Electronic Crimper

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Electronic Crimper
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  • Programmable Electronic High-Power Crimp Stations

    Thermo Scientific

    …operation eliminates the need for pressurized air supplies at the operation location Includes: All models include the high-power crimper and 12V CD supply with power cord. Kits also include one each crimp and decrimp head of the listed size. Ordering Information: Crimping/decapping…

  • National Electronic Crimpers and Decrimpers

    National Scientific Supply

    …aluminum seals with the single press of a button. Thermo Scientific™ National Electronic Crimpers and Decrimpers offer adjustable crimp settings compatible with most cap types. Electronic crimpers provide secure, reproducible crimps. A single press of the button both closes the crimping…

  • High-Power Electronic Crimping Tool


    …high power crimping tool features interchangeable jaws, so you only need one tool and can purchase crimpers and decappers in the sizes that meet your laboratory’s needs. The separate crimper and decapper jaw sets fit standard lab vial seals that are aluminum or two-part aluminum/steel caps.…

  • Electronic Rechargeable Crimpers and Decappers


    These electronic crimpers and decappers have a rechargeable 6.4-volt battery installed. The large battery allows for quick, powerful operation and a faster charge cycle, minimizing downtime. Charging the battery takes thirty minutes to two hours. The universal plug set includes U.S., European, UK,…

  • Battery-Powered Automatic Crimping Tools

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Wheaton battery powered crimpers and decappers fit standard laboratory vials and seals with aluminum or twopart aluminum/steel caps. The electronically adjustable cycle is accurate and reproducible and can be adjusted with the control pad on top of the unit. The tools are ergonomically designed to…

  • Electronic Crimpers

    Agilent Technologies

    Whenever large amounts of crimp vials need to be crimped, the electronic crimper is the right tool. It reduces stress and repetitive motion injury associated with manual plier-style crimpers. Agilent's newly-designed crimper offers easy, hand-held pushbutton operation and provides the following…

  • Cryo.s™ 8-Channel Handheld Decapper

    Greiner Bio-One

    The Cryo.s™ 8-Channel Handheld Decapper is a state-of the-art precision instrument for the electronic opening and closing of micro-tubes. In contrast to comparable products, the Cryo.s™ 8-Channel Handheld Decapper utilizes eight electric motors which d

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