Eppendorf Pipette Stand

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Eppendorf Pipette Stand
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  • …all your Eppendorf pipettes within good reach and save precious bench space. The Eppendorf Pipette Holder System provides highly flexible carousels, stands and wall mount devices for all current Eppendorf liquid handling instruments and most predecessors. The Eppendorf pipette holder system…

  • …brand pipette for a BRAND NEW Eppendorf pipette. Choose among Research® plus, Reference® 2 manual or Eppendorf Xplorer®/plus electronic single-channel or multichannel pipettes, Eppendorf Repeater® M4, or Easypet® 3 at a reduced price! RESEARCH PLUS PIPETTES (1220F33-F45,…

  • …laboratory periphery is given as this new Eppendorf tube has the same diameter as 50 mL conical tubes. System components like adapters for centrifugation, Eppendorf SmartBlock™, Test Tube Holder for MixMate®, storage box and single tube stand are available. New cap design: flattened…

  • Maxipettor


    … The valve for use together with the Maxitip S system ensures drip-free dispensing of volatile solutions Pipette Carousel and Charger Stand The Eppendorf Pipette carousel allows you to store your Eppendorf pipettes and/or liquid handling instruments in a comfortable and safe way. 

  • Scienceware® Shelf-Mounted Pipet Rack

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …in your lab Expands to store all of your pipettors Use with most pipettors such as Gilson® PIPETMAN®, Oxford® BenchMate®, Biohit Proline® or Eppendorf®. This sturdy pipettor holder holds many standard brands of pipettors and keeps them within easy reach at multiple workstations. Simply attach to…

  • Corning® polypropylene microvolume pipet tips provide accurate, reliable performance in the 0.5-10µL range and are designed for use with Eppendorf® and other popular ultra-micropipettors. Please check our Technical Information Listing on our Pipet Tip Compatibility Guide for additional…

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