the medium for electrodes…

  • Pro10 pH/ORP/Temperature Portable pH or ORP Meter


    …harshest field conditions. User-replaceable cables and sensors provide versatility, reduce down time and reduce overall cost of ownership Available with 1- 4- 10- 20- and 30-m field cable lengths standard (cable management kit included on all cables 4-m and longer) Lab grade pH and ORP…

  • Pro Series pH/ORP/ISE Field Cables


    …port requires a pH, ORP, or ISE sensor. The 60510 pH/ORP/ISE cables ONLY work with the YSI Pro Plus and Pro10 instruments. Cables can be ordered in lengths of 1-, 4-, 10-, 20-, and 30-meters.  Cables include an integrated temperature sensor but do NOT come with a pH, ORP, or ISE…

  • ProDSS Handheld Multiparameter Sampling Instrument


    …rubber over-molded case and 1-meter drop tests ensures durability to provide years of sampling even in the harshest field conditions. Parameters Available: pH Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)/Redox Optical Dissolved Oxygen/BOD Turbidity Conductivity Specific…

  • Star™ A221 pH Portable Meters

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    meter armor, hard-sided field case, 4 AA batteries, literature CD, printed quick start guide, computer interface cable and meter test certificate STARA2218 includes: Star A221 pH meter, 8163BNWP ROSS spear-tip pH electrode, 927007MD Orion stainless steel ATC probe, 910410-WA Orion pH 4.01…

  • Multi 3320 Set 1 pH/Dissolved Oxygen/Conductivity Meter


    …is a perfect meter for environmental applications in ground and surface water, aqua culture, waste water treatment plants and much more. An integrated ISE routine allows also occasional ISE measurment. Two inputs for simultaneous measurements of pH and conductivity or pH and dissolved…

  • SD 50 pH Meter


    The SD 50 pH Tester is ideal for field testing in environmental or industrial settings as well as for pool and spa testing! The robust housing is completely waterproof (IP67 rated!) and the intuitive scroll-bar functionality combined with a backlit display enable the easy measurement and…

  • Stainless Steel pH Probes


    …that best fits your pH testing needs General Purpose Round Tip SS pH Probe - (1226T09) Excellent for field work, food testing, soil testing, industrial applications, educational use Stainless Steel Micro pH Probe - (1226T11) Excellent for field work, food testing,…

  • Standard Portable pH / Conductivity / TDS Combination Meter

    Milwaukee Instruments

    field needs and after fertilization to establish its effectiveness. Supplied with the SE600 interchangeable probe to measure pH, Conductivity and TDS. The pH electrode utilizes a fiber junction to reduce contamination when measuring fertilizer solutions. Both meters calibrate manually in pH,

  • Waterproof pH 450 Meter


    … The pH 450 meter offers an IP67-rated waterproof housing, making it ideal for the manufacturing floor, field testing, and the laboratory. The large, backlit LCD lets you view the main measurement simultaneously with temperature and calibration data with % slope. Calibrate pH and ISE with…

  • pH/Temperature Probe, 4 meter cable


    Waterproof pH and temperature field probe and cable assembly. Used with pH100, pH100A

  • Waterproof pH 600 Series Meters


    pH range expandable to 0.001 pH resolution. Combined with accuracies up to ±0.002 pH, these meters provide a new benchmark in our pH meter line. Store up to 500 data sets in the meters memory. Time-and-date-stamping meets Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards. The pH 600 meters

  • Pro1020 Field Dissolved Oxygen / pH / ORP Instrument


    …instrument for the measurement of dissolved oxygen, temperature and either pH or ORP. User-replaceable sensors and cables, 50 data set memory, and convenient calibration routine makes it user friendly. A true field instrument; Mil-spec (military spec) connectors, IP67 waterproof, rubber over…

  • HQ40d Portable pH, Conductivity, Optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO), ORP, and ISE…


    …measurements - IntelliCAL™ smart probes store all calibrations in the probe Designed for demanding conditions Meter kit includes field case, 4 AA batteries, protective meter glove, power adapter, USB/DC power adapter for data transfer, quick-start guide, user manual, and documentation CD

  • SevenGo Duo pro™ pH/Ion/Conductivity Meter

    Mettler Toledo

    …automatically when the sensor is connected to the meter. This ensures the meter always uses the latest calibration data. pH/Ion/Oxygen Meter (IP67) for the Strictest Demands: Portable dual-channel meter for the parallel determination of pH, mV, rel. mV or ion concentrations and…

  • Smart 3 Electronic Soil Lab, Model DC-12


    …with a battery powered pH 5 meter. The meter measures the pH of a one-to-one solution of soil and distilled water over the range of 0 to 14 pH units to a sensitivity of 0.01 pH. Soluble Salt levels in soils and irrigation waters are monitored accurately with a TDS 5 meter measuring dissolved salts…

  • ProfiLine Single-parameter Portable pH Meter Series


    …auto-read feature which “locks-in” the reading for precise measurements. All meters come with a three (3) year warranty. pH 3110 Instrument only Easy-to-operate pH/mV meter with large LCD display, for routine field measurement. Single instrument only. Includes single instrument, short…

  • Pocket Pro+ Multi 2 Tester for pH/Cond/TDS/Salinity with Replaceable Sensor


    …results. Backed up with built in performance diagnostics, you never have to guess when to clean or calibrate the sensor. You also get replaceable batteries for convenient field use, and a large, easy-to-read LCD screen. Confidence in results Save time and money Ease of use

  • sensION+ EC5 Field Kit


    …for field testing. Instruments are ergonomically shaped and can easily be operated single-handed. A guided navigation menu allows you to follow simple prompts to set up your measurements, thus reducing the time necessary to start testing and improving the accuracy of measurements. The meter has…

  • Standard Portable pH Meter with 0.01 pH Resolution

    Milwaukee Instruments

    …laboratory or for general field use. MW101 performs pH measurements with a 0.01 pH resolution and with manual temperature compensation. The meter is supplied with pH electrode and calibration solutions. MW101 is supplied complete with a SE220 pH electrode, pH 7.01 20 mL sachet of…

  • Waterproof pH/CON 450 Meter


    …450 meter offers a rugged, waterproof housing, making it ideal for the manufacturing floor, field testing, and the laboratory. Large, backlit LCD lets you view the main measurement simultaneously with temperature. Calibrate pH with up to six points from USA, NIST, DIN, PWB, and custom pH buffer…

  • Datalogging pH Meter Kit

    Sper Scientific

    …Compliant CE Mark 1-year warranty Everything necessary for immediate field use: pH SD Card logger 850060, sealed epoxy body reference combination electrode with a BNC connector and a 2½' cable, ATC temperature probe, pH buffers 4, 7, 10 and deionized water, batteries and instructions. All…

  • Combined pH and Conductivity Meters

    Jenway (Bibby Scientific US)

    …rigours of field work, while reliably measuring pH and conductivity. The unit allows the simultaneous readout of pH, conductivity or TDS and temperature with switched ranges for both conductivity and TDS measurements. Thomas Nos. 1200Q34 and 1200Q35 Simultaneous display of pH and…

  • Waterproof pH/DO 450 Meter


    …further ensure measurement accuracy. The large, backlit LCD lets you view pH, ISE, mV, % saturation, or mg/L (ppm) simultaneously with temperature. Rugged, IP67-rated waterproof housing makes the meter ideal for plant or field testing. Additional features include ready (stability) indicator, smart…

  • pH Elect. High pH SJES


    These economical electrodes are ideal for field, clean water, and general-purpose applications. Single-junction, epoxy-body, gel-filled pH electrodes Pin-type junction provides low electrolyte flow for long life High range of 0 to 14 pH 3 foot (1 meter) cable

  • Aqua-Check Water Analyzers


    …diameter probe This compact multi-meter is perfect for most environmental field testing. Readings are automatically compensated for effects of salinity, temperature, barometric pressure and sensor field effects. Datalogger easily stores on demand or realtime clock enables readings…

  • SevenGo Duo™ pH/Conductivity Meter

    Mettler Toledo

    …to the meter. This ensures the meter always uses the latest calibration data. Routine pH/Conductivity Meter (IP67) Portable dual-channel meter for the determination of pH, mV, conductivity, TDS (total dissolved solids), salinity and specific resistance 3-point pH calibration…

  • Waterproof pH/mV/Temperature Kit


    3-in-1 Meter with Lab-Quality Performance This pH/Temperature Kit measures pH, mV, and temperature at your workbench or in the field. It has automatic one button calibration of 4, 7 and 10 pH with a choice of three point calibration for better accuracy and automatic temperature compensation.…

  • pH Meters and Accessories

    Sper Scientific

    …14 pH range with a high 0.01 pH resolution. Features 2 point calibration, hold function, fold out easel back and a tripod screw. Comes with a 9V battery, calibration tool, and full instructions. The Basic pH Meter Kit includes everything necessary for immediate field use: Basic pH Meter, epoxy…

  • Standard Portable pH / Temperature Meter

    Milwaukee Instruments

    …laboratory or for general field use. MW102 is a microprocessor based pH/Temperature meter with extended range (-2.00 to 16.00 pH), Automatic Temperature Compensation, automatic calibration in 2 points and ±0.02 pH accuracy. The meter is supplied with pH electrode and calibration…

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