Double Pan Balance

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Double Pan Balance
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  • Economy Double Pan Balances

    Walter Products

    Two-platform design is based on the classic Roberval balance principle. Its convenience and accuracy is commonly used for comparative weighing to determine the difference in mass between two objects rather than their absolute value. Incorporates sliding weight on beam for fine adjustment. Limited…

  • Ideal for comparative weighing Six inch diameter plates of stainless steel Magnetic damping 2 pan, mechanical single and double beam balances have sturdy, rugged construction with easy reliable operation. Capacity 2,000 grams and 0.1 gram readability; 1368D40 also has a 5 lb. capacity, with a…

  • Weight Set, Hoooked Brass, Set of 9

    United Scientific Supplies

    These weights feature flat countersunk bottoms, with a double-ended hooked rod through the middle. They can be used on balance pans, as well as hooked in tandem for lever arm studies. Set of 9 weights consisting of 1 each 10g, 50g, 500g, 1000g, and 2 each 20g, 200gram weights. Weights are made of…

  • Mechanics Kit

    GSC International, Inc.

    … 1 Rod with Center Screw (35cm) 1 Rod (35cm) 2 Rods (50cm) 2 Dynamometers (one 2.5N, one 5N) 1 Double scale with clip 4 Boss head clamps 1 Beam balance with needle pointer 2 Pans with hooks 1 Solid aluminum cylinder 1 Beaker (250ml) 1 Graduated cylinder (100ml) 1 Inclined Plane…

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