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Differential Counter
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  • Microprocessor-Controlled Differential Cell Counters

    …Percentages calculated on basis of three digits. Differentials are displayed as raw counts, percentages or absolute counts at any time with only a single keystroke. Optional non-total counting key tracks abnormal cells independent of differential count. The versatile key assignment overlays permit…

  • Digital Differential Counters

    LW Scientific

    …included power cord when in the lab, or take the Digital Differential Counter into the field by installing 2 AA batteries. Push the function (FUN) button to adjust the contrast and to monitor the battery energy. The new Digital Differential Counter will improve accuracy, efficiency, and comfort when…

  • Differential Cell Counter

    Bal Supply

    The 1 and 2 counting units have a range of 0 – 999 with a single reset knob. The 2 counter unit has removable tabs for top identification. The 5 and 8 counting units record up to 999. The last unit without a key on the right is the totalizing unit which records the total number of strokes…

  • Multiple Unit Counters With Totalizers


    …for desk or benchtop mounting Color-coded buttons All counters and totalizers register to 999 Quickly and accurately obtain differential blood cell, bone marrow, chamber and other laboratory counts. Locking totalizers lock all counters after the first 100 total, automatically providing direct…

  • Manual Differential Counters

    LW Scientific

    Traditionally differential counters have been manual "gear and lever" machines, and many lab techs are accustomed to the feel of the levered keys. LW Scientific offers both 5-key and 8-key manual counters for those traditional techs to count Baso, Eosin, Myelo, Juven, Stab, Seg,…

  • Manual Differential Counters

    The 5- or 8-key manual count Baso, Eosin, Myelo, Juven, Stab, Seg, Lymph, and Mono cells. These counters feature the names of each cell for easy identification. These manual counters are economical, durable, and will provide years of use…even in the most demanding laboratory settings.

  • Scan® Automatic Colony Counters


    …traceable reading of the result. High performance Count colonies of numerous media Read chromogenic Petri dishes*: Colored differentiation of colonies (up to 7 different colors on the same dish) Inhibition zone measurement *on Scan® 500 & Scan® 1200 …

  • UVP ColonyDoc-It™ Imaging Stations

    Analytik Jena

    Colony Counter for White Light and Fluorescent Colonies The innovative, compact design provides automated, fast and accurate colony counting capabilities. The high resolution digital color camera is specifically designed to capture white light and fluorescent marked colonies and a wide array…

  • Darkfield Quebec Colony Counter

    …visibility of colonies in highly colored media. For additional magnification to assist differentiation between pin-point colonies and artifacts, a 1.5 x auxiliary lens is offered as a separate accessory. Counter includes 3298B25 Wolffhuegel Plate, 4 1/2” square; with panel switch and 3 wire…

  • Propidium Iodide Solution


    …to differentiate and exclude non-viable cells in flowcytometry analysis. It is used in DNA fluorescence imaging to discriminate early and late stages of apoptosis, used to study cell-mediated cytotoxity and for chromosome analysis It is used in quantitative DNA analysis used as counter stain…

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