Drosophila Vials

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Drosophila Vials
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  • Biologix

    Drosophila Vials Made of premium grade polystyrene Glass-like clarity for sample observation Disposable vials are a safe and cost-saving alternative to glass vials Narrow or wide vials available Both narrow and wide vials are available in bulk or tray packaging Tray packs are…

  • Azer Scientific

    Our drosophila vials are available in polystyrene, polypropylene, or a flexible K-resin All vials feature a flat bottom, straight wall design for convenient racking, stacking, and filling The tray pack's 10 x 10 row configuration is ideal for quick, effortless filling

  • quick-ship

    Parter Medical Products

    …manufactures Drosophila products that offer flexibility and product excellence at the best price. These products are specifically designed for Drosophila research. Manufactured from pure virgin medical grade plastic Quality Design Dependable Service Vials Available…

  • Thermo Scientific Capitol Vial

  • Bioplast Manufacturing

    Kord-Valmark by Bioplast Manufacturing Drosophila Vials are made in the USA and molded from premium Polystyrene, K-Resin, or Polypropylene. These straight walled vials allow for easy filling, plugging and racking.

  • …completely made in the USA from recycled polyester. Unique Features Completely made in the USA Perfect fit for narrow vials, wide vials and drosophila bottles Polyester does not retain moisture like cellulose acetate in humid Leaves no clinging fibers Does not break like…

  • …a protease inhibitor cocktail to minimize proteolytic damage to proteins. The GenLysate™ are offered as a 150μg lyophilized protein per vial and , following reconstitution in DI water, are ready for use. Features Drosophila melanogaster insect lysate

  • Parter Medical Products

    Drosophila Shell Vials.

  • Azer Scientific

    Designed specifically for drosophila vials, these cellulose acetate plugs are non-shedding, accepts marking pens, and offers a superior closure.

  • …a snug fit, yet permit free air flow. Plugs are ideal for use with Drosophila vials. They spring back to original shape after repeated use. Identi-Plugs® can also be used as a cleaner for lab pipettes, tubes, vials, as well as industrial precision tubing. Inscriptions with  Identi-Marker…

  • Chemglass

    …snug fit, yet permit free air flow. Plugs are ideal for use with Drosophila vials. They spring back to original shape after repeated use. Identi-Plugs® can also be used as a cleaner for lab pipettes, tubes, vials, as well as industrial precision tubing. All plugs are approximately…

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    Azer Scientific

    Our autoclavable Foam Plugs fit both wide and narrow vials, as well as our drosophila bottles. Available in our signature Azer blue.

  • Azer Scientific

    …pads. The FlyBed is used as a platform for examining anesthetized drosophila. Once anesthetized, drosophila are placed on the pad for easy viewing under a microscope. Specially designed edge allows for easy placement into fly vials. The panel is equipped with small openings to aid in the diffusion…

  • Innovating Science

    Anesthetize Drosophila melanogaster fruit fly)and other small insects for at least 40-50 minutes without killing or sterilizing. Includes instructions. Kit Includes: 25mL Anesthefly Solution Cotton Tip Swabs Sorting Brush Vial DOT Info: Small quantity exemption 173.4 THIS PACKAGE CONFORMS TO 49…

  • …is encoded by the UBE2E2 gene. Amino acid sequence within the UBC domain of UBE2E2 shares over 90% identity with human UbcH6, mouse UbcM2, and Drosophila UbcD2, whereas the N-terminal region shows little amino acid sequence similarity with known proteins. The UBE2E2 protein forms a thioester bond…

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