Dnase Rnase Free Water

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Dnase Rnase Free Water
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  • RNase/DNase-Free Water

    MP Biomedicals

    …Colorless Liquid CAS Number: 7732-18-5 Molecular Formula: H2O Molecular Weight: 18.02 The high quality DNAse & RNAse Free water is indicated for reagent preparation in nucleic acid research. Also used for making and running RNA and DNA gels. Not DEPC-treated.

  • DNase/RNase-Free Water

    Zymo Research Corporation

  • DNase and Rnase-Free Water

    MP Biomedicals

    …molecules, which contain both polar and nonpolar groups, water will dissolve such molecules if the attraction of the polar portion for water exceeds the hydrophobic interactions of the nonpolar groups. The use of water that is free of nucleases is important for the investigation of nucleic…

  • Water, DNase/RNase-Free

    MP Biomedicals

    … Deionized water treated with 0.001% diethylpyrocarbonate (DEPC). Filtered through 0.2 micron filter and autoclaved to yield a sterile solution completely free of detectable DNase (both exo and endo) and RNase. Synonyms: Distilled water, hydrogen oxide, Deionized water, Purified water,

  • ZymoBIOMICS DNAse/RNAse Free Water

    Zymo Research Corporation

  • Water, RNase, DNase-free

    Alfa Aesar

    Formula: H2O Formula weight: 18.02 CAS Number: 7732-18-5 Harmonized Tariff Code:  2853.00

  • HyClone™ Molecular Biology Grade Water

    GE Healthcare

    …nuclease-free GE Healthcare HyClone Molecular Biology-Grade Water, containing no DEPC or other carcinogenic chemicals. Quality: Nuclease-free water is certified to have no detectable contaminating activity in DNase, RNase, and protease assays Maximum allowable limit of endotoxin…

  • Molecular Biology Grade, USP Sterile Purified Water DNase-, RNase- and Protease …

    Corning cellgro

    water is ideal for the preparation of reagents, rinsing glassware and plasticware, and other molecular biology applications where Rnase, Dnase, and Protease-free water is required.  No toxic agents, including DEPC, are used in the preparation of Mediatech's molecular biology grade water,

  • Nuclease Free Water - DEPC Treated


    …enzymatic activitiy in RNases and other proteins, making it ideal for RNA extraction and all molecular biology applications. Water is autoclaved both before and after packaging to ensure sterility and to complete inactivation of byproducts of DEPC. CDI and UV treated. Certified DNase/RNase free.

  • Endotoxin-Free Water

    Quality Biological

    Minimize contamination with Endotoxin-Free Water. Eliminate the risk of toxic activity produced by bacteria that can interfere with cell structure and function. Mycoplasma tested DNase, RNase and protease tested Endotoxin < 0.005 EU/mL Applications Ideal for preparing solutions…

  • PCR Qualified Water

    Quality Biological

    PCR Water is useful for PCR Assays (i.e rRT-PCR, etc.). DNase, RNase and Protease tested. Free of contaminants of human, mouse and rat DNA. Applications PCR Qualified Water is functionally tested in a PCR reaction. PCR Qualified Water is highly purified water and it is reverse osmosis…

  • Molecular Grade Water

    Phenix Research Products

    Tested to be free of DNase/RNase, Protease and Endotoxins Store at 15°C - 30°C Sold Individually FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY

  • Reagent Grade Water

    Corning cellgro

    …highly pure water. No toxic agents, including DEPC, are used in its preparation. The design allows for portability, ease of storage and convenient dispensing. Upon packaging, the water meets USP conductivity requirements for water for injection (WFI) and is RNAse, DNAse and Protease free. Provided…

  • Molecular Biology Grade Water

    Quality Biological

    …0.03 EU/mL. DNase, RNase and protease tested Endotoxin and mycoplasma tested Applications Molecular Biology Water is ideal for the preparation of reagents, rinsing glassware and plasticware, and other molecular biology applications where RNase, DNase, and Protease-free water is required. …

  • Sterile Distilled Water


    …quality of Nuclease Free water for critical applications. Water is purified, tested and certified to be devoid of any activiy in DNAse, RNAse, and Protease assays. Available in convenient volumes and packaging to fit all applications requiring biologically inactive water. Polycarbonate bottle…

  • Nanopure Infinity Reagent Grade Water Systems


    …systems provide TOC values of <1 ppb. The UF models provide pyrogen levels of <0.001 Eu/mL . The UV/UF model provides nuclease (RNase and DNase) and DNA free water. Power requirements: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz. System can be upgraded by installing a UV, UF or UV/UF module. Calibration verification…

  • Paraformaldehyde, 16% w/v aq. soln., methanol free

    Alfa Aesar

    …locked up. Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local/regional/national/international regulations. Other References Merck: 4,7025 Harmonized Tariff Code: 2912.60 TSCA: Yes Notes Solution is micro-filtered and supplied in ampules. RNase and DNase free.

  • Water, Molecular Biology Grade

    RPI (Research Products International)

    Certified RNase and DNase free for use in molecular biology applications. Ideal for making reagents, rinsing glass and plastic ware, enzymatic reactions and more. Toxic agents such as DEPC are not used in purification procedures. Endotoxin Free RNase Free DNase Free *Tested to…

  • Water, Molecular Grade


    …of water and assurance that the water is free from DNase, RNase and protease contamination. No toxic agents, such as DEPC,are used in the manufacturing of Molecular Grade Water™, eliminating DEPC interferenceof enzymatic reactions. Each lot is quality tested for the absence of RNase, DNase and…

  • DL-Dithiothreitol (DTT) Sol, 100mM


    100mM DTT solution in water Molecular Biology Grade DNAse, RNAse free Appearance: Liquid Boiling Point: 364.5°C Density: 1.302g/cm3 IUPAC_Name: (2S,3S)-1,4-disulfanylbutane-2,3-diol Melting Point: 38-43°C PH Value: 3.0-5.0 RTECS Number: EK1610000

  • Molecular Biology Grade Water, Sterile

    Ricca Chemical

    Sterile DNase Free RNase Free Protease Free Endotoxin Free DEPC Free Suitable for a wide range of applications such as PCR, Electrophoresis, DNA Sequencing, plus more. Reduce risk of contamination during enzymatic reactions and use RICCA High Purity Water for Molecular…

  • Deoxyribonuclease I from Bovine Pancreas

    MP Biomedicals

    …is actin. DNase I is used as a genetic marker for forensic identification. Used for the removal of DNA from protein samples. Deoxyribonuclease I from bovine pancreas has been used in a study to compare several procedures for reducing RNase contamination in preparations of DNase. Deoxyribonuclease…

  • Safe-Lock Microcentrifuge Tubes, PCR Clean


    …Eppendorf consumables with the purity grade PCR clean are DNase and RNase free. The miniscule amounts of genetic substance used for experiments are therefore protected from DNases and RNases. It is also guaranteed that the consumables are free of contaminating nucleic acids. This is normally…

  • Tris-HCl Buffer (0.5 M, pH 7.4, Low Endotoxin)

    Boston BioProducts

    Components: Tris Base / Tris-HCl(0.5 M), Water(rest) Method: Prepared in 18.2 megohms-cm ± 1 DNase/RNase free low endotoxin water and filtered through 0.22-micron filter. pH: 7.4 ± 0.2 Storage: 2-8°C

  • Tris-HCl Buffer (0.5 M, pH 8.0, Low Endotoxin)

    Boston BioProducts

    Components: Tris Base / Tris-HCl(0.5 M), Water(Rest) Method: Prepared in 18.2 megohms-cm ± 1 DNase/RNase free low endotoxin water and filtered through 0.22-micron filter. pH: 8.0 ± 0.2 Storage: 2-8°C

  • ROCHE DIG Northern Starter Kit


    …20 U/μl; T7 RNA Polymerase 20 U/μl; T3 RNA Polymerase 20 U/μl; Anti-Digoxigenin-AP antibody, Fab fragments 750 U/ml; DNase I, RNase free 10 U/μl; CDP- Star ready-to-use; Actin RNA Probe, DIG-labeled Antisense Probe, length 588 bases 10 ng/μl; DIG Easy Hyb Granules;…

  • Church & Gilbert's Hybridization Buffer


    …Hybridization Buffer is prepared from molecular biology grade SDS, monosodium phosphate, EDTA and BSA Fraction V using DNase, RNase and Protease-free water. Features 1mM EDTA(ethylenediaminetetracetic acid) 1% BSA (bovine serum albumin) 0.5M NaHPOâ‚„…

  • ROCHE Proteinase K, recombinant, PCR Grade, Lyophilizate from Pichia pastoris


    …contamination-free enzyme . The enzyme is tested for the absence of RNases and DNases, and is virtually free of DNA. It is especially suited for the isolation of PCR templates. Note: The enzyme can reduce protein to free amino acids if it is present in large excess for long incubation periods.…

  • Ezgene™ Tissue RNA Kits


    …inhibits the activity of RNase and DNase. The lysate is then passed through a EZgene DNA Clearance column which traps the genomic DNA. The flow-through lysate is then applied to RNA column to bind RNA. After two wash steps, purified RNA is eluted with RNase-free water. The whole protocol can be…

  • Novagen® Proteinase K Solution, 600mAU/mL


    …in most applications. 1 mg of Proteinase K is the equivalent of 30 mAU (AU = Anson unit). The Novagen Proteinase K products are free of detectable DNase and RNase. One AU (AU = Anson unit) is defined as the amount of enzyme that liberates 1.0 µmol (181 µg) of tyrosine from casein…

  • Total RNA Kits (Plant)

    IBI Scientific

    …binds to the glass fiber matrix of the spin column. The optional DNase treatments can remove DNA residues and the contaminants can be washed with an ethanol based wash buffer. Finally, the purified total RNA is eluted by RNase-Free water. This protocol does not require phenol extraction or alcohol…

  • Tris, Ultra Pure

    MP Biomedicals

    …as 3-(4-Dimethylamino-1-naphthylazo)-4-methoxybenzenesulfonic acid. It is RNAse and DNAse-free. Tris is relatively non-hygroscopic; but, if needed, it can be dried at 100°C for up to 4 hours to remove any water. Tris is used in pH control in vitro and in vivo for body fluids and in buffering…

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