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Distillation Trap
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  • … side arm • In accordance with ASTM Standards E 123 and D 95 for water in petroleum products • Graduated from 0 to 1 mL in 1/10 mL; maximum scale error: 0.05 mL; graduations over 1 mL in 1/5 mL; maximum scale error: 1/10 mL. 10 mL trap is approx. 237 mm long; 25 mL trap is aprox. 317 mm long.

  • Foam-Type Distillation Traps

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …a boiling flask to prevent foaming-type reactions from entering either the distilling column or the condenser. Useful with rotary evaporators 517000 features a more extensive baffle system than other traps Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming…

  • Distilling trap adapter with standard taper joints.

  • Distilling trap adapter with outer joint top and inner joint bottom

  • Similar to CG-1032, but with joints of non-similar sizes at the upper and lower portion of the adapter. Dimensions are the same as the CG-1032.

  • Adapter is placed above flask to prevent carry-over of reactions which have a tendency to foam. With top standard taper outer and lower inner joints, both being the same size.

  • Adapter is placed above flask to prevent carry-over of reactions which have a tendency to foam. With top outer and lower inner standard taper joints.

  • With standard taper 24/40 joint and outlet tube bent at 75 degree angle.

  • Used for the removal of solvents or other volatiles by vacuum distillation at ambient temperature. When used with Schlenk reaction Vessel, No. 7756, the trap prevents excessive loss of solution in the event of a bump. The distillate is collected in a No. 9477 pear shaped flask or other suitable…

  • …as described in U.S. Pharmacopeia, 1995, page 1742. Complete consists of 20 mL boiling flask with 14/20 joint and a capillary side arm, scrubber trap column with 14/20 inner and 35/20 socket, and an absorption tube with 35/20 ball joint and a 2mm bore glass stopcock. Flask and column supplied with…

  • …valve for added protection against boil back. Jacketed still head is lengthened for efficient condensing. Head and cold finger have a 29/42 joint and #11 Ace-thred on side arm. Two #11 bushings hold the threaded adapter to still head. 10-20m frit, 19/22 trap joint, and 8mm side arm threaded adapter.

  • Cyanide distillation apparatus used in testing for soluble and insoluble cyanides in water. Apparatus basically conforms to ASTM D-2036 except for modifications involving Ace-Threds and larger joints. Also available with threaded adapter to connect still head to trap. PTFE ferrules are supplied in…

  • Water / Crude Oil Distillation Apparatus

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Conforms to ASTM D 4006 Apparatus is used for the distillation of water in crude oil. Apparatus includes 1,000 mL RB flask, 24/40 joints, Dean-Stark distillation receiver, dry trap and Liebig condenser Heating mantle must be purchased seperately

  • Moisture Trap

    Ace Glass

    For solvents heavier than water. Used in the method of quantitative separation and determination of glycol mixture by azeotropic distillation described in Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 29, No.1, Page 100. Capacity is 121/2mL, graduated in 0.1mL. Joints are standard taper 24/40.

  • Kjeldahl Trap Adapters

    Kemtech America

    Synthware distillation adapter with Kjeldahl trap. With two standard taper inner joints that are parallel and at a 75 degree angle to the connecting tube. Distance between joints is approximately 200mm.

  • …used where height is limited. For standard distillations. Evaporating flask feed via stop-cock. 1230E10 - Buchi R-210/215 Rotavapor Glass Assembly for Type A Condenser, Diagonal condenser. Can be used where height is limited. For standard distillations. Evaporating flask feed via stop-cock. …

  • This specially designed PYREX® trap is a replacement part for the PYREX® Cyanide Distilling Apparatus (No. 3350-C) Used in testing for soluble and insoluble cyanides in water. Cyanide as hydrocyanic acid (HCN) is released from cyanide complexes by means of a reflux-distillation and absorbed in a…

  • Aspirator with Trap Flask

    Grant Instruments

    trapping flask. Liquid is removed from the microtest tube when the collecting tip touches the solution surface. A tube holder-organiser is conveniently located on the right hand side of the FTA-1. This can accommodate two tubes e.g. one for a hydrochloric acid solution and one for a distillate

  • Dry Ice Cold Traps are recommended for pumps when doing rotary evaporation, drying solvents, vacuum distillation, centrifugal concentration or any other process involving volatile solvents. 2.8 L center well that holds a dry-ice and alcohol slurry capable of producing temperatures as low as…

  • KIMAX Stark-Dean Traps

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Has separate reflux overflow tube Graduated in 1/10 ml divisions from 0 to 1 mL; in 1/5 mL divisions from 1 to 10 mL With 24/40 joints; meets ASTM Standard E 123 Specialized for determination of water in emulsified asphalts With Standard Taper24/40 joints and reflux overflow…

  • Bidwell-Sterling Moisture Traps

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    Made of borosilicate glass, these Bidwell-Sterling moisture traps are calibrated "to contain" (TC) at 20°C and are used for determining moisture in samples by distilling with an immiscible liquid. Consist of vapor tube, return tube, round bottom graduated tube, and Standard Taper 24/40…

  • This borosilicate glass distilling apparatus is used to analyze dithiocarbamates by carbon disulfide evolution. Complete assembly has three absorber traps with 12/5 spherical joints and a distilling head with a Standard Taper 24/40 inner joint. Also supplied is a Liebig condenser with Standard Taper…

  • Dean-Stark Moisture Traps

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    …at 20°C, these borosilicate glass moisture traps are used for the determination of water in various materials by distillation with an immiscible solvent. They consist of a full length Standard Taper inner joint for vapor tube connection to distilling flask and a Standard Taper outer joint of the…

  • AldraAmine trapping pkt


    …unwanted amine impurities that can contaminate your synthesis. AldraAmine trapping packets offer a solution to this problem by effectively reducing amine and water contaminants to levels near those of freshly distilled solvent. Just insert a packet into the bottle of solvent and let it do the…

  • Modified Dean-Stark trap allows for more efficient cooling and separation of the azeotrope during distillation. Graduated from 0 to 10ml in 0.2mL subdivisions. **Design suggested by Dr. Craig Merlic, University of California, Los Angeles, California

  • For the determination of water in petroleum and bituminous materials, these borosilicate glass Bidwell-Sterling moisture traps collect liquefied vapor. They feature a connection between top of vapor tube and graduated tube. This construction allows excess solvent to return to flask with minimal…

  • Prevents corrosion by acid and alkaline vapors, moisture, etc., entrained during evacuation of distilling apparatus, vacuum desiccators, etc. Freezing trap, when immersed in suitable freezing mixture, removes condensable vapors, gauge liquid or other foreign material accidentally introduced…

  • PYREX®10 mL , Stark- Dean For use in the determination of water in petroleum products and bituminous materials Graduated in 1/10 mL divisions from 0 to 1 mL ; in 1/5 mL divisions from 1 to 10 mL With Standard Taper 24/40 joints; meets ASTM Standard E 123

  • …and eight liter/hour Glass components assure virtually no leaching of impurities into the distilled water Microprocessor controlled Easy to operate membrane-type touch pad control panel Patented vapor trap eliminates carry-over of vapor-borne water droplets which may contain impurities. Fully…

  • …protection prevents heater damage Unique vapor trap eliminates carry-over of impure vapor born droplets into pyrogen-free distillate Economically priced Dual feed capabilities for tap or pretreated feedwater A patented vapor trap eliminates carry-over of contaminants in the vapor-borne…

  • … Low-water safety protection All Pyrex®, Vycor and Teflon® components Dependable Vycor heating elements; UL and CSA listed Pyrex trap to remove airborne contaminants Choice of wall or bench-mounting Model MP-12A, available on special order as catalog number 0320A01, will…

  • …corrosive and toxic fumes produced during oxidative mineralizations or similar processes. Complete System Condensation in a water trap Neutralization with acids or bases Optional absorption with activated carbon Ideal for high fume levels such as with soybean analysis …

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