Dewar Accessories

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Dewar Accessories
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  • Dewar Accessories

    Pope Scientific

    Pope Lab Grade Dewars are supplied with stoppers for the wide mouth model and for the narrow mouth cylindrical Dewars. Need another one? Replacement stoppers can be purchased separately.

  • Accessories For Cryogenic Dewars

    Worthington Industries

    Roller Bases (5150A16, A17) Sturdy, cast-aluminum, five-wheel dolly allows safe and easy movement of refrigerators and dewars. Choose from two sizes to fit either the 18.8-, or 15.6-in. diameter units. Measuring Rods and Dippers (5150A19, A20) Low-conducting measurement rods will…

  • Loose Lid Insulating Plugs for S.S. Dewar Flasks


    Loose Lid Insulating Plugs for CG-1599-A and CG-1599-B S.S. Dewar Flasks.

  • Low-temperature Luminescence Accessory


    … Easily replaces the standard sample compartment for theanalysis of samples at the temperature of liquid nitrogen Cools more efficiently and uses less sample than conventionalquartz Dewars Used for measuring fluorescence or phosphorescence Includes a pack of five sample tubes (P/N 52126027)

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