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  • Blood Dilution Vials

    Globe Scientific

    Polystyrene (PS) cell counter cups come with a polyethylene (PE) snap on lid. The cups are graduated at the 10mL and 20mL marks.

  • Medicine Cups

    Globe Scientific

    Translucent and robust graduated medicine measures Nest to save space Ideal for use when taking pH measurements

  • 6.5 oz Collection Cups with Pour Spouts

    Globe Scientific

    This popular plastic collection cup holds up to 6.5 ounces of liquid and offers a unique pour spout to transfer liquids without spilling. Available in crystal clear polystyrene (PS) or unbreakable polypropylene (PP), each cup has clear graduation marks that are molded into the plastic offering…

  • Ultimate Digestion Cups

    Environmental Express

    cups provide premium performance in your SC154 HotBlock™, SC100 HotBlock or AutoBlock™. These cups are molded of clarified homopolymer polypropylene assuring higher working temperatures and greater chemical resistance than the commonly used co-polymer polypropylene. Cups are graduated to…

  • Specimen Containers

    Evergreen Scientific

    …Accurate easy-to-read graduation lines are molded in. They all have leak-resistant polyethylene enclosures. The unique lemon-shaped cup is designed for collection of urine in-situ for drug of abuse screening. Its user-friendly features include a tab for holding the cup during collection. …

  • Medicine Cups

    Medegen Medical Products

    Medicine cups are either translucent or clear for accurate measuring and recognition of contents. Polypropylene cups are unbreakable. Graduated: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/8, and 1 oz. In drams between 1 to 8, in 1 dram increments. At 1/2 and 1 tbsp. At 1 and 2 dssp. and cc/mL At 21/2, 5, 71/2, 10, 15, 20,…

  • Gent-L-Kare™ 4 oz. Specimen Container

    Medegen Medical Products

    Graduated: 10 ml and .5 oz increments up to 120 ml Containers are available with lids, ensuring leak-resistance Printed lids can be purchased separately or with the containers.

  • 6.5 oz. Polypropylene Pour-Off Cup

    Starplex Scientific

    6.5 ounce graduated polypropylene container with a pour spout for collecting and dispensing specimens. Accurate filling with less risk of spillage and contamination.

  • Coulter Cups, Closure


    Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 0x1.383x2.23in Vial, Coulter ® Cup. Polystyrene with polyethylene lid. Container graduated at 10 and 20 mL. Tight fitting push-on lid assures leakproof fit. Closure easily opened with just one finger. Packed 200 per package, 1000/case.  

  • Disposable Polystyrene Beakers

    Eagle Thermoplastics

    …polystyrene, resistant to diluted or weak acids, alcohols and bases Usable to 200°F, with four-way pour spouts Smaller sizes suitable for use as sampling cup for atomic absorption units, flame photometers and blood cell counters. Graduations on 150 mL and larger, accurate to ±5%.

  • Non-Sterile Graduated Plastic Medicine Cups


    Translucent cups suitable for dispensing both liquid and dry medications Calibrated from 1-8 drams, 1/8-1 fluid ounce, 1-2 tablespoon and 2.5-30 mL and cc Plastic

  • SureTight Specimen Cups

    Hardy Diagnostics

    …The cups feature a wide 53mm opening for larger samples Constructed of tough polypropylene with thick walls making them virtually indestructible Ergonomic design features lids with ridges that allow for easy openning A paper label is attached for easy sample identification. Graduation marks…

  • Sample Cups


    High clarity polystyrene Precision molded with graduations and conical bottoms for efficient aspiration Resistant to most aqueous solutions Conical bottom aids in sampling Thermo Scientific* Samco Sample Cups feature conical wells for complete sample pick up, caps to…

  • Stainless Steel Measures


    Measures feature convenient handle and graduations in milliliters and ounces on inside of cup.

  • General-Purpose Polypropylene Specimen Containers


    …turn thread for improved sealing Meets NCCLS guidelines (M29-T2, Vol.11, No. 14) These 4 oz., 120 mL containers have molded metric and U.S. graduations on two sides. The walls are thicker and more resilient, making them shatter resistant. The cap is flat and frosted to accommodate either a label…

  • Polypropylene Staccups


    …solvents, acids, alkalies, salts, organics and biologicals. Cups are available in a 120cc/4 oz. size with 10cc/0.5 oz. graduations and a 500cc/17 oz. size with 25cc/0.5 oz. graduations. Model 1543J61 polystyrene lids are for use with 120cc cups and will also fit 1543J86 disposable Discups®.…

  • Mettler Titration Cup


    For DL series titrators 100 ml size Graduated on 2 sides Writing surface on each cup

  • Sage Sterile Specimen Containers


    Minimize chance of leakage and prevent loss of specimen Meet NCCLS standards Clear polypropylene construction with graduations Metal lids with plastisol lining Highly visible positive seal indicator clearly shows container is sealed when red bars are lined up. Suitable for a…

  • Falcon® Sterile Containers


    Polypropylene Sterilized by gamma radiation 4 1/2 (110 mL) and 8 oz. (220 mL) capacity available Containers are graduated in 1/4 oz. and 10 mL intervals. Containers with caps are individually wrapped. Containers without caps are packaged in sleeves of 20.

  • Hydrometer Jar - Cylinder


    Translucent polypropylene 500mL hydrometer cylinder with overflow cup. Molded graduations. Overall Dimensions: 1" I.D. x 12" high (38 x 305mm) Base is 4 1/4" (108 mm) in diameter.

  • KIMAX Schellbach Burets With 3-Way Stopcock And Automatic Zero

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Inlet tube bent straight back Graduation interval 0.1 mL Overflow cup with drain tube Scale is durable black ceramic enamel PTFE stopcock plug with 2 mm bore, inlet tubing for refilling. Auto zero reservoir top.

  • Bottles, Adjustable Volume Dispenser


    …polyethyelene dispenser bottles  feature a graduated clear PMP measuring cup that slides  up and down on the vertical polyethylene tube for  easy adjustment. The variation in height determines  the volume to be dispensed. The cup is filled by squeezing  the bottle and…


    Medegen Medical Products

    Medegen Gent-L-Kare™ Specimen Container with Gray Lid and Unaffixed Label 4 oz, Translucent, Sterile Graduated: 10mL and 0.5 oz. increments up to 120mL. The unattached label has lines for date, name, doctor, and room number. Gent-L-Kare™ specimen containers have…

  • Polysulfone Vacuum Filter Holders

    Advantec MFS

    …a simple twist of a hand. Graduated funnels available in 300 mL, 500 mL wide mouth, and 800 mL capacities. All models are supplied with silicone rubber o-rings and No.8B silicone stopper. The No.8B stopper mounts in a standard 1 L side-arm flask or standard cup manifold. Funnels with covers can…

  • Horns for SFX250, SFX450, 250 & 450 Sonifiers


    Cup Horn is flow-through type, with flat-faced horn enclosed in transparent plastic body. Diameter: 2";. 9655T35 and Diameter: 3";. 9655T60 Cup Horn is flow-through type, with flat-faced horn enclosed in transparent plastic body. Diameter: 3";. 9655T60 and Diameter: 1" Cup Horn…

  • Histoware™ Prefilled 10% Formalin Vials

    Evergreen Scientific

    Each size of prefilled vials contain half the nominal capacity of preservative. Vials provide good clarity to contents and clear graduation markings. Widemouth openings permit easy loading of biopsy tissues and histological samples in operating rooms and quick access to specimens in the pathology…

  • Pathology and General Use Specimen Containers


    …Containers made of virgin polypropylene—resist cracking, splitting Highly resistant to most chemicals including formaldehyde Molded graduations for fill line verification Translucent containers allow for viewing container contents Secure fitting 70mm white ribbed cap…

  • Urine Collection System


    … 3 oz. plastic collection cups all packed in a plastic bag (5 bags per case). Urine tubes are made of virgin polystyrene and are free of any mold release agents, metals or additives that could contaminate samples. They are made of heavy wall construction, graduated at 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2 and every…

  • MicroFunnel™ Plus Filter Funnels

    Pall Life Sciences

    Combined Filter Funnel and Sample Cup Revolutionizes Water System Monitoring to Eliminate the Risk of Contamination Product performs as sample container and filter funnel all in one. No need to transfer sample from cup to disposable funnel and risk introducing contamination MicroFunnel…

  • Maxi-Mix Shakers

    Thermo Scientific

    …control dial has arbitrary reference graduations Platform has rubber pad Housing is plastic with heavy cast metal base, mounted on rubber feet. Overall dimensions: 4 1/3” x 6” x 7” (110 x 150 x 180 mm) high. Includes single-tube rubber cup that can be mounted in place on…

  • Touch Vortexer


    …continuous vortexing or for vortexing only when vessel is pressed against cup Speed range: 400-2500 rpm Front panel controls include two-position mode switch, speed control knob with reference graduations and on/off switch for pulsing feature. Applications include assay work,…

  • Urine Container

    Biomedical Polymers

    …A case contains 500 specimen collection cups, 500 15 mL collection tubes, 500 white caps, 500 pressure sensitive labels, and 5 transport racks. 24 Hour Urine Container This 3000 mL polyethylene container features easy-to-read graduations, a convenient carrying handle and an amber…

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