Digital Alarm Timer

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Digital Alarm Timer
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  • Four-Channel Alarm Timer, Digital Read Out, Plastic Housing and Audible Alarm

    VWR International

    …four separate channels. Set any time from 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds to one second. When zero is reached the timer starts counting up to show time elapsed since alarming. Large 1.9cm (3/4") LCD permits viewing from across the lab. Additional features include stopwatch, time-out, and…

  • 4-Channel Alarm Timer


    …big-digit timer has a 0.75” high display that allows for far away viewing. Micro-computer chip permits setting four separate channels. Set any time from 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds, to one second. When zero is reached, the timer begins counting up to show time elapsed since alarming.

  • Thomas 3-Channel Alarm Timer


    …from one second to 99 hrs., 59 min. and 59 sec. Alarm sounds when zero is reached, “Time’s Up” message is displayed and timer begins counting up. Alarm can also be set to silence after one minute or to sound continuously to avoid missing the alarm signal. Memory function returns display to previous…

  • Alarm Timer Stopwatch


    Numbered keys for easy countdown timer setting Vivid LCD digits readable from 8 feet NIST Traceable® Certificate supplied Accurate to 0.01% The alarm timer stopwatch counts down with an alarm and counts up with a time-out feature. It can be programmed to count down from 99 minutes, 99 seconds…

  • Digital Timer Plus


    …supplied 6-digit 1/4” high LCD Convenient clip attaches timer to buttonhole, belt loop, notebook or keys Accurate to 0.01% The Traceable® Timer Plus is three timers in one: a countdown alarm timer, a stopwatch and a time-of-day clock. The LCD shows time remaining in…

  • Thomas 9999m Visual Alarm Timer


    alarming and then counting back up. To assure accuracy, an individually numbered Traceable® Certificate is provided from an ISO 17025 calibration laboratory accredited by A2LA indicating traceability to NIST standards. Three-eighths inch high digits are readable from 10 feet. Timer

  • Triple-Purpose Timer


    Timer with alarm Numeric keypad Great for use on repetitive tests NIST Traceability Big digit timer displays countdown alarm time, stopwatch time and time of day. Keyboard (0-9 keys) makes entering numbers fast and easy. High-decibel alarm sounds for one minute. Count down or up, 9 hours 59…

  • Triple-Display Timer


    …programmed countdown time at the touch of a button. Loud, high-decibel alarm sounds for 1 minute or may be silenced manually. Timer is perfect for tests requiring several different times. Magnetic back allows timer to be placed on any metal surface, such as incubators or water baths. Supplied…

  • Thomas Traceable Giant Digit Timer


    …giant size digits on your bench timer from across the lab. Visible from shelves, in hoods, or perched on instruments. Eliminates “squinting” to observe alarm time remaining. Giant-Digits with 1-1/3 inch digit height Viewable from 50 feet Countdown and alarms on single…

  • Traceable® Multi-Colored Timer


    …multi-colored timer, personalize your timer, show your distinct style with customized bold colors - a fresh look for the lab 3-bright colorful supplied frames permit personalization of timer Assorted colored frames supplied with each timer 4-separate timing channels countdown and alarm

  • Memory Timer


    Saves time on repetitive tests 1/3” high LCD digits NIST Traceable® Certificate supplied “Forever” memory Accurate to 0.01% 3-button operation Timer counts down with an alarm and remembers the setting. Program countdown times from 24 hours to 1 minute in increments of a minute. Unique memory…

  • Quartz digital timers Model T-590


    Countdown Timer with 3 independent channels, alarm and time-out function - 100 hrs to 0 secs; 3 Channel display; buzzer will sound for 1 minute and start countup; 100 hour stopwatch with 1/100 sec. Real Time Clock. s, 0.5 inch.

  • Clip-On Timer

    Sper Scientific

    …Large buttons and LCD Compact and lightweight stopwatch is loaded with features including an alarm clock with variable 12/24 hour format, calendar, thermometer (°°) and a compass. Timer has single event, start/stop and lap functions. Counts up to 24 hours. One button cell battery is…

  • Traceable® Jumbo Timer


    Large, digital and easy-to-read from over twenty feet away One-inch high LCD digits help you monitor drying and incubation times Built-in alarm User can program two different activities from 24 hours to one second on portable countdown alarm timer Time-of-day and stopwatch (for counting up) dual…

  • Clip-It Timer


    …accuracy 0.01% Easy-to-use three button operation Rugged chemical-resistant ABS plastic case Clip-it Timer counts down, alarms, and is a stopwatch. This handy timer is designed to clip onto your lab coat, belt, notebook, clipboard, or anywhere. Program it in countdown mode in one…

  • Bench Timer


    …making timer immune to AC line fluctuations. If the power fails, a 9 V backup battery continues timing until power is restored. Unit features 4 timing modes: single-action, time in/out, cumulative split and interval split. Up to 12 different events may be timed simultaneously. An audible “up alarm”

  • Two-Memory Timer


    …Certificate supplied 3/8” LCD digits for easy viewing Accurate to 0.01% Times two tests at once Two-Memory Timer delivers on-the-dot timing operations, whether counting up or down from 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds. Timer can be used as a time-of-day clock with…

  • Stopwatch/Clock Digital


    …times a two person competition Calendar displays day, month, and date 12 or 24 hour clock operation with settable hour chime Wake and snooze alarm Dimensions: 2.3 x 2.8 x 0.5" (57 x 70 x 15mm); Weight: 0.11 lbs (50g) Water resistant housing is complete with (1m) neckstrap and battery

  • QC Lab Timer


    …to 0.01% Ideal QC (quality control) countdown and alarm timer combines easy, three-button operation with giant-size digits. Times may be set up to 20 hours in any minute increment. At zero, a 1-minute alarm sounds. 0.75” high digits are readable from 20 feet. Supplied with 3-year AAA…

  • Digital Microtiter Shakers

    IKA Works

    Electronic speed control with LED display Digital timer Alarm indicates set time has expired IP 21 protection class The MTS 2/4 digital microtiter is specially designed for shaking two to four microplates. Orbital diameter is 3 mm. Speed range is 0 to 1100 rpm, Unit operates in…

  • Traceable® Three-Alarm Timer


    3 channels, plus memory Resolution is 1 second Accuracy is 0.01% Timing capacity: 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds to 1 second Clock is provided with an individually serial numbered Traceable® certificate from an ISO 17025 calibration laboratory accredited by A2LA. It indicates…

  • T-160 Digital Table Timer-Clock


    24 hour countdown/up timer with alarm Memory timer 20 Size: 3- 1/4” H x 3- 1/4” W x 1- 1/2” D Display: 2” x 3/4”

  • Digital Timer, FT24


    …display 24-hour capability Adjustable volume alarm Bright red, flashing light; can be used w/o sound to signal end of cycle Unique start/stop button for easy access Unit counts down in second increments. Loud alarm and flashing light command attention. Memory feature…

  • Timer / Stopwatch


    …“start/stop” to start and again to stop Press any key to stop alarm “Recall” feature returns automatically to preset time Displays up to 99 minutes and 99 seconds. Counts up and down. Alarm rings until turned off. Supplied with one Energizer A76 watch-type…

  • Advanced Memory Timer


    Incredibly versatile timer for the lab 1/3” high digits for easy viewing NIST Traceable® certificate supplied Quartz-crystal accuracy to 0.01% Timer remembers the last time set, counts down, alarms and counts up. Use it to count down/up from 24 hours to 1 second in increments of 1 second.…

  • Key Chain Timer


    …One-touch stopwatch mode counts from 1 second to 20 minutes, then repeats itself. Alarm sounds for sixty seconds or can be silenced manually. Large metal key hook holds keys or attaches onto lab coat button hole. Timer has a tough chemical resistant ABS plastic case and a 1 1/2 year continuous use…

  • Traceable® Water-Resistant Flashing Timer


    …is 1 second Accuracy is 0.01% Audible alarm/flashing LED Splash-proof, water-resistant timer is suitable for use in wet labs, wash-down areas, plants and the field. Timer is provided with an individually serial numbered Traceable® certificate from an ISO 17025 calibration…

  • Pocket Large Display Timer

    Sper Scientific

    ¾ inch high digits Easily portable Warning alarms sound at 3 and 5 minutes prior Records elapsed time following the alarm N.I.S.T. traceable certificate of compliance available: 1225A46

  • Traceable® Digital Stopwatch


    …Features eight recallable memories, plus fastest and slowest lap times. Repeat timer provides repeat function of countdown alarm timing. Set countdown time from 10 hours to 1 second. When zero is reached, timer alarms and repeats countdown from the programmed time. Repeat cycle automatically…

  • Traceable Mini-Alarm Timer / Stopwatch


    1 Channel plus memory Resolution is 1 second Accuracy is 0.01% Mini-Alarm Timer/Stopwatch can count up or down. Timing capacity is 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds. Device comes with easel stand and magnet. Timer/Stopwatch is provided with an individually serial numbered Traceable…

  • SPB Digital Controller


    The user friendly SPB Digital Controller includes programmable features such as: temperature set-point to 0.1 C, even sample heating and evaporation results, timer shutdown option, and programmable alarm for end of cycle.

  • Wireless Oven Digital Thermometer

    Alla France

    WIRELESS OVEN DIGITAL THERMOMETER UP TO ± 20 meters - °C/°F Display Resolution : 1° Functions: 23H-59M-59S Timer - Alarm - Clock Backlight- Clip Curved waterproof stainless steel probe : 180 mm x Ø 4 mm fine tip Ø 2.5mm Waterproof stainless steel…

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