Disposable Tissue Grinder

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Disposable Tissue Grinder
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  • …and small tissue grinder systems Ready-to-use Packaged in a sterile peel pouch Completely disposable Grinder tube doubles as a specimen container for transport and storage. Protective sleeve helps to contain aerosolization created during grinding. Tissue is ground quickly…

  • Biomedical Polymers

    …leave sediment System comes fully assembled and Gamma sterilized Available in three models Tissue grinding system is designed with safety and ease of use in mind. The 35 ml grinder is free standing for easier handling. An extra cap and identification label are provided for storage,…

  • Biospec

    …the sample to the mixer. Disposable stirring rods are used to eliminate cross-contamination from sample to sample.  Features Efficient, controlled mixing Battery powered, lightweight Safe, comfortable Portable, easy to use Disposable, polypropylene stirring rods

  • …mechanical grinders and high-energy sonicators. For added convenience, Molecular Grinding Resin™ is also available with RNase-free disposable matching pestles and 1.5mL microfuge tubes (Cat. No. 786-138PR). Supplied with enough resin for 200 isolations from 100mg tissue.

  • DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Resuspend protein and DNA pellets or grind soft tissues in micro centrifuge tubes Pestles are made of autoclavable blue polypropylene Pestles specially designed to match microtubes Optional cordless drive unit available , see Thomas number 3411E25 .

  • …to medium throughput laboratories. Extremely powerful mixing for lysis, grinding or homogenization Faster and more effective than tissue grinders Mix 1, 2 or 3 tubes simultaneously Extremely compact, less than 7" wide Eliminates the cross contamination associated with hand…

  • Re-suspend protein and DNA pellets or grind soft tissues in micro centrifuge tubes Pestles can be hand operated or motor driven Autoclavable types available Ideal for cell and tissue culture preparation Choose the best pellet pestle for your applications RNase-, DNase- and Pyrogen-free …

  • …hours Ideal for re-suspending pellets or disrupting soft tissue in micro tubes Ideal for tissue of animal, bacteria, yeast, plant samples, etc. Accessories: Two rechargeable batteries One charger Disposable pestles Stainless steel pestle, autoclatable (not included…

  • …slotted tooth - ideal for soft to the toughest of tissue samples Long shaft - perfect for samples volumes within 1.5ml-50ml tubes No risk of cross contamination or need to clean a probe between samples Advantages over plastic disposable generator probes/tips Storage carrying case…

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