Concentric Ring Water Bath

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Concentric Ring Water Bath
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Thermo Scientific

  • Stainless Steel Water Bath

    United Scientific Supplies

    This standard size (8" x 2.75") water bath is ideal for heating flasks, bottles, tubes, etc. Features seven concentric rings, flat bottom, and a steam escape outlet. Stainless steel construction.

  • …models Tops of baths include sets of concentric rings of varying sizes and special sleeves for thermometer insertion Consists of a tubular heater, hydraulic thermostat, pilot light, draincock and a water level regulator (not recommended for high temperature oil bath use) Grounded…

  • …transparent bath covers for PURA water baths. Necessary for operation in the PURA bath tank to temperatures >90°C. Bath cover made from plexiglass and polycarbonate. Flat Bath Covers Flat stainless steel covers for PURA water baths. Lids include concentric ring openings for…

  • Digital Water Baths

    Walter Products

    The Walter digital water bath has high precision PID temperature controls that are easy to operate. The LCD display allows the user to select and monitor the temperature setting and the over temperature alarm provides reliable protection for samples. This product has a high quality steel exterior…

  • …rounded at edges, beaded reinforcing rim, steam vent, riveted handles and set of seven concentric rings including central cover with handle The outside ring has the edge turned down to fit over rim of bath. Diameter of smallest opening is 25 mm. Outside diameter of bath is 203 mm. Depth: 67 mm.

  • …B200 ultrasonic cleaner, when used with Branson's Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate, is all you need to clean jewelry items such as gold, gemstones, platinum, rings, and watch bands. Branson's Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate is a specialized, biodegradable, phosphate-free alkaline cleaner for jewelry…

  • …nitrogen evaporators combine nitrogen blow down with a heated bath to gently concentrate delicate samples Individualized Control : Gas flow can be controlled at each sample position via needle valves Digital Controls : The water bath come standard with a side control box which contains a…

  • Amphotericin B

    Bio Basic Inc.

    …on the main ring and a primary amino group on the mycosamine ring. Amphotericin B induces K+ leakage, which is separate from its lethal action, as was demonstrated in human erythrocytes and is due to the inhibitory effect on the Na+/K+ pump. At sub-lethal concentrations, this drug stimulates…

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