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Dropper 1 Ml
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  • Glass Dropper


    Glass dropper with 0.5 and 1.0 mL marks is used to measure and dispense liquids.

  • Dropping Bottles in Vial File®

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Contains 40 - 3mL LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) bottles Assembled with dropper tip and cap attached to bottle Average drop size is 44uL +/- 6uL Packaged in a reusable plastic case Extended controlled dropper tip dispenses one drop at a time Alphanumerical indexing of contents…

  • Polyethylene Transfer Pipets


    Low-density polyethylene One-piece with bulb at top Capacity: 3 mL; overall length: 152 mm with reference marks at 1 and 2 mL Tapered tip delivers controlled drop for blood banking, serology, hematology, etc. 7760T37 pipet is non-sterile and packed in cases of 1,000 containing two…

  • Polyethylene Dropper Pipets

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Disposable Dropping Pipets Capacity 1.6 mL Low-density polyethylene One piece, with thin wall bulb blown on upper end of stem. Delivers 30-35 drops per mL; not autoclavable. Stem length 68 mm, diameter 7.5 mm. Overall length 103 mm.

  • Clear Dropping Bottles with Standard Taper Pipet

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …D281). Provided with a medium length Standard Taper pipet dropper and a rubber nipple The 30 and 60 mL sizes are designed from Federal Specification A-A-5134 requirements The 125 mL size is manufactured from USP Type 1 borosilicate molded glass, and all others are manufactured from 33…

  • Buffer Solution, Hardness 1 100ml Mdb


    Hardness 1 Buffer for hardness titrations with a pH 10.1 ± 0.1 at 20°C. Contains a solution of 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol packaged in a medicine dropper bottle (MDB)

  • Latex Bulbs

    Walter Stern

    For dropping pipets, medicine droppers, etc. Fit pipets with 6-8 mm OD, 1/4” Beige color 1 mL bulb is 9/16” diameter x 1 1/2” long (14 x 37 mm); 2 mL bulb is 5/8” diameter x 1 3/4” long (18 x 45 mm)

  • Dropper Indole


    BBL™ Indole Reagent Droppers (modified Kovacs' reagent) are used in determining the ability of bacteria to produce indole by the deamination of tryptophan. Reagent Droppers contain 0.5 mL of 5% p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde dissolved in a solution of 25% hydrochloric acid and 75%…

  • Oxidase Dropper Pk. 50


    …Reagent Droppers are used in the Kovacs oxidase test as a qualitative reaction in the identification of nonfermenters and miscellaneous gram-negative bacteria. Used in the identification of organisms which produce oxidase enzyme Oxidase Reagent Droppers contain 0.5 mL of a 1% aqueous…

  • Ethidium bromide dropper bottle


    …electrophoretic stain for nucleic acids. It is used as a nucleic acid intercalating agent and frameshift mutagen. Ethidium Bromide solution in dropper form makes dispensing safer and convenient to use. Each drop contains about 25µg of Ethidium Bromide and is perfectly suited for a 50ml…

  • Dropper 10% Potassium Hydroxide Pk. 50


    …the fungal elements present. It is most useful with skin, hair, nail and sputum specimens. 10% Potassium Hydroxide Reagent Droppers contain 0.5 mL of 10% KOH with 1% dimethyl Sulfoxide Each dropper is good for one day’s use after the ampule has been broken Quantity: 50 x 0.5 mL

  • Sulfide 1 Reagent, 100ml Mdb


    100/test medicine dropper bottle

  • DFO 1.8 Diazafluoren 9 One, 100 ml

    Arrowhead Forensics

    …ultraviolet light, blue light and other alternative light sources. DFO is now packaged in a pump spray which contains 100ml of pre-mixed reagent for better control and less waste. DFO in crystal form is available for those labs preparing their own formulations. Ether Based, 100 ml Dropper

  • BBL™ Streptocard™ Acid Latex Test Kit


    …Reagent 1: One dropper bottle containing 2.7 mL of the reagent with 0.098% sodium azide as a preservative. BD BBL Streptocard Acid Extraction Reagent 2: One dropper bottle containing 2.7 mL of extraction reagent 2. BD BBL Streptocard Acid Extraction Reagent 3: Two dropper bottles each…

  • Mineral oil, suitable for preparation of Nujol mulls for infrared spectroscopy,…


    CAS No.: 8042-47-5 Density: 0.84 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.) Packaging: 1 L in poly bottle Packaging: 12 x 6 mL in poly bottle Packaging: 20 L in steel drum Packaging: 6 mL size is supplied in plastic dropper bottle.

  • One Drop Ind. 1.0-11.0

    Micro Essential

    …contains one(1) polyethylene dropper bottle with 24 ml. of pH indicator solution, one(1) capped 4 ml. sample tube, and a laminated color chart, packed in a polypropylene protective case. Product Directions : Place one drop of the indicator solution into 4 ml. of sample solution. Match the…

  • Amperometric Portable Titrator

    Fischer, Bailey, Porter

    …Unit includes a 1 mL buret, 5 mL buret, 250 mL beaker, cotton swabs for cleaning electrodes, one bag of 9388J21 phenylarsine oxide solution, 120 mL bottle of potassium iodide solution with 30 mL dropper bottle and 120 mL of pH 4 and pH 7 buffer solution with 30 mL dropper bottle. Power requirements:…

  • X-Gal-IPTG, Ready- to-use, Spray


    …(5-Bromo-4-Chloro-3-Indolyl-β-D-Galactopyranoside) Supplied in a very easy to use and convenient to use Spray Bottle Also available in a Dropper Bottle Use: Spray 2-3 times on desired bacterial plate Spread and ensure absorption (wait ~5-10 minutes) Plate the…

  • PrepAid® Grinding Aids and Sample Binders

    SPEX SamplePrep

    PrepAid Propylene Glycol - (C3H8O2) (1224F31): Liquid grinding aid, 25 grams (approximately 24 mL) in dropper bottle. Instructions included. PrepAid Cellulose Binder - (C6H10O5)n (1224F32, F33): = 20 µm powder, 150 g bottle. Can be blended with sample at 10% by weight to form XRF…

  • Cylindrical Rubber Bulbs

    Walter Stern

    For dropping pipets, medicine droppers, etc. Neck grooved to take flat flange of dropping pipets Bulbs have a 2 mL capacity and fit 7-9 mm o.d. pipets.

  • Gold-N-Gel™ RNA Dye


    …to 1X in molten MOPS-agarose. Cast the gel, load heat-denatured RNA samples, and separate the RNA. Visualize your bands. The 12.5 ml microtube is a 200X solution that provides sufficient material for 25 x 100 ml gels. The 5 ml* dropper bottle size provides sufficient material for 10 x 100 ml gels…

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