Drosophila Bottles

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Drosophila Bottles
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  • Drosophila Bottles

    Azer Scientific

    Our drosophila bottles are reusable, manufactured with thin walls for flexibility. Available in polypropylene (autoclavable) or polyethylene (non-autoclavable).

  • Drosophila Bottles


    Made of polypropylene Autoclavable The square-bottom is also transparent and features a firm, stiff neck for easier handling Bottles have a capacity of 60oz (177ml) Molded graduations in 25ml increments up to 100ml Available in both bulk and tray packaging

  • Burco™ Drosophila Fly Anesthetizer

    Bel-Art Products

    Ideal for Student Demonstrations Fast acting, durable polyethylene anesthetizer is resistant to ether fumes. Fits on the cap seat of a standard 1/2 pint milk bottle May be modified to fit other fly containers Detailed instructions included

  • Urine Specimen Bottle


    Made of polypropylene Features a dip-stick well for small volume testing and a pour spout for dripless pouring. Translucent, with a stable square base. Can be autoclaved. Also useful as a drosophila stock bottle. Snap Cap for 1219C81 Specimen Bottle Made of polyethylene; 46 mm

  • Foam Plugs

    Azer Scientific

    Our autoclavable Foam Plugs fit both wide and narrow vials, as well as our drosophila bottles. Available in our signature Azer blue.

  • Mity Plugs


    …plugs for all size test tubes and laboratory flasks. MITY Plugs are non-shedding, dense weave cellulose acetate E plugs for drosophila vials and bottles. Dense weaving offers a superior barrier to mite infestation. Allows for reduced food evaporation to keep food fresh longer. Unique…

  • FlyLock® Plugs

    Azer Scientific

    Designed specifically for drosophila vials, these cellulose acetate plugs are non-shedding, accepts marking pens, and offers a superior closure.

  • Acetic Anhydride

    MP Biomedicals

    …Acetic anhydride has been used to hyperacetylate histones to investigate transcriptional effects of the NAD-dependent histone deacetylase Sir2 in Drosophila on a complex of the hyperacetylated histones with DNA. Acetic anhydride is utilized in an assay of a fluorescently labeled peptide catalyst…

  • Refrigerated Incubators


    …testing and microbiological research. By utilizing thermoelectric cooling technology, there is no need for refrigerent or compressors. This 4.0 cu ft holds up to 86 BOD bottles, features programmable ramp times, temperatures and timers and includes both Ethernet and USB ports for downloading data.

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