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  • Orbi-Shaker™ CO2 Orbital Shakers


    Designed to fit and maximize capacity in most CO2 incubators Remote controlled, adjust settings without disrupting the CO2 environment Horizontally circular 19mm orbit for aeration & mixing Instantly exchange flask clamps with MAGic Clamp™ accessories…

  • CO2 Resistant Shakers

    Thermo Scientific

    …assures conditions within the CO2 chamber are not effected Stainless steel construction for protection from corrosive CO2 gassing conditions An extensive selection of accessories fits most applications CO2 resistant shaker can be used outside of CO2 incubator for maximum value …

  • Incu-Shaker™ CO2 Mini


    Ideal for the culturing of non-adherent cells, the Incu-Shaker CO2 Mini combines a precision CO2 incubation chamber with an intergal orbital shaker, providing the optimum conditions for suspension cell culture. With our unique and proprietary heat distribution technology,…

  • MaxQ 2000 CO2 Digital Platform Shakers

    Thermo Scientific

    …Specially treated CO2 resistant shaker withstands up to 10% CO2, enabling them to be used in CO2 cell culture incubators. This treatment prevents humidity and CO2 from reacting with electrical components and forming carbolic acid. The shakers will not…

  • Benchtop CO2 incubator with built in shaker


    New Brunswick™ S41i, 170 L, CO2 incubator shaker with inner shelf and touch screen control, 1 (2. optional) shelves, 120 V, orbit diameter 2.5?cm (1?in) Image – New Brunswick S41i Experimental flexibility: Perforated shelf allows for static incubation at the same time as shaking …

  • Accessories for Incubator Shakers & Open-Air Shakers (Not CO2)


    NBS offers a variety of options for safely securing test tubes, flasks and plates to your shaker. The Universal Platform provides the flexibility for mixing different size test tubes and glassware on a single platform. Numerous mounting holes allow you to add and interchange clamps and test…

  • ProCulture Orbital Shaker Platform

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …and space requirements of additional lab equipment.Perfect for use in a CO2 incubator for cell culture growth or Western Blot processing. U.S. Patent 5,409,312. Shake and stir; rotating orbit diameter of 21.7mm Shaker adjustment is controlled by setting the magnetic stirrer to the desired…

  • Talboys Advanced Rocking Shaker


    … Displays for speed/tilt angle and time Timer with audible alarm 5 year manufacturer warranty The Talboys Advanced 1000RS Rocking Shaker is ideal for cell culture work and is designed to be used in a variety of environmental conditions Operating Features: Low Profile…

  • Stuart Reciprocating Shaker

    Stuart (Cole-Parmer)

    …soft start Built-in digital timer Reliable quiet drive mechanism Fully adjustable cradle system This lab scale platform shaker has a powerful yet quiet shaking mechanism that has been designed for problem free continuous use. Model SSL2 provides a linear reciprocating…

  • Talboys Advanced Waving Shaker


    …horizontal wave motion Displays for speed/tilt angle and time Timer with audible alarm 2 year warranty The Talboys 1000WS Waving Shaker provides precise speed control and a smooth, low foaming, three dimensional, "wave" motion. Ideal for use in a wide range of laboratory…

  • Orbital-Genie™ Benchtop Orbital Shaker

    Scientific Industries

    A powerful large capacity orbital shaker designed to hold any type of container. Available in three platform versions. The fully programmable orbital shaker features variable speed including orbit reverse, timer from 1 minutes to 99 hours with alarm, programmable acceleration and deceleration…

  • Talboys Advanced (Digital) Mini Shaker


    …incubators, and CO2 environments. Model 1000-3: -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F) Model 1000-15: -10 to 40°C (14 to 104°F) Applications: Cell cultures, immunoassays, and protein studies. Accessories: Talboys Dimpled Mat for Mini Shaker (Thomas No. 1217Q86…

  • Talboys Advanced 3750 Reciprocating Shaker


    The Advanced 3750 Reciprocating Shaker is designed for a wide range of applications including cell cultures that require accurate and repeatable results. The microprocessor control provides consistent uniform shaking while safely ramping to the set speed: Used in cell cultures, solubility studies…

  • New Brunswick™ S41i Incubator Shakers


    Benchtop CO2 incubator with built in shaker The New Brunswick S41i is the only CO2 incubator with an Eppendorf shaker inside. The S41i precisely controls temperature, shaking speed, and CO2, providing the ideal environment for growing mammalian and stem cells…

  • Extreme Environment Shakers


    Shakers Designed for use in CO2 Incubators Can withstand extreme environments up to 100% humidity Remote controller magnetically attaches to most The OHAUS Extreme Environment Orbital Shaker is designed for a wide range of applications including cell cultures that require CO2

  • Helix 150 Orbital Shakers


    …150BLR The Helix 150BLR is an easy-to-use open air orbital shaker used for various laboratory shaking applications. The Helix 150BLR has an extremely low heat signature and is ideal for operation within a 37 degrees Celsius CO2 incubator or humidity chamber. The long lasting brushless DC…

  • The Belly Button Shakers

    IBI Scientific

    …- 8° Operating Temperature: 0°C - 60°C Operates: CO2 Incubator and 97% Non-condensing humidity Weight on platform: 5lbs Standard Platform: 7” x 7” The Belly Button Shaker Lab Start-Up Kit with tube mat provides a unique undulating motion for…

  • Stuart Microtiter Plate Shakers

    Stuart (Cole-Parmer)

    …operation Accessories available for the mixing of microcentrifuge tubes The Stuart series of high-speed microtiter plate shakers are designed for the mixing of microtiter plates and microcentrifuge tubes. High speed combined with a tiny orbit creates a vigorous shaking…

  • MaxQ™ HP Incubated and Refrigerated Console Shakers

    Thermo Scientific

    …and Refrigerated Console Shakers for large 4L and 6L flasks. These shakers feature a foot pedal for hands-free operation for loading of samples and a large viewing window for viewing samples without disturbing the chamber atmosphere. Features: Shakers feature HEPA filtration for…

  • Talboys Standard Analog 1000RS Rocking Shakers


    …time 16lb capacity Two-tier model doubles workable capacity The Talboys Analog Rocking Shaker is an easy and economical option for all of your rocking needs. The Rocking Shaker is ideal for cell culture and blotting applications and is designed to be used in a variety of environmental…

  • Shake Flask Assembly, CO2, Gledhill*, Modified

    Ace Glass

    Determines CO2 evolution to assess biodegradability by soil and sewerage micro-organisms. Shake flask fits standard laboratory shakers. #7 Ace-Thred side port with Nylon bushing and FETFE O-ring holds a glass septum adapter. Inner well has a capacity of 10 mL plus head space. Well is held securely…

  • Cell Roller

    ACTGene, Inc.

    …for culturing adherent, suspension cells, mixing blood, hybridization washing blots, and etc. 0.5-80 rpm speed Suitable for dry, humid and CO2 incubators Remote control allows (included) for easy remote operation inside incubator Stackable mechanism allows for two units to be stacked…

  • Hi/Low Profile Rockers

    IBI Scientific

    The IBI Hi-Lo Rocker is rugged and versatile. Constructed of 300 series stainless steel, this unit is made to operate in multiple environments and provide years of worry free service. Stainless steel construction allows for cleaning and sterilization of shelves and also prevents staining, fading or…

  • FlexiRoll Digital Cell Roller

    Argos Technologies

    …mixing blood or vacutainer TM tubes, washing nucleic acid blots or performing hybridization protocols. Ideal for use on a benchtop or in a CO2 incubator; can be safely operated in temperatures ranging from 4° - 60°C and atmospheric environments of up to 95% humidity. The FlexiRoll…

  • Standard Mini Roller

    Crystal Technologies

    …containers. Wide range of speed adjustment for a variety of applications Anti-corrosive and wear-resistant construction for use in humid and CO2 environments Easy to add or remove rollers to fit different sized tubes or bottles Stackable mechanism allows two units to be stacked for…

  • Forma™ Environmental Chambers

    Thermo Scientific

    …flooring for heavy loads Heatless dryer for lower humidity levels Access ports for probes, sensors Interior convenience receptacles CO2 (IR sensor) 6″ and 12″ temperature chart recorder Compatible with: Recorders (197075, 198036, 198039, 198042, 201144,…

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