Deionized Formamide

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Deionized Formamide
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  • Deionized Formamide

    MP Biomedicals

    …polyacrylamide gels, and nucleic acid hybridization. Formamide deionised is typically used in Southern and Northern analyses and a 50% or greater concentration for in situ hybridization techniques. Deionized Formamide is used in molecular biology and a denaturing agent for nucleic…

  • Formamide & Deionized Formamide

    MP Biomedicals

    Molecular biology grade Formamide is used in molecular biology as a denaturing agent in gel electrophoresis or hybridization experiments. In the latter case, the role of formamide is to decrease the temperature necessary for the reassociation of complementary nucleic acids. Store at room…

  • Formamide, Deionized

    Bio Basic Inc.

  • Formamide, deionized


    It is a clear liquid amide derived from formic acid and can be used as cryoprotectant and gel-stabilizer. It is known to destabilize nucleic acid duplexes, making it useful for preparing hybridization buffers for RNA and DNA applications. Conductivity (µmhos): <100 Abs. @ 280nm:…

  • OmniPur® Formamide, Deionized


    Formula: HCONH2 Formula Weight: 45.04 CAS Number: 75-12-7 Synonym(s): Carbamaldehyde Description: Oily liquid

  • Formamide, Deionized, Ultrapure

    Spectrum Chemical

    Grade: Ultrapure CAS No.: 75-12-7

  • Formamide Deionized


    Grade: Ultra Pure Molecular Weight: 45.4

  • Mixed Bed Resin for molecular biology, BioReagent


    … A self-indicating Mixed Bed Resin for deionizing formamide, acrylamide, glyoxal, PEG and urea. The beads change color from blue to gold when exchange capacity is reached. Also, the color indicator turns gold with formamide immediately, so deionization must be checked by measuring conductivity.…

  • 5X RNA Gel Loading Kit

    IBI Scientific

    …for denaturing and loading RNA samples onto a formaldehyde gel, using MOPS as a buffer. The reagents are nuclease-free and contain ultra-pure deionized formamide and DEPC water. The RNA sample is dissolved in 10µl of DEPC water and mixed with 35µl of denaturing solution. Heat the sample to 65°C for…

  • Formamide, =99.5% (GC), BioReagent, for molecular biology


    …ID : 24894985 Application Formamide destabilizes nucleic acid duplexes and may be used, typically, at a concentration of 50%, in hybridization protocols requiring lower hybridization temperatures. General description Formamide is a clear liquid amide derived from formic…

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