Concentrated Cleaning Solution

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Concentrated Cleaning Solution
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  • pHE-06 Premium Glass pH Electrode

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …and low ion concentration samples' pH testing, and ideal for titration. The electrode is compatible with TRIS buffer solutions. The moveable sleeve junction on the pHE-06 electrode is easy to clean and suitable for low ion concentration solution and non-aqueous solution. The infiltration…

  • Concentrated Cleaning Chemistries for use in Ultrasonic Cleaners


    …and quickly. GP - General Pupose Branson GP General Purpose Concentrate is a biodegradable caustic-free alkaline cleaner formulated for general purpose and normal maintenance cleaning application. GP solution removes general soils, fingerprints, dust, packaging particulates, and…

  • Scienceware® Chromerge® Concentrated Labware Cleaner

    Bel-Art Products

    Leaves surfaces chemically clean Protects glass Gives a perfect meniscus for precise volumetric work Each pack contains six 25 mL bottles of premixed chromium trioxide in solution, to be mixed with 9 lb. (5 pint bottle) concentrated sulfuric acid such as C746V01.

  • ES 7X®-O-Matic Cleaning Solution

    MP Biomedicals

    … ES 7X-O-Matic cleaning solution is immediately and completely soluble in water at any concentration, without agitation. With normal detergents the precipitation of solids on cleaned surfaces is a major problem. The powerful dispersing agents in the 7X solutions work to reduce agglomerates…

  • Needle Cleaning Kit


    …also be used to clean out ink reservoir recorder pens. Includes: Tube of stylet wires 150mm x 0.10mm OD (pack of 5) Tube of stylet wires 150mm x 0.15mm OD (pack of 5) Tube of stylet wires 150mm x 0.20mm OD (pack of 5) 20mL Cleaning Solution Concentrate Tweezers

  • ES 7X Cleaning Solution

    MP Biomedicals

    …7X cleaning solutions are of particular value in cell culture laboratories where any trace of chemical contamination can interfere with the growth of cell cultures in tubes or flasks. Features of ES 7X Cleaning Solution: Safe and effective Soluble in water at ANY concentration

  • 7X®-O-Matic Cleaning Solution

    MP Biomedicals

    … 7X-O-Matic cleaning solution is immediately and completely soluble in water at any concentration, without agitation. With normal detergents the precipitation of solids on cleaned surfaces is a major problem. The powerful dispersing agents in the 7X solutions work to reduce agglomerates…

  • SDS-PAGE Clean-Up Kit

    GE Healthcare

    …Prepares samples for SDS-PAGE that are otherwise difficult to analyze because of salts or low protein concentrations Quantitatively precipitate proteins while leaving interfering substances in solution Delivers quantitative yield in less than 2 h. Prepares samples for SDS-PAGE that are otherwise…

  • 2-D Clean-Up Kit

    GE Healthcare

    …high levels of interfering substances, or low protein concentration. The reagents quantitatively precipitate proteins while leaving interfering substances, such as detergents, salts, lipids, phenolics, and nucleic acids, in solution Treatment of the sample with 2-D Clean-Up Kit can improve…

  • Luminox® Biodegradable Cleaning Compound


    …It removes oils, dirt, grime, adhesives, residues, fluxes, chemical solvents and machining oils. One gallon of concentrated Luminox makes 20 to 50 gallons of cleaning solution. Cleaner has no chelation or alkalinity waste treatment problems; is biodegradable, phosphate-free and free-rinsing…

  • Whatman 3-Piece Filter Funnel

    GE Healthcare

    …of solution around, rather than through, the filter circle. Simple to clean The parts can be quickly and efficiently cleaned because of the simplicity of the design. A choice of three plates Acrylic Plate: Supplied as standard. Suitable for filtration of most aqueous solutions. Maximum…

  • Hellmanex™ Special Cleaning Concentrate for cuvettes


    …the cleaning characteristics. An increase in temperature speeds up the cleaning process. However, at high temperatures it is necessary to avoid thermal shock. The cells should be pre-warmed before being submerged into hot cleaning solutions. Hellmanex III, when diluted to its working concentration

  • Detergent 8® Biodegradable Cleaning Compound


    For cleaning electronic parts and printed circuit boards Suitable for machine washing or ultrasonic cleaners Rinses easily and quickly Low-sudsing, alkaline, liquid detergent concentrate for removal of oils, resins, rosins, fluxes and other difficult soils. Usual dilution of 6 1/2 oz. to 1…

  • 7X® Ready To Use Cleaning Solution

    MP Biomedicals

    …glassware and surgical instruments can be cleaned with 7X solutions. Whenever critical cleaning procedures are involved, the use of 7X solutions are indicated. These detergents shown a broad range of application other than glassware, and was used to clean re-usable parts of the endoscopic…

  • 2-D Quant Kit

    GE Healthcare

    …ions to protein. Precipitated proteins are resuspended in a copper-containing solution and unbound copper is measured with a colorimetric agent. The absorbance at 480 nm is inversely related to the protein concentration. The assay has a linear response to protein in the range of 0 to 50 ?g and…

  • Concentrator Solution


    Concentrator Solution is a novel liquid polymer for the rapid concentration of dilute protein solutions with zero loss, using dialysis. Simply transfer your dilute protein solution to a dialysis bag or dialysis device*, such as our patented Tube-O-DIALYZER ™ and dialyze against the…

  • PureMag Magnetic Bead PCR Clean Up Kit


    …Purification Solutions Applications PCR Sequencing (Sanger and Next Generation) Genotyping and SNP detection Restriction enzyme clean up Cloning Manual and automation friendly High Yield and High Purity DNA Recovery The PureMag PCR Clean Up Kit significantly…

  • Pro Advantage® Enzymatic Detergent Concentrate

    Pro Advantage

    …bacteria and viruses. This product can be used as a presoak, manual detergent, ultrasonic cleaning solution and evacuation system cleaner. Concentrated formula makes 128 treatments of evac system cleaner; or 512 treatments for ultrasonic cleaning solution/presoak. Biodegradable; spearmint scent.

  • Lab Clean™ DNA Contamination Solution

    Minerva Biolabs

    …to widespread problems throughout the testing procedure (e.g. PCR, qPCR, sequencing). Lab Clean™ is a DNA decontamination solution available as a concentrate for routine laboratory cleaning to eliminate DNA from large areas like room floors and is based on a non-carcinogenic DNA destroying…

  • PREempt™ Concentrate Disinfectant


    PREempt Concentrate Disinfectant Solution works fast for large areas to ensure user, protocol and product compliance with fast contact times and broad-spectrum efficacy. The concentrated formula requires dilution and is cost effective for large surfaces. PREempt Concentrate utilizes Accelerated…

  • Bleach Concentrate Dilution System


    Sprayer automatically mixes bleach concentrate with tap water at a 10:1 water-to-bleach solution as it is sprayed Lemon-scented Ergonomic design Spray or stream settings The Activate® 10:1 Institutional Bleach Concentrate Dilution System is an innovative, dual-cartridge, trigger sprayer that…

  • Page-Perfect


    PAGE-Perfect prepares publication quality gels in a two-step method for concentrating, cleaning, and preparing protein solutions for loading. Simply treat (1-100ul) protein solution with Universal Protein Precipitation Agent (UPPA) which results in the quantitative precipitation of the solution.

  • Savant™ SpeedVac™ DNA130 Integrated Vacuum Concentrator Systems

    Thermo Scientific

    Thermo Scientific™ Savant SpeedVac™ DNA130 is a compact, integrated vacuum concentrator designed for fast, efficient concentration of DNA and RNA applications. SpeedVac™ DNA130 vacuum concentrator will support sample preparations with ease and efficiency. Compact, easy to…

  • Chem-Solv Cleaning Compound

    Avantor - Macron Fine Chemicals™

    …Analysis work Heavy-duty liquid alkaline cleaner concentrate Effectively removes silicone greases, dried blood and other organic residues Cleans volumetric glassware without scrubbing For dilution to 2.5% solution For difficult cleaning problems. Suitable for applications where chromic acid…

  • PAGE-Perfect™


    …method for concentrating, cleaning and preparing protein solutions for running publication quality gels. Treat (1-100µl) protein solution with Universal Protein Precipitation Agent (UPPA™), which results in quantitative precipitation of the protein solution. Protein precipitation…

  • PAL-Cleaner Refractometer


    …is a model that can be measured with high resolution of decimal two digits of 0.01%. This is ideal for measuring low concentration of the solution, such as industrial cleaning fluid. Extremely water resistant (IP65) Automatic Temperature Compensation Measurement temperature up to…

  • NovaClean® Cleanroom Floor Cleaner

    Micronova Manufacturing

    …charge and with no residue build up it will not affect the efficiency of conductive flooring. NovaClean Floor Clean is a concentrate which will yield 60-128 gallons of cleaning solution per gallon container. Filtered to 0.1 Microns Low Sodium Bio-degradable…

  • Butvar B-98 Solution

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    …grids are difficult to remove, the film may be scored around the periphery with the tip of a forcep, or the concentration of the stock solution can be reduced to 0.20%. The stock solution is usable indefinitely when stored in an amber bottle, well capped, at room temperature. Reference …

  • XX6702500


    Use the Filterjet™ Solvent Dispenser to spray a concentrated jet of ultraclean solvent or rinse solution on surfaces for cleaning. Solvent dispenser has an integral, stainless steel membrane filter holder (XX4002500) which can also be used by itself for in-line pressure filtration of…

  • Mucasol® Laboratory Detergent


    …decontamination. One Bottle Provides 1,000L of Cleaning Solution. Mucasol is concentrated and formulated for use at concentrations between 0.2 and 3%. Just a single two-liter bottle can produce up to 1,000L of cleaning solution. Please Note: Mucasol lab detergent contains phosphates.…

  • extran® MA 01 Liquid Detergent


    …per liter. pH of 2% solution: 11.6. When diluted with water, concentrates can clean by themselves without leaving residues. For routine laboratory applications, no scrubbing is necessary once items are removed from the cleaning bath. For best results, items to be cleaned should be soaked for…

  • "RBS™ 35 solution, concentrate"


    UN Number: UN3266 Density: 1.10g/mLat 20°C Application: Detergent for general cleaning purposes and for removal of radioactive contamination; particularly suited for cleaning by immersion and in hard water areas; Other Notes: Sales restrictions may apply Supplemental Hazards: …

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