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Drying Column
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  • Drying Tube/Chromatography Column

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

  • Empty Disposable PD-10 Columns

    GE Healthcare

    columns for gravity flow purification. Empty Disposable PD-10 Columns are economical, plastic columns for single-use applications using gravity flow. The columns hold up to approx. 13 ml of chromatography media. The frits can be used as an upper bed support that prevents the medium from running dry

  • Laboratory Gas Drying Units

    W.A. Hammond Drierite Co.

    …use this plastic column in the presence of vapors or liquids containing phosphate esters, synthetic lubricants, hydrocarbon solvents, methanol, acetone, lacquer solvents, or other organics. Applications : The Laboratory Gas Drying Unit can be used anywhere to provide dry air or gas for…

  • Drying Attachment with 12 Positions


    Drying Attachments are available to connect to the SPE vacuum and manifold for drying of samples.

  • Whatman Quantitative Filter Papers, Ashless, Grade 589/3

    GE Healthcare

    …(20°C) through a filter area of 10 cm² at a constant pressure of 5 cm water column Ash free dry mass Grade 589/3 filter paper from GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business supports accurate measurement of ash free dry mass. The blue ribbon filter is an established component in a variety of…

  • His GraviTrap TALON

    GE Healthcare

    …lysates. His GraviTrap TALON® columns are delivered in a package that can be converted into a column stand to simplify purification, eliminating the need for additional equipment to complete the protocol. Special column frits protect the chromatography medium from running dry during purification. …

  • Drying Attachment with 24 Positions


    SPE Vacuum Manifolds accommodate either 12 or 24 cartridges; 1, 3, 6, 15 and 25 mL columns can be used. Manifolds are equipped with a vacuum port to connect a standard laboratory vacuum pump. Vacuum pulls the sample through the stationary phase, metered by the stopcocks, to control the speed of the…



    Synonym: SCX column eCl@ss 32110501 General Description The LC-SCX cation-exchange columns have strongly acidic propylsulfonic acid groups and are used for separating cations. Adjust pH, ionic strength, and organic modifier concentration to control retention and selectivity. …

  • Amersham CyDye Monoclonal Antibody Labeling Kits

    GE Healthcare

    …containing dried dye to label 0.1mg of protein Coupling buffer (1 vial) [1M sodium carbonate buffer, pH 9.3] Gel filtration column for the separation of labelled protein from non-conjugated dye Elution buffer (25 ml) for the elution of labelled protein from the column (Phosphate…

  • CHROMAFIX® Dry (Na2SO4)


    Special phase for drying organic samples Features Anhydrous high-purity sodium sulfate which forms Glauber’s salt with traces of water – For removal of larger quantities of water several cartridges can be combined in series. Recommended application: removal of traces of…

  • Dewaxing Columns

    Best Value Vacs

    Will easily attach to our extractors to add extra capacity. Specifications: 5" outer sleeve with sealed bottom and open top for dry ice slurry 1/4NPT drain port included High polished interior SS304

  • Blocks For Dry Bath Incubators


    For dry block heaters Machined and fabricated from solid aluminum Anodized to resist oxidation Rows and columns are labeled on appropriate blocks for easy vessel identification Each block module measures 3" x 3 3/4 " x 2". See Thomas numbers 5152M65 to M75 for additional…

  • Supra-Clean SPE Columns REC18 (full accessible surface) 1g/6ml


    …with an organic solvent such as MeOH or a solvent mix to eliminate contaminants and activate the media. The absorbent should not be allowed to dry before adding the sample. Sample introduction: Into the top part of the absorbent bed and either push or pull the sample through the bed at a…

  • Supra-Clean SPE Columns REC18 (full accessible surface) 500mg/6ML


    …with an organic solvent such as MeOH or a solvent mix to eliminate contaminants and activate the media. The absorbent should not be allowed to dry before adding the sample. Sample introduction: Into the top part of the absorbent bed and either push or pull the sample through the bed at a…

  • Principles of Gel Filtration Chromatography Kit


    …sample, elution buffer and plastic disposables. Columns may be rinsed and reused. For 10 Lab Groups Packing Column 20 min. Column Sep. 40 min. ? Kit includes:  instructions, sample mixture, chromatography columns, dry matrix, elution buffer, transfer pipets, microtest…

  • ISOLATE II Plant DNA Kit


    …High-performance – extraction of high-quality DNA, ideal for use in all downstream applications Efficient – optimized lysis conditions and column matrix for improved recovery of genomic DNA from a wide range of plant samples Versatile – a choice of two lysis buffers ensures…

  • ISOLATE II RNA Plant Kit


    …total RNA by combining the stringency of either guanidinium thiocyanate or guanidinium hydrochloride with the speed and purity of silica-membrane column purification. Product Highlights RNA was isolated from 20 mg freeze-dried budding leaves of A. thaliana using ISOLATE II RNA Plant…

  • Oasis® HLB Vac Cartridges


    …maintains its capability for higher retention and excellent recoveries even if the sorbent runs dry, which means there is no need to take extraordinary steps to keep the sorbent beds from drying out during the critical steps prior to sample loading. These syringe-barrel-type cartridges are designed…

  • In-Line Test Tube Rack

    Bel-Art Products

    For high-visibility, this 6-place high-density polyethylene rack is end-supported by two columns. Top plate has 25 mm diameter holes; base has corresponding hemispherical wells Includes six vertical pins for tube drying Easy snap together assembly

  • Electric Pipet Dryers


    …110°C Efficient drying is accomplished by chimney convection from a 275W heater in base, promoted by peripherally slotted conical bottom and permanent gap between spring-loaded swivel cover and drying chamber. Chamber, 483 mm high x 140 mm i.d., takes burets, columns and other tubular…

  • PYREX Accelerated One-Step Extractor/Concentrator


    Modular PYREX Accelerated One-Step extractor-concentrator performs extraction, concentration, and drying with the same apparatus and is designed for use with solvents of heavier specific gravity than sample being extracted.  Extraction and concentration can be done in 1/3 of the time.…

  • Condenser, Air Reflux

    Ace Glass

    …reflux experiments. When packed with desiccant material, condenser becomes a drying tube. With inner joint at bottom, outer joint at top. Codes -10, -14 and -17 supplied with drip tip for use with 9595 Spinning Band Column. Effective length, approximately 100mm. Codes -10 and -17 supplied with outer…

  • DRIERITE Gas Purifier

    W.A. Hammond Drierite Co.

    …filled with 500 cc of Indicating DRIERITE for applications that require only drying and filtering. Plastic coated mounting clips may be purchased separately.  Note: Do not use this plastic column in the presence of vapors or liquids containing phosphate esters, synthetic lubricants,…

  • Kuderna-Danish Concentrator


    …2-Ball column (21582CO) and combine with the KD tube of your choice. The 250mL and 500mL completes include a 10mL tube. The 1000mL complete includes a 25mL tube. Jacketed Kuderna-Danish concentrator tubes circulate hot water through the jacket to boil the solvent dry during…

  • Carbohydrate LC Performance Check Mix (5 components)


    …by LC with refractive index/light scattering detection. Use with a silica column with amino functionality, as recommended by AOAC International. Use as a calibration standard for AACC Method 80-04. Offered dry for enhanced stability. Compound List Glucose (50-99-7), 2.1 mg Fructose…

  • Sonic Sifter Separators


    …and an oscillating air column allows this unit to achieve efficiencies previously seen only with wet sieving for materials in powdered, granular or pellet form and is capable of achieving separations ranging from 3 µm to 5.6 mm. The Sonic Sifter table top dry particle separator is virtually…

  • Vivapure Ion Exchange


    …purification as easy as filtration. The devices are ready-to-use and do not bear the risk of running dry. The rapid 1-2-3 bind- wash-elute protocol can replace time-consuming and tedious column chromatography. Available in three membrane chemistries: Sulphonic acid (S), Quaternary ammonium (Q),…

  • SampliQ Polymer OPT SPE Cartridges

    Agilent Technologies

    …compatibility for both GC and LC separations Unlike silica-based phases, OPT cartridges yield the same exacting results if they inadvertently dry out during the conditioning stage Agilent SampliQ OPT cartridges are appropriate for a broad range of samples, including weak acids, neutrals,…



    …with water Advantages: fast, reproducible and economical simultaneous preparation of several samples no problems with phase separation no formation of emulsions high recovery rates saving of time and solvents organic solutions need not to be dried after separation

  • FastDNA-96™ Fecal DNA Kit

    MP Biomedicals

    …of wet or dry stool, and even from caecum samples, through a purification process that eliminates PCR inhibitors. Fecal microbes, fungi, parasites, and other stool organisms are first lysed in approximately 60 seconds with the FastPrep-96™ Instrument. Up to 80 mg of wet or dry feces are…

  • GA-6 GilSonic AutoSiever® Sonic Sifter

    Gilson Co. Inc.

    …in a flexible-walled latex fines collector. A latex diaphragm on top of the stack seals the air column and confines the sample during testing. The complete stack assembly is held together with a column lock, inserted into the backlit testing chamber and quickly secured in place for testing. The…



    …polarities Enhanced retention for polar compounds High loadability and outstanding performance Water wettable – even if bed runs dry, SPE can be continued The alternative to Oasis® HLB Recommended application: Polar organic molecules from polar matrices e.g.,…

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