Disposable Aspirating Pipets

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Disposable Aspirating Pipets
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  • Aspirating Pipets

    Celltreat Scientific

    CELLTREAT offers disposable Aspirating Pipets in 1ml, 2ml and 5ml sizes. Aspirating pipets are supplied without graduations or plugs and are available individually wrapped or bulk-packed. CELLTREAT Scientific Products include a comprehensive "Quality Certificate" with every case of…

  • Falcon® Aspirating Pipet


    A safer alternative to glass Pasteur pipets Sterile Ungraduated Without plug Non-pyrogenic Disposable polystyrene pipets for automated aspirations or non-critical bulb-type pipetting. Individually packaged in thermoformed paper/plastic wrap to ensure contamination-resistant presentation.

  • Plasteur® Plastic Pasteur Pipets

    Celltreat Scientific

    …100 pipets Also available packaged sterile (gamma irradiated) individually wrapped with 50 pipets per bag or bulk packed with 25 pipets per bag, so no autoclaving is necessary before use Polystyrene Plasteur® Plastic Pasteur Pipets offer the aspirating precision of a glass pipet and…

  • Disposable Plastic BioSafe Serological Pipettes

    Argos Technologies

    …integrity while promoting user safety. It also protects electronic pipettors from contamination and cross contaminating samples by over aspiration. Ideal in applications involving any potentially hazardous or dangerous biological fluids, infectious diseases or when cross over contamination…

  • Aspirator Device,


    Aspirator is a device using vacuum to safely and aseptically dispose of supernatant from a variety of laboratory vessels. Includes a hand piece to which disposable pipet tips are attached during use Grommet for accessory attachment and single-channel adapter for disposable pipet tips …

  • HandEvac Handheld Aspirator

    Argos Technologies

    …vacuum applied. This prevents the accidental aspiration of cells or supernatant associated with normal vacuum techniques. Use with standard in-house vacuum source or with the M-Vac or E-Vac aspiration systems. Autoclavable unit is supplied with a single-channel adapter for disposable pipette tips.

  • Scienceware® Vacuum Aspirator Bottle

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …etc. The Aspirator Bottle safely retains up to 1600 mL (54 oz) of fluids while the attached trap protects the vacuum source from accidental fluid backflow. A flexible collection tube reaches from the bottle and accepts disposable 1 mL pipet tips, glass Pasteur or 2 mL pipets for work with Petri…

  • Midi Plus™ Pipetting Controller


    …lightweight cordless pipetting controller, which allows aspiration from bottles and tubes without the arm and hand elevations required with serological or volumetric pipettes. It fits all commonly used glass or plastic pipettes, but can also be used with Sartorius 5 ml and 10 ml disposable tips. The…

  • VACUBOY® Hand Operator

    INTEGRA Biosciences

    …match to the VACUSAFE Aspiration System.   Ordering Information: Supplied complete with hand piece (for holding adapters or pipettes), rubber adapter for Pasteur pipettes, single channel stainless steel adapter (40mm), and single channel adapter for disposable tips with ejector.

  • Straw Pipettes

    Corning® Gosselin™

    Decrease cross contamination risks by using disposable pipets Straw pipets are packaged individually in tamper evident single Zip bags Product traceability on each bag Sterile

  • FastPette™ V2 Pipette Controllers


    …cordless work with glass or plastic pipettes Max. aspiration rate of 25 mL in 4.3 seconds Touch-control of aspiration rate Ergonomic handle Precision valve system The FastPette™ features high and low aspiration speeds and gravity or pump-supported dispensing settings.…

  • Ovation Bionatural Macro Pipettor

    VistaLab Technologies

    … Allows aspiration from tubes, flasks and bottles Uses convenient, disposable tips Relaxed grip design, low weight and electronic operations make repetitive pipetting effortless The nozzle on the 10 mL model will accommodate glass and plastic serological pipets when an extra-long…

  • Reagent Reservoirs


    Reagent Reservoirs offer a fresh and modern design with enhanced features to streamline pipetting procedures. Graduation Markings on the top edge and inner walls allows measurements of liquid to be easily identified and reduces waste of expensive reagents. Pour-off Spouts design on all…

  • MICROMAN® E Positive-Displacement Pipettors


    …during pipetting cycles. Improved comfort and ease-of-use: A newly shaped handle, with an added finger hook, rests comfortably in your hand Fully visible volumeter on the front of the body, so you can easily see the volume while pipetting Large push button allows you to aspirate

  • Repeater® E3/E3x


    …(all available modes) Pooling of supernatants (Aspiration mode) Creation of dilution Series (Sequential Dispensing mode) Concentration Determination (Titration mode) Pooling and volume determination with subsequent dispensing (Aspirate and Dispense mode) Conclusion The…

  • Repeater M4


    Serial pipetting made easy The Repeater M4 makes performing long pipetting series easier and faster. The aspirated liquid can be dispensed up to 100 times without refilling the tip. An Eppendorf Combitip advanced, in the required size, is simply attached and automatically recognized via a…

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