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  • Thomas® Ascarite II CO2 Absorbent


    … Heat treating applications which generate carbon dioxide as an unwanted contaminate gas in a particular industrial application Ascarite II is the universally-accepted carbon dioxide absorbent. It captures and contains CO2 through chemical change making it a non-regenerative…

  • GasPak™ CO2 Indicator Strips


    CO2 Indicators are intended to be used in conjunction with carbon dioxide generating systems used for the growth of bacterial cultures. The CO2 Indicator signify that the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere is 3% or greater in jar or pouch incubation systems.

  • GasPak™ EZ Gas Generating Systems


    Catalyst-free, waterless environmental generation products Largest standard pouch capacity available Ziplock-style pouch closures Containers with removable Petri dish racks BD GasPak EZ Containers (1094M04, M07, M10, M13) Features easy-close latches. Stackable, shatter…

  • Ultra High Purity Gas Generators

    Parker Hannifin

    …filtration. The generator can produce up to 1100 cc/min, depending on inlet air pressure. Maintenance kit includes a one year supply of prefilters and final filters. 120 V/60 Hz, 5.8 amps. Dimensions: 12" W x 16" D x 35" H, Weight: 115 lbs. TOC Generators produce carrier/combustion…

  • TOC TNTplus Vial Test, LR


    …determination of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) by the Direct Method which follows an acid persulfate digestion to oxidize TOC to carbon dioxide (CO2). The generated CO2 passes through a gas-permeable membrane into an indicator solution is measured spectrophotometrically. Easy and safe handling:…

  • GasPak™ 150 Large Anaerobic Systems


    …featuring the exclusive BBL room temperature catalyst GasPak products are utilized for the generation of anaerobic, microaerophilic or CO2-enriched atmospheres. The generation of these atmospheres is achieved either with gas-generating tablets or with iron powder and inorganic…

  • GasPak™ 100 Systems


    …hydrogen and carbon dioxide generator envelope; does not require vacuum pumps, gas tanks, manometers or pressure-reducing valves. GasPak products are utilized for the generation of anaerobic, microaerophilic or CO2 enriched atmospheres. The generation of these atmospheres is achieved…

  • 25L Super Low Temperature Portable Deep Freezer

    Canadawide Scientific

    …transportation and storage of delicate samples that need to be kept frozen 25 L capacity, lightweight and compact Does not generate CO2 vapours. Do not need HAZMAT certification to transport Manage cold chain custody from door to door to assure the integrity of pharmaceuticals…

  • OxiTop® IS


    …BOD measurement with OxiTop® is based on pressure measurement in a closed system: The micro-organisms in the sample consume the oxygen and generate CO2 in the process. This is absorbed with NaOH. This will cause a vacuum pressure, which can be determined as a measured value in mg/l BOD. The…

  • Accessories for Incubator Shakers & Open-Air Shakers (Not CO2)


    NBS offers a variety of options for safely securing test tubes, flasks and plates to your shaker. The Universal Platform provides the flexibility for mixing different size test tubes and glassware on a single platform. Numerous mounting holes allow you to add and interchange clamps and test…

  • Meter Indoor Air Quality


    Checks for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentrations Maintenance free dual wavelength NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) CO2 sensor Measurement ranges: CO2: 0 to 6,000ppm Temperature: -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C) Humidity: 10 to 95%RH Features: Continuous…

  • Forma™ Environmental Chambers

    Thermo Scientific

    …Controls: Wide temperature range of 0° to 60°C that enhances the flexibility of the unit Relative humidity control via steam generator from above ambient to 95% at 37°C (not available w/Cat. No. 3920) Sophisticated digital controls Programmable ramp and soak cycles for…

  • ROCHE Dideoxynucleoside Triphosphate Set, Sequencing Grade, sodium salt


    …only a small amount of the chain terminator is included, incorporation into the new DNA strand is a random event. Each reaction therefore generates a collection of fragments, and every DNA strand will end at the same type of base (A, C, G, or T). General description: The Dideoxynucleoside…

  • ROCHE Pyruvate Kinase (PK), from rabbit muscle


    …group from P-enolpyruvate to ADP with the formation of bound enolate of pyruvate and ATP. In the second step, a proton is added to enolate to generate the keto form of pyruvate. Apart from this, the enzyme exhibits other activities, such as ATP- and bicarbonate-dependent ATPase, phosphorylation…

  • New Brunswick™ S41i Incubator Shakers


    Benchtop CO2 incubator with built in shaker The New Brunswick S41i is the only CO2 incubator with an Eppendorf shaker inside. The S41i precisely controls temperature, shaking speed, and CO2, providing the ideal environment for growing mammalian and stem cells…

  • Bromine, reagent grade


    generated by marine activity and as a by product produced from the leaded gasoline combustion. It is widely used as a brominating agent. Application: Bromine may be used to catalyze: . Aziridination of olefins with chloramine-T to form N-tosyl aziridines.. Conversion of epoxides and CO2

  • Carbon disulfide, anhydrous, >=99%


    …catalyzed by nanosized titania and zirconia to form CO2 and H2S. Application: Carbon disulfide may be used in the xanthogenation of cellulose and in the synthesis of poly(ethylene trithiocarbonate) and dithiocarbamates. It can also generate 1,3-dithiolium carbenes via cycloaddition with…

  • Rt-Q-BOND Columns (fused silica PLOT)


    …particle generation. You get reproducible performance from column to column, including selectivity and flow. Nonpolar PLOT column incorporating 100% divinylbenzene. Excellent for analysis of C1 to C3 hydrocarbons as well as isomers and alkanes up to C12. High retention for CO2

  • MDCK-II Cell Line canine,


    …thought to be derived from the distal tubule or collecting duct of the nephron. The cell line can be used as an experimental model to study the generation and maintenance of cell surface polarity in epithelial cells. Mycoplasma eradicated using Boehringer method prior to deposit at ECACC. Cell…

  • 1M HEPES Buffer

    MP Biomedicals

    …The addition of 10–25 mM HEPES provides extra buffering capacity when cell culture requires extended periods of manipulation outside of a CO2 incubator. HEPES is a good buffering choice for many cell culture systems because it is membrane impermeable, has limited effect on biochemical…

  • Peroxidase from horseradish Type VI-A, essentially salt-free, lyophilized powder…


    …substrate of peroxidase. Peroxidase generates O2 from H2O2 produced by the lactobacilli, and the TMB stains the colonies blue in the presence of O2. Thus, after 48 hours of incubation under 5% CO2 in air, the colonies that produce…

  • ROCHE ATP Bioluminescence Assay Kit HS II


    … The luciferase from Photinus pyralis (American firefly) catalyzes the following reaction: ATP + D-luciferin + O2? oxyluciferin + PPi + AMP + CO2 + light. The quantum yield for this reaction is about 90%. The resulting green light has an emission maximum at 562 nm. The Michaelis equation has…

  • Fyrite® InTech® Combustion Analyzer


    The Fyrite® InTech® residential analyzer is a next generation redesign of our popular Tech 50/60, developed on the proven INSIGHT® platform to include more features with a lower cost of ownership. It provides rugged, reliable, long-running performance in a light, handheld unit - offering…

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