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  • …of vials, tubes, freezer boxes, plastic bags (at -196°C in liquid phase and vapor phase Liquid Nitrogen, and -80°C freezers) and other containers. Designed for long-term biopreservation in laboratory deep-freeze and harsh environments. Ideal for dry ice transportation. Labels can be printed…

  • …designed to permanently adhere to vials, microcentrifuge tubes, microtubes, microplates, glass tubes, freezer boxes, plastic bags and other specimen containers that will undergo long-term deep-freeze storage. These lab labels have an extremely high affinity for glass, polypropylene, polyethylene and…

  • Durable Full turn thread for improved sealing Meets NCCLS guidelines (M29-T2, Vol.11, No. 14) These 4 oz., 120 mL containers have molded metric and U.S. graduations on two sides. The walls are thicker and more resilient, making them shatter resistant. The cap is flat and frosted to accommodate…

  • Snap-Seal™ Plastic Sample Containers Patented Snap-Seal sealing mechanism Samples will not leak when closed properly Specially-designed hinged cap keeps your fingers away from the lid and the sample and reduces contamination Cap stays up when open, down when closed; and…

  • Sterile, disposable polypropylene containers provide secure sample containment      Available in 4 1/2 oz. (110 mL) and 8 oz. (220 mL) sizes both with and without matching lids      Feature molded-in graduations for easy measurements      Graduated…

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    Medegen Medical Products

    4.5 oz Specimen cups with lids Sterile or non-sterile 1228Z64 are individually wrapped

  • Evergreen Scientific

    Designed for the collection and transport of urine and other biological specimens. All containers are precision molded from chemically inert polypropylene. Accurate easy-to-read graduation lines are molded in.

  • Evergreen Scientific

    Designed for storing biological fluids and pathology specimens, these containers are also useful for almost any miscellaneous storage needs, such as at laboratory or nursing stations All containers are precision-molded from polypropylene with clear, molded-in graduations. They are highly…

  • The Dynarex Specimen Containers are manufactured of either strong flexible polypropylene or polystyrene material with screw cap for a secure closure. Each container has a tamper evident tab.

  • Thermo Scientific Nunc

    …blood, urine, fecal and other specimens using Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Universal and Transport Containers with Caps. These containers are designed with inner and outer containers of high mechanical strength. Caps are designed to avoid droplets adhering to the surface, reducing risk of…

  • Heathrow Scientific

    …Tubby stackable storage containers will help you organize your laboratory. Perfect for keeping tubes, tips, pipets, gloves, and other small items organized and out of the way. The lid snaps in place to secure the contents of the Tubby container. The Tubby containers come with 5 tubs, 5 lids…

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    Heathrow Scientific

    Provides safe disposal of syringes, needles and other small sharps. Stackable to reduce storage space before use 1.0L capacity (Quart) with a clear lid to view fill level Slide access lid for temporary and final closures for safety and security Built-in needle removal port,…

  • Styrofoam Containers are designed for tube storage and transport.

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    Foxx Life Sciences

    …a perfect solution for preventing leakage and spillage from Foxx Life Sciences EZwaste® Solvent Waste System containers. Made from HDPE material, these containers are built to be tough and durable. Our Secondary Containers have the ability to hold at least 115% of the container’s content.

  • Sampling Systems

    The range of Stainless Containers from Sampling Systems are ideal for use with powders and liquids. The high-quality crevice free finish makes these containers ideal for demanding applications. Multi-purpose containers Robust construction Crevice free interior for easy cleaning …

  • Thermo Scientific Nunc

    Available in polypropylene, polystyrene and polyethylene to better fit your laboratory needs Friction-fit type lid Resistant to certain solvents and freezing. Virtually free of trace metals or lubricants.

  • Corning® Gosselin™

    Molded graduations Highly shock resistant Sterile 10 -3 Polypropylene

  • Transparent Straight-Side Containers of PETE (Polyethylene Terephthalate) with white polypropylene liner less screw closures. Store pastes, samples, powders, specimens etc. in industrial and lab applications. PETE is durable, shatterproof and has excellent gas barrier properties with H20, O2 and…

  • The Dynarex Sharps Containers are designed so needles can be dropped in without touching the outside. The large openings accommodate larger syringes and allow for horizontal drop, maximizing the container volume. Each container is puncture resistant, aiding in the prevention of needlestick injuries…

  • Containers lock for final disposal Nestable Adjustable rotor opening or hinged lids

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    E&K Scientific Products

    Multipurpose Containers - HDPE

  • Globe Scientific

    The 30mL screw cap container with spoon is ideal for the collection and transport of fecal specimens. Available in transparent polystyrene (PS) or opaque polypropylene (PP), these stool containers come completely assembled and are ready to use.

  • …Safe and efficient sharps disposal Nestable, easy to assemble Safe to incinerate or autoclave plastics and pigments. Secure and convenient container mounting for space efficient storage. Containers available in a wide variety of sizes with clear, locking tops and horizontal load openings.

  • Durable, heavy-duty containers for a variety of uses. All-plastic, professional-grade construction will not rust, chip or peel; resists dents Strong, snap-on lids are available for secure, stable stacking Reinforced rims add strength and durability Built-in handles allow easy,…

  • … Nestable containers save valuable storage space Available holders and brackets secure containers wherever needed Plastics and pigments are safe to autoclave or incinerate For use on countertops or mounted on the wall Economical horizontal drop maximizes container volume Large…

  • …waste container is designed to reduce injuries and disposal costs for non-contaminated sharps. The containers are manufactured with recycled material and are uniquely colored to easily distinguish proper waster segregation of non-infectious sharps. The SharpSafety™ containers will enhance…

  • Adapts to present blood drawing trays and techniques Available holders and brackets A variety of container sizes and openings allow for disposal of other sharps such as lancets, butterfly tubing and small syringes Containers lock for final disposal

  • Starplex Scientific

    These polypropylene containers are carefully engineered for the storage of histology specimens. The patented "O-Ring" polyethylene screw cap forms a seal that eliminates most formalin leakage and evaporation. The durable polypropylene container (5ml-1 liter) is translucent, flexible,…

  • Quality Environmental Containers

    QEC offers a wide assortment of narrow-mouth Boston Round glass containers in clear glass, as well as amber for UV sensitive samples. All are shipped assembled with PTFE-lined polypropylene caps. Excellent for water sampling. Preparation Levels: LEVEL 1: Assembled & QA checked LEVEL 2:…

  • Our Sharps containers are FDA approved, and meet all OSHA and NIOSH regulations. Made from high quality polypropylene for shatter resistance. Variety of cost-effective containers for various uses and purposes, with safety features. Key Features: Built in needle unwinder located in top …

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    Starplex Scientific

    container (5ml-1 liter) is translucent, flexible, resists cracking and splitting, and eliminates the problems associated with formalin evaporation. Histoplex™ containers are available in a range of sizes. The 40ml-1 liter sizes have graduations for easy fill line viewing. The 2-8 liter containers

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