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  • Glass Dessicators

    United Scientific Supplies

    These clear non-vacuum desiccators are manufactured from borosilicate glass and include a borosilicate glass lid with a molded-in knob. Clear glass provides excellent visibility and can be autoclaved. The rims of the desiccator and lid are ground glass and require greasing before use to create an…

  • Scienceware® Space Saver Vacuum Desiccators

    Bel-Art Products

    …to prevent unnecessary turbulence. Polypropylene bottom section provides excellent chemical resistance. Polypropylene plate supplied is 1/8 inch thick with 1/8 inch diameter perforations for air transfer. Strong shatter-proof desiccator will hold a vacuum of 740 mm of Hg, for a period of 24 hours.

  • PYREX® 5.8L Large Knob Top Desiccator


    This 5.8L PYREX® desiccators is designed for general analytical work. The large sturdy knob makes the cover easy to handle. Approximate bowl volume is 5800mL. For replacement cover, see No. 3081-200CO. For lower part only, see No. 3081-200LO. Warning: Not for vacuum applications. Do not heat or …

  • Desiccators with Plastic Top Knob

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …using crucibles, weighing bottles, and watch glasses. Plastic screw-thread top cap for easy cover removal Recessed base for containment of desiccant Includes metal plate Manufactured from soda-lime glass conforming to USP Type III and ASTM E438, Type II, requirements  

  • Autoclavable Polypropylene Desiccators

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    View contents easily with Thermo Scientific™ Autoclavable Polypropylene Desiccators, featuring a robust body and high resistance to all solid desiccants. These desiccators have a transparent polycarbonate cover. The small size (3756C20) comes with a 140mm aluminium plate. The plate for the…

  • Drierite Drying Agent (Anhydrous Calcium Sulfate), Indicating Grade

    W.A. Hammond Drierite Co.

    …makes Indicating Drierite valuable when it is necessary to know with certainty that dryness is being maintained and to signal when the drying agent should be replaced. It has the same efficiency as Regular Drierite, and somewhat greater capacity due to the desiccating effect of the cobalt chloride.

  • Automatic, Stainless Desiccator Cabinets


    …not warp, giving years of dependable service 3744H45 and H50 include a stainless steel shelf Automatic desiccator cabinets eliminate the need to manually change desiccant periodically. Ideal for moisture sensitive reagents. Overall dimensions for Thomas numbers 3744H35 through H50:…

  • Desiccators, Vacuum

    United Scientific Supplies

    …PTFE plug that works to create the vacuum, shut it off and release it. Autoclavable at 120°C for fifteen minutes. Non-vacuum desiccators are physically the same as vacuum desiccators; only difference is the absence of stopcock. Grease should be applied on the flanges to make it air-tight.

  • Whatman Dessicant Packet

    GE Healthcare

    Desiccant packets Ensure that FTA Cards remain dry during transport or storage. Change from blue to pink to indicate absorption of moisture. Ensure that FTA Cards remain dry during transport or storage.Change from blue to pink to indicate absorption of moisture.Desiccant packets

  • "Space Saver" Desiccators

    Bel-Art Products

    …reusable desiccant can be placed on or under this plate A neoprene O-ring assures a tight seal down to 0°C without the need for grease (ring will not be harmed if grease is used.) White polypropylene bottom can support incandescent crucibles on High Heat Minerit HD Ceramic Desiccator

  • Whatman VACU-GUARD 150

    GE Healthcare

    …or desiccant. Excellent for protecting vacuum pump systems from solvent vapor or gaseous contaminants and aqueous aerosols. Designed for in-line use with stepped barb connections for 10 to 12 mm i.d. hose. Available with choice of chemical trap: activated carbon, molecular sieve, or desiccant.

  • Whatman VACU-GUARD

    GE Healthcare

    …in-line use with stepped barb connections for 10 to 12 mm i.d. hose. Available with choice of chemical trap: activated carbon, molecular sieve, or desiccant. Membrane retains 99.99% of airbone particles greater than 0.1 µm. Features hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane. Excellent…

  • Dry-Keeper™ Stacking Desiccator Cabinet

    Bel-Art Products

    …dry storage needs in this desiccator cabinet that stacks up to 5 units high. Smoke-tinted, polystyrene Two removable shelves can be set at four heights Pull down door slides out of the way into a compartment located underneath the cabinet Includes small desiccant tray and desiccant

  • Dry-Keeper™ Desiccator with Foam Rubber Gasket Seal

    Bel-Art Products

    …cabinet's small footprint. Dimensions: 21 x 18 x 13cm (81/4 x 7 x 5") I.D. door opening 19 x 11cm (71/2 x 43/8"). A jar of silica gel desiccant is included. Translucent polystyrene cabinets allow viewing of contents from any angle. Can stack up to five cabinets to save bench space.…

  • Multiple Cubicle Desiccators


    …Our amber units are very effective for protection from harmful U.V. rays for light sensitive components. Multiple Cubicle Desiccators These portable desiccator storage cabinets are much safer than individually stacked units. All storage units are mounted on stainless steel support carts and…

  • Acrylic Desiccator Cabinets

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …Acrylic Desiccator Cabinets are clear and feature gaskets to provide a tight seal. Neoprene gasket on door ensures tight seal Door is secured with two (three on largest size) stainless-steel latches and full-height hinge Removable, lipped tray holds solid desiccant in place…

  • Silica gel desiccant, -6+12 mesh granules

    Alfa Aesar

    CAS Number: 7631-86-9 Harmonized Tariff Code:  2811.22

  • Silica gel desiccant, indicating, ACS

    BeanTown Chemical

    CAS: 63231-67-4 EC No: 231-545-4 MDL No: MFCD00011232 6-18 Mesh Granules Melting Point: >1600° Boiling Point: 2230°

  • Auto Secador® Replacement Desiccant

    Bel-Art Products

    Color-indicating silica gel beads for use in refilling the Secador® auto-desiccator module. Unlike other desiccants, silica gel is non-friable and won’t disintegrate into powder even after repeated regeneration. Absorbs moisture from the air Inert, non-toxic and non-corrosive …

  • Desiccant sachet 3 g silica gel with humidity indicator (orange gel) sachet: 4 x…


    Melting Point: >1000°C Water absorption: 250 g/kg (20°C) Solubility: 1 g/l

  • Silica gel, Type II, 3.5 mm bead size, Suitable for desiccation


    CAS No.: 112926-00-8 Packaging: 1 kg in poly bottle Packaging: 5 kg in poly drum

  • SICAPENT® with indicator (phosphorus pentoxide drying agent for desiccators) on…


    UN Number: UN1807 Solubility: (20°C) Risk of violent reaction. Bulk Density: 300 kg/m3 Density: 0.3 g/cm3 pH: 1.5 (10 g/l, H2O, 20°C)

  • Disposable Gelatin Membrane Filter Plates


    …or more (no desiccation of microbes). Gel membranes can then be solubilitized for traditional testing or with rapid microbiology methods or virus sampling. Features: Highest retention of viruses, bacteria, yeast and molds Individually packaged, sterile No desiccation of microorganisms…

  • Desiccator Cabinets


    Desiccator Cabinet (1212U90) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 10.875x7.5x9.125in Desiccator Cabinet (1212U91) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 17.125x9.625x11.125in For dry, dust-free storage at temperatures up to 120°F for use in incubators, freezers, refrigerators,…

  • Whatman Desiccant Pack

    GE Healthcare

    Desiccant pack Desiccant pack Regulation disclaimer – CE mark Under current regulations, specimen collection cards, including neonatal screening cards, which are to be used for human diagnostic tests, are classified as "other" IVD devices under the European IVD Directive and require the CE mark…

  • Scienceware® Secador® 3.0 Auto-Desiccator Cabinets

    Bel-Art Products

    …module recharges the desiccant every 20 minutes. Compared to other auto-desiccators that regenerate once every 4 to 6 hours, the Secador® Auto-Desiccators attains a low %rH level on start-up and consistently maintains low %rH, especially with frequent entry to the desiccator interior. …

  • Porcelain Desiccator Plates


    Chemically resistant Glazed on top Large hole in center Numerous small perforations 6 mm thick. Plates with 5 mm holes are for Fruhling and Schultz desiccators Diameter of center hole is 11 mm for 3760H35, 23 mm for all others

  • ValuLine™ ES Desiccators

    Terra Universal

    ValuLine Extended Storage Desiccators provide the strength and durability of Terra’s other desiccator lines for long-term storage requirements that don’t demand frequent parts access. These cabinets are also ideal for general-purpose storage applications where recovering a low-humidity…

  • Scienceware® Secador® Mini Desiccator Cabinet

    Bel-Art Products

    …The door-mounted dial hygrometer provides a convenient way to measure relative humidity. Drying can be accomplished with single-use or reusable desiccant (Thomas #'s 3743C20, 3743C22, 3743C05, 0211G04). An optional under-shelf mounting kit is available to conserve desktop area. Dimensions: door…

  • 100 Place Premium Plus Microscope Slide Boxes


    …units for safe transport or storing Flexible storing, the units can be stored vertically or horizontally helping to efficiently use space available Unique side storage can accommodate a pen, desiccant or other small items needed for working Holds 100 - 26 x 75 mm slides Patent Pending

  • Silica gel desiccant, indicating, ACS

    BeanTown Chemical

    CAS: 63231-67-4 EC No: 231-545-4 MDL No: MFCD00011232 4-10 Mesh Granules Melting Point: >1600° Boiling Point: 2230°

  • Stainless Steel Desiccators (Dry Boxes)

    Sapphire Cleanrooms

    Sapphire desiccators (dry boxes) provide a high-quality and durable construction to meet your dry storage requirements for and maintain low humidity levels as low as 0%RH. Desiccator Cabinets and inert atmosphere cabinets create sealed compartments that hold parts in a dry or nitrogen…

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