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  • Minotome Plus Cryostat Accessories

    General Data Healthcare

    Microtome blade holders (6725D01 to D10) The Shur/Sharp™ blade holder is designed for interchangeable use of low and high profile blades. Patented one-step lever activated holder performs flawlessly for years. Choose from high or low profile or heavy duty blade holder. 100% stainless…

  • Minotome Plus Cryostat

    General Data Healthcare

    …same proven Minot® microtome that has been the technician’s choice for nearly 70 years has been placed inside the new Minotome Plus Cryostat. The new, easy-to-use motorized specimen advance-and-retract feature offers the ultimate in speed, convenience and safety. It also keeps operators’…

  • Cryo-Station

    SPEX SamplePrep

    …kept chilled to preserve RNA for extraction. The insulated outer jacket of the Cryo-Station is chilled with liquid nitrogen and can be filled automatically or manually. Two titer plates can be placed in the Cryo-Station well to be filled and kept cold. The well can also hold a chilled cutting board…

  • Shur/Lube Microtome Oil, 3/4oz

    General Data Healthcare

    For the cleaning, lubrication and protection of your microtomes and cryostats in high volume laboratories and extreme temperature environments.

  • Heat Extractor For Cryostat

    General Data Healthcare

  • Cyto-Freeze


    …for ultra-rapid freezing of fresh tissue, cooling of liquids to force precipitates prior to filtration, and chilling of field samples. During cryostat sectioning, Cyto-Freeze flash freezes tissues instantly. It cools to -60°F (-50°C) in three seconds. To cut sections, simply mount tissue directly…

  • AzerPath Linear Stainer

    Azer Scientific

    …results. Ideal for Mohs techniques, special staining, and general surgical frozen sections. With a small foot-print, it will fit on top of most cryostats. The unit can be connected directly to current exhaust system. Features continuous loading for increased output. Stainer includes a stainless…

  • Benchtop Cryo-Station

    Diversified Biotech

    Ideal Use: Snap freezing samples in liquid nitrogen Material: Triple-Density Expanded Polystyrene Max Volume: 1L Working Volume: 750mL  Opening Diameter: 89 mm Wall Thickness: 51 mm Dim: 280 mm x 190 mm (dia)

  • TBS Mintome Plus Cryostat Knives

    General Data Healthcare

    Reusable knives for 6725A01 and A04 series For use with 6725A01 and A04 Include storage case

  • FD Section Storage Solution™

    FD NeuroTechnologies

    …the prolonged storage of free-floating fixed tissue sections. This solution has been proven to preserve the best morphology and antigenicity for cryostat and vibratome sections. Sections kept in this solution may be stored at -20°C for at least 5 years before processing for immunohistochemistry…

  • …sectioning and various histological stains. In addition, tissue treated with this solution can be easily cut as thick as 300 microns on either a cryostat or a sliding microtome without shattering. The solution may be used for treatment of tissues fixed with any fixative. *To protect the tissue…

  • …paraffin-embedded sections at a dilution of 1:25-1:50 using human tonsil and frozen sections at a dilution of 1:25-1:50 using acetone-fixed, cryostat sections of human tonsil. Biochem/physiol Actions: Follicular dendritic cells (FDCs) are phenotypically distinct cells that are restricted…

  • …epitope appears to be dependent of the binding to CD3-g or CD3-s. The epitope is sensitive to routine formalin fixation and paraffin embedding. Cryostat sections post-fixed in formalin can also be stained. Application: Mouse monoclonal clone UCHT-1 PE conjugated anti-Human CD3 may be used for:…

  • …useful for studies on cell adhesion and migration and for the detection of leukocyte adhesion deficiencies. It may be used to stain acetone-fixed cryostat sections or cell preparations. The epitope recognized by the antibody is formalin sensitive.2nd Workshop: code no. M1043rd Workshop: code no. 202…



    …tissues (excluding dewaxing) • Sample material: Adherent cells, tissue samples (routinely fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue sections, cryostat sections) Other Notes: For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Physical form: White lyophilizate. The…

  • …2600 Cryo-Station, 2650 Cryo-Adapter keeps samples in titer plate cold during grinding, preserving RNA and proteins. Sold in pairs. 2660 Cryo-Block for 15 mL Polycarbonate Vials: Aluminum block holds six 2251PC vials, as used in 2250 Vial Set. Cryo-Blocks are chilled in 2600 Cryo-Station to…

  • Cryo-Dipper

    Diversified Biotech

    …Easily retrieve tubes Holds externally threaded cryogenic vials, 0.5mL & 1.5/2.0mL tubes Movable weights prevent floating Durable PVC construction Ideal Use: Organizing and freezing samples in the Benchtop Cryo-Station. Material: PVC Dimensions: 178 mm x 80 mm

  • Hype-Wipe® Bleach Towelettes

    Current Technologies

    …steel (follow equipment manufacturers' directions) Disinfection sites include POCT equipment, lab equipment, counters, centrifuges, cryostats, phlebotomy and specimen collection areas, wastewater treatment, pharma and research labs EPA approved to kill  Clostridium difficile…

  • …mother-to-daughter automated plate pipetting, large sample dilutions and cell suspensions. Suitable for RNA extraction when used with 2600 Cryo-Station. Titer plates are made of polypropylene, with alphanumeric marks for well identification. Cap-Mats seal titer plate wells, preventing spills…

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