Digital Specific Gravity Meter

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Digital Specific Gravity Meter
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  • Digital Density/Specific Gravity Meter


    …you maneuver in tight spaces. Meter features a pipette-style pump for good sample flow control — no bellows or bulb to rupture and leak. To draw in a sample, simply press the lever at the top of the meter with your thumb. View density, specific gravity, % concentration, or sample temperature…

  • EasyPlus™ Density Meters

    Mettler Toledo

    …the production line. Measure density, alcohol, acids, specific gravity and more. With high-quality components and a measuring cell design that minimizes the influence of external mechanical vibrations, the EasyPlus Digital Density Meter is built to withstand rough environments and deliver…

  • HI 9829 Multiparameter Meters


    …Cl-), dissolved oxygen concentration, resistivity, TDS, salinity, and seawater specific gravity. Atmospheric pressure is measured for DO compensation. This meter features a graphic, backlit LCD that scales digits to fit up to 12 parameters and allows full configuration of each parameter…

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