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Cold Finger
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  • Condenser has an inner joint and a sealed lower drip tip for drop control. Hose connections have an O.D. of 10mm at the middle serration.

  • Cold Finger accessory for standard distilling heads and systems. This cold finger has an inner joint that fits inside the upper outer joint and tube to provide added cooling ability and faster condensation. Fits into 6606, 6609, and 6613 distillation h

  • Efficiently traps water vapor and toxic substances discharged from vacuum oven and rotary evaporator to protect the vacuum pump Features Excellent choice to extract acid and organic solvents with the optional glass condenser Efficiently reduces vapor inhalation amount to the vacuum…

  • Recommended accessory for BD-46 Block Digestor.

  • Condenser Size 22

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …Condenser with hose connection sidearm. 45/50 bottom standard taper joint Ring-sealed inner condensing tube with inner drip joint and side outlet for drying tube Molded 190 mm inner cold finger Used primarily in reflux mode and Soxhlet extractions Fits tubing ID 3/8"

  • Of borosilicate glass All sizes have a flange on which they are suspended without use of stopper Total height of 6 3/4” Size A finger is 15 x 75 mm long; flange diameter 50 mm.

  • …solvents. Condenser is supplied complete with all fittings necessary to connect the continuous feed feature, along with our new style PTFE centering ring which makes a vacuum tight seal between the inner cold finger and the plastic coated outer sleeve. Also supplied with a UHMW lid with knob.

  • Cold Finger accessory for standard Allihn type condensers. This cold finger has a 24/40 inner joint that fits inside the condenser's upper outer joint and tube to provide added cooling ability and faster condensation. Fits into 5943, 5945, and 5946 con

  • By closing stopcock, serves as a reflux condenser; open serves as a still head for Claisen type distillation. Top joint can be used for thermometer or cold finger condenser insertion. Side vent enables head to be used in vacuum distillation. Jacketed section 140mm.

  • Large scale sublimation apparatus constructed of heavy wall glass. Will sublime 100gms of solid sample. Cold finger tube positions in center neck and is held by a plastic bushing to a threaded condenser flask. All joints are PTFE-Clad to eliminate the use of grease and still avoid freezing. Kettle…

  • For use with ice water bath or LN2

  • …Both column joint and receiver joints are 24/40. Thermometer joint is 10/30 for 76 mm immersion 8315 thermometer. Finger condenser is approximately 20.3cm long with 24/40 joint. Newman type stopcock is 2mm bore; all others are 3mm. For cold finger only, see 5960. Hose connections are size C & D.

  • Flow-Watchman Liq Flowmeter

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …visible at a distance. Usable with water down to a flow range of approximately 100 mL/minute, which is adequate for even the smallest cold finger condensers. The upper flow limit is in excess of 1 liter/minute. Speed of ball rotation is a semi-quantitative measure of water flow. Unit operates…

  • Extended offset lower tip for drop control.

  • Cold finger condenser for use with our 7756 series Schlenk reaction vessels.

  • Jacket length is measured from the lower shoulder of the bulb to the bottom of the finger. Diameter of tube is 14mm. Used in 6472 Pilot Plant Reactor.

  • Digestion Tubes


    …with volume mark or Lachat style with round or flat bottoms. Constricted style delivers maximum refluxing and speeds digestion. Lachat style has an expansion bulb that reduces surfactant foaming and volume markings at 20 and 50 mL.Cold finger condensers recover up to 99% of sulfuric acid fumes.

  • …to allow introduction of an inert gas such as nitrogen. Top hose connection is cooling inlet and middle hose connection is cooling outlet. Cold finger extends either 5mm or 13mm below the joint and is used on a flask with the listed joint size. Hose connection is 10mm at the largest serration.…

  • This specially designed PYREX® cold finger condenser is a replacement part for the PYREX® Cyanide Distilling Apparatus (Thomas No. 0320A91)

  • Micro cold finger condenser with drip tip on bottom for directing drops into the well of 14/10 jointed 9576 or 9599 Hickman Stills. Cold water is introduced into cold finger periodically by means of a Pasteur pipet. Complete item consists of cold finger condenser and multi- purpose vacuum adapter…

  • This simple PYREX® cold finger condenser, of relatively low efficiency, is often used to regulate refluxing by adjusting the flow of air or water through it (dephlegmation). The tubulation O.D. is approximately 10mm. This condenser has a 24/40 inner Standard Taper joint and is a replacement part…

  • Molded inner cold finger for use in fabrication of Friedrich style condensers. Overall length is 230mm with an outside diameter of 45mm. NOTE: TOP IS UNFINISHED.

  • Micro Sublimer


    Micro scale sublimer can be used with quantities as small as 0.5 grams. The sublimer has a capacity of 3mL between the lower portion of the cold finger and the interior bottom of the flask. With 24/25 standard taper joints to connect the flask and cold finger condenser.

  • Turnkey wiped film system

    Cascade Sciences LLC

    …wiped film system for precise distillations.  Complete system includes 2-liter Jacketed Fill Funnel, all temperature control of the glass jacketed fill funnel, main body, condensor, cold fingers and cold trap. Powerful PTFE wiper stirring, deep vacuum, and professional Installation.

  • …other apparatus from joint, insert adapter and begin. Adapter has two components, the cold finger condenser and vacuum adapter. Adapter has a #18 Chem-Thread to allow for the vertical positioning of the cold finger in flasks from 250 to 1000mL. Vacuum is controlled via a 2mm PTFE stopcock. Adapter…

  • …maximum product recovery. Complete apparatus consists of the cold finger condenser, lower vessel, Viton o-ring and stainless steel pinchclamp. Available in two sizes with the capacity listed being that below the bottom of the cold finger. **DESIGNED AND DEVELOPED BY DR. WILLIAM DAILEY, UNIVERSITY…

  • …and convenient operation. Among its many features are simple flask exchange, cordless bath, and choice of a recirculating condensor or dry ice cold finger. 126001/300577 The RC 900 Rotary Evaporator with recirculating fluid condenser and safety shield provides a user-friendly interface…

  • …for easy and safe operation. Among its many features are simple flask exchange, cordless bath and choice of a recirculating condensor or dry ice cold finger. 302500/302690 The RC 600 Rotary Evaporator with recirculating condenser and draft shield provides a user-friendly interface while…

  • Tightly wound coil provides enough surface area to condense high vapor pressure solvents like hexane. With an internal, coil-type cold finger Standard Taper outer joint at the top, Standard Taper inner drip joint at the bottom 283000 does not have a drip joint Two hose connectors at…

  • …With condenser on takeoff arm and 10/30 thermometer joint for 76mm immersion thermometer. Both column joint and receiver joint are 24/40. Finger condenser is approx. 20.3cm long with a 24/40 joint. Glass stopcocks are 3mm bore. For cold finger only, see 5960. Hose connections are size C & D.

  • …fill tube which has a float valve for added protection against boil back. Jacketed still head is lengthened for efficient condensing. Head and cold finger have a 29/42 joint and #11 Ace-thred on side arm. Two #11 bushings hold the threaded adapter to still head. 10-20m frit, 19/22 trap joint, and…

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