Cloning Cylinder

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Cloning Cylinder
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  • Cloning Cylinder

    Bellco Glass

    Cloning cylinders are used to surround a single cell to create homogeneous culture of cells rather than mixed population Flat end insures tight sealing with surface of culture dish

  • Glass Cloning Cylinder

    Ace Glass

    Glass cloning cylinder for cloning or isolating individual cells. Place cylinder into bottom of flask or Petri dish to isolate individual or small group of cells. Disinfectant chambers to be used as described in the 1992 J.A.O.A.C. Hard Surface Carrier Test.

  • PYREX Cloning Cylinders


    Clone a single cell or group of cells by surrounding them with this PYREX® glass open-ended cloning cylinder. Dip the end of the cylinder into sterile silicone grease before pressing to the bottom of a culture dish to create an isolated well. Cylinders are autoclavable or can be dry heat…

  • Cloning Cylinders Assortment Pack

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    These cloning cylinders facilitate the isolation of individual cell clones, each generated from a single cell, yielding a homogenous population of cells. To isolate a clone, a thin layer of grease is applied to the bottom edge of the cylinder and then inverted over the clone of choice. After adding…

  • Culture Cylinders


    …using Culture Cylinders with the Delta T, select the appropriate size cylinder for the protocol and place the cylinder into the center of the dish. Pipette the specimen into the cylinder. Then pipette media around the cylinder to a depth equal to the depth in the cylinder, thereby equalizing…

  • Anti-PLK-4, clone 6H5


    Serine/threonine-protein kinase PLK4, PLK-4, procentriole formation, parental centriole cylinder, trophoblast differentiation, HAND1, MDFIC

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