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  • … Features Combitips advanced are the ideal system components for all Eppendorf Repeaters The 9 volume sizes (0.1 mL–50 mL) offer a maximum range of dispensing volumes with increments as low as 100 nanoliters depending on the Combitip used Elongated Combitips in volumes 2.5 mL,…

  • …for RV-Pette Pro™ dispenser tips and also compatible with tips from most manufacturers, including Eppendorf® Combitips®, Combitips Plus®, and Combitips Advanced® Reliability - Maintenance free design requires no batteries or charging and top quality materials are resistant…

  • Precision manufacturing under strict quality controls ensures that RV-Pette PRO™ Dispenser Syringe Tips deliver excellent results when used with Diamond RVPette PRO™ Repeat Volume Pipettors and most popular brands of repeat volume pipettors. RV-Pette PRO™ tips are available in 12…

  • AzerPro Repeating Pipettor

    Azer Scientific

    …Compatible with Eppendorf’s Combitips®, CombitipsPlus®, and Combitips Advanced® Resistant to common laboratory chemicals All product names are registered by their respective owners: Combitips®, CombitipsPlus®, and Combitips Advanced® are registered…

  • Repeater® E3/E3x


    …have a high vapor pressure, because no aerosols are formed. Combitips are easily replaced—eject with the push of a button— and dispose after use, always contamination-free. Features Automatic Combitip recognition: Eliminates time consuming volume calculations, avoiding…

  • ViscoTip®


    Let it flow! The new member of the Combitips advanced® family is eager to master highly viscous liquids. Even honey and other liquids with a dynamic viscosity of up to 14,000 mPa*s (e.g., glycerol 99.5 %, liquid detergents, collagen, oils, nail polish, shampoo, ointments) are not a challenge for…

  • Repeater M4


    …or having to touch the tip. Simple operation, unique flexibility and significant time savings make the Repeater M4 an important liquid handling tool for both novel research and routine tasks. Repeater M4, includes Repeater M4, Combitip Rack, Combitip assortment pack and wall/carousel holder.

  • Ali-Q Replacement Membrane Filters

    VistaLab Technologies

  • New ali-Q™ 2 Series Serological pipetting like you’re used to…plus Repeat Pipette like never before! 2-in-1 Unique Pipetting Technology. Unlike any other pipet controller, ali-Q™ allows you to aliquot accurately with each push of the unique ali-Q™…

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