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Corning Electrode
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  • …100°C Redox combination electrode is made with high purity, metallic-sensing elements for stable, repeatable oxidation/ reduction measurements. Semi-Micro Gel Combination (4136T24) Require less maintenance than refillable electrodes pH range 0-14, at temperatures from…

  • …pin type connector. Temperature range of 0° to 80°C Applications: Halide titrations and Karl Fischer operations Requires a separate reference electrode. Can be used with electrode 4136G81 to perform potentiometric titrations for the determination of chloride or other halides.

  • Vacuum Leak Detectors

    Dow Corning

    Continuous duty High-frequency induction, Tesla-type coil, with one end of secondary attached to a metal electrode Point of leakage is indicated by a bright spot where discharge enters evacuated glass assembly Can be used for exciting Geissler tubes, but intended for intermittent use only, for…

  • Plug Adapters For use with Corning models 320, 340, 345 and 350.

  • Reagent Grade Water

    Corning cellgro

    Reagent grade water is ideal for the preparation of reagents, rinsing glassware and plastic ware, cleaning electrodes and other common laboratory tasks requiring highly pure water. No toxic agents, including DEPC, are used in its preparation. The design allows for portability, ease of storage and…

  • …to deflect spills away from electronic components. Support rod mount allows you to attach a standard retort rod to unit for a thermometer, electrode, buret, etc. Hot Top Indicator light warns when the top is too hot to touch (140°F). Extra large knobs feature large, easy-to-read numbers and…

  • …gel is running inside. The units are available in four different sizes, and each unit comes with two sizes of gel trays. In addition, they have easy to replace electrodes that are recessed to reduce potential damage. These gel boxes are an excellent value that will provide years of reliable service.

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