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Drum Sampling
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  • Drum Samplers


    …designed for easy effective sampling of 55 gallon drums or vessels with openings as small as 2 inch id The 100 mL bottle easily passes through the opening for quick filling The 4-inch T-design handle prevents dropping of sampler into the opening of the drum Handle available in 3- or 8-foot…

  • …way of taking of liquid samples. It is essentially a big syringe. The operator pulls up the handle to pull the liquid into the sampler. The further the handle is pulled the bigger the sample volume. It is ideal for keg, container and drum sampling. Ideal for sampling low viscosity liquids and…

  • Dynalon’s new versatile modular liquid handling series fits all your needs. Whether sampling from drums or rail cars, stirring vats or dipping chemicals from a bath... we have the configuration to fill your requirements. Components are available piecemeal, as intuitive kits or buy the…

  • SteriWare® Ladle

    Sampling Systems

    …self-closing liquid sampler that offers both cross sectional and point sampling. A valve is housed on the base of the sampler. Upon contact with the bottom of a container, the valve will close, locking the liquid inside. Samples of up to 225ml can be taken in a single use. The LiquiDip is…

  • The SteriWare Jumbo Pipettes are an economical option for sampling low viscosity liquids. Three different sampler lengths of 450mm, 900mm and 1100mm. The latter enables you to sample from the bottom of a 200 litre (45 gallon) drum. Each size is available sterile or non-sterile in quantities of 50. …

  • Used to take samples from large vessels such as 55 gallon drums. Measures 40" long x 1" O.D. with tooled tip at bottom and bulb handle at top for secure grip; open at both ends. Supplied six per case.

  • Powder Lance

    Sampling Systems

    …to take large volume samples of cohesive powders. The sampler can be used horizontally through a sack or else it can be used vertically to take samples from drums, kegs, super sacks etc. Key Features: Manufactured in 316L Stainless Steel Multilevel discreet samples Operation …

  • Drum Thief

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Open-Ended Drum Thief Soda lime glass units easily broken for quick disposal. All are 43 inches long; capacities from a full 55 gallon drum. Approximate capacity and diameter given in listings.

  • …industries. The scaled sample container can be used for an exact measurement and it shows contents up to 50 ml or 1.5 oz. After sampling, the container can be closed and is leakproof. The sampling tube is suitable for 2” drum openings and therefore can be used for sampling barrels, canisters…

  • …convenient way of taking of samples. It is essentially a big syringe. The operator pulls up the handle to pull the liquid into the sampler. The further the handle is pulled the bigger the sample volume. It is ideal for keg, container and drum sampling. Ideal for sampling low viscosity liquids and…

  • Norwell® Mucksucker Samplers allow safe, accurate sample collection from 55-gallon drums, truck and rail tank cars, large tanks, process vessels and bodies of water to support sampling applications within laboratory, pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical, food and beverage, semiconductor and…

  • Drum Samplers


    …available  upon request . Drum Sampler 6' 100 mL ( 1212X49 ) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 0x1.905x78.062in 6' Handle Drum Sampler. Similar to our Liquid Sampler, but specifically designed for easy, effective sampling of 55 gallon drums or vessels with openings as…

  • …oxidise. Dipping vessels can be used for point sampling, all-layer samples and soil samples. Dipping vessels are heavy. Lowering requires the use of special manually-operated drum reels with a large winding diameter. Other manually-operated drum reels place too much strain on the user's wrist…

  • E-Z Sampler Complete

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Ideal for sampling unknowns from open-top drums and tanks Manufactured from chemically resistant polypropylene The E-Z Sampler® has a 39” (100cm) head/shaft assembly and is supplied with a 125mL borosilicate glass bottle with a PTFE lined cap Filling ports are located above the bottle to…

  • Stainless Containers

    Sampling Systems

    The range of Stainless Containers from Sampling Systems are ideal for use with powders and liquids. The high-quality crevice free finish makes these containers ideal for demanding applications. Multi-purpose containers Robust construction Crevice free interior for easy cleaning …

  • Table Top Aggra-Washer

    Gilson Co. Inc.

    …aggregate samples of up to 6—8lb (2.7—3.6kg). The fixed-angle, removable drum can be used as a weighing container. Gooseneck water tube swivels aside to allow drum removal. Order extra drums as HMA-260 to improve sample processing efficiency. Stainless steel drum is 9in diameter…

  • Stainless Steel Toggle Drums

    Sampling Systems

    This range of heavy duty Stainless Toggle Drums from Sampling Systems are ideal for storage and production. As standard they come with a fully welded handle, silicone seal (FDA Grade) and lid. The lid is secured with pull down latches (toggle clamps). Manufactured from high grade 316L Stainless…

  • Seals PTFE For Coliwasas

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Glass Coliwasa Samplers are used to collect composite liquid samples from top to bottom in drums, tanks and reservoirs. After a sample has been collected, lower and press lightly on the inner tube, which positively seats the Teflon® seal, locking the sample column into place.

  • …powders, granules and grains. The Powder Max enables large samples to be quickly and easily taken from drums, kegs, sacks etc… Key Features: Made from high quality 316L stainless steel. Satin finish Large 150ml sample size Operation: Insert the sampler…

  • …Stainless Steel Drums have a very high quality finish and are supplied with sturdy side handles, lid, gasket and clampband. The robust, hygienic design means this container is suitable for the most demanding of applications. Open top pharmaceutical and chemical grade drums with lids Range…

  • …Molecular Weight: 158.24 Council of Europe Number: 270 EC Number: 208-739-2 FEMA Number: 2059 Flavis Number: 9.0448 MDL Number: MFCD00048850 PubChem Substance ID: 24900827 Packaging 1 kg in glass bottle, 1 sample in glass bottle, 9, 20 kg in comp drum

  • AquaSampler


    …stuck. Ultra pure materials guarantee the highest degree of sample purity. Easy to clean thanks to rounded edges and threads. FEP/PTFE ultra pure, anti adhesive surface Without cable Available as accessory:Robust manually-operated drum reel PP Lowering cable, V2A-woven, PTFE coated

  • Aldrich® AtmosBag


    …of tasks and materials. For Field Sampling: AtmosBag slips over the top of cans and drums to blanket with inert gas and isolate vapors and dusts during sampling operations. Minimizes worker exposure and preserves the integrity of the sampled bulk material. AtmosBag serves as a portable…

  • …type of sample vessel is contained within the sample drum during operation to minimize exposure of moving parts and contain any spillage. Retention of 1-16 representative samples of 1/16 of total sample capacity each is accomplished simply by leaving tubes or vials out of the sample drum. Excess…

  • Triacetin 99%, FCC, FG


    …Molecular Weight: 218.20 Beilstein Registry Number: 1792353 EC Number: 203-0561-9 FEMA Number: 2007 MDL Number: MFCD00008716 Packaging 1 drum in steel drum; 1 sample in glass bottle; 10, 25 kg in poly drum; 1 kg in poly bottle; DRUM quantity approximately 240 kg

  • Stainless Steel Buckets

    Sampling Systems

    These high quality Stainless Steel Buckets with swing handles are ideal for a range of applications. Crevice free interior Graduated Supplied with skirt band Robust design Manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel Lids sold seperately

  • The Stainless Steel Drum Trolleys are ideal for moving equipment around the factory or workplace. 304 Stainless Steel frame Includes 4 casters (2 lockable)

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Buckets

    Sampling Systems

    These Heavy Duty Stainless Buckets are from from heavy gauage 316L Stainless Steel, so are very durable ideal for a range of applications. Crevice free interior Made from 316L Stainless Steel Swing handle Flat base Not graduated Lids available (sold seperately)

  • … 339 EC Number: 203-721-0 FEMA Number: 2434 Flavis Number: 9.072 MDL Number: MFCD00003294 PubChem Substance ID: 24901076 Packaging 1 drum in steel drum, 1 sample in glass bottle, 10, 25 kg in comp drum, 1 kg in glass bottle, DRUM quantity approximately 180 kg

  • Glass Coliwasas

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Sample liquids from drums Liquid-tight Teflon® seal reduces spills Teflon seal design allows sampling to within 1/2” of drum bottom. Once sample has been collected, lower and press lightly on inner tube, which positively seats Teflon seal, locking sample column into place. Dimensions:…

  • PVC Coliwasa

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Extendable for sampling tank trucks or drums Top spin bar and bottom valve plate mechanism provide positive seal for sample retention along with greater control for releasing sample. Modular design has extra flexibility by permitting connection of several sections to form larger sampling unit…

  • Cuminaldehyde =98%, FCC


    … 111 EC Number: 204-516-9 FEMA Number: 2341 Flavis Number: 5.022 MDL Number: MFCD00006953 PubChem Substance ID: 24901004 Analysis Note May contain up to 0.02% BHT as additive Packaging 1 kg in poly bottle, 1 sample in glass bottle, 5, 10 kg in comp drum

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