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  • Labjaws Two-Prong Extension Clamps


    … Single and double adjust Durable, heavy adjust model has one jaw fixed. Ideal for holding straight-sided objects such as burets, thermometers, beakers, etc. Nickel plated finish springs and rivets for long life. Additional clamp holder (2824C83) is required. Extension diameter: 1.27 cm.

  • Labjaws Connectors


    Clamp Holder (2824C83) Regular clamp holders are used to hold extension clamps to lab frames where 90° positioning is required. Strong enough to be used as a lab frame rod connector. Streamlined design for easier cleaning and tightening. Maximum grip is 16 mm diameter. Jumbo Clamp

  • Ultra Flex Support System With Lab Frame Connector


    …rod up to 0.75” (1.9 cm) in diameter.  Ultra Flex clamping system is extremely versatile. Flexible arm can be placed in virtually any position or angle. System features 2-prong clamp head, 3-prong clamp head, spring clamp head, nickel-plated flex arm in 12” (30.5 cm) or 18”…

  • Extension Clamps

    United Scientific Supplies

    3 pronged extension clamp is 10" long and has rubber tubing covering the prongs Extention Clamp with cork covered jaws, 8" total length 3 Pronged clamp with aluminum rod, 10" long

  • Talboys™ UltraJaws Heavy-Duty Clamps


    …of breakage. UltraJaws Clamps are constructed with extension rods for easy attachment to lab-frames and other apparatus. Supplied with non-slip vinyl sleeves, and for temperatures above 100°C, fiberglass covers. The prong height of the UltraJaws Heavy-Duty Clamps make them ideal for use…

  • Universal Clamp with Holder

    United Scientific Supplies

    Clamp features vinyl coated three pronged jaws that open to 2.25" wide. Includes fiberglass sleeves and a clamp holder that can be rotated 360°.

  • 3-Prong Clamps


    Three-prong extension clamps hold objects ranging from 0.80 to 89 mm securely and safely. Two separate adjustment screws ensure even, precise pressure on glass to minimize the chance of breakage Clamp is easily adjusted to vary holding angle and distance from the stand Jaws are coated…

  • Thomas Spherical Joint Pinch Clamps


    …steel clamps have bright, polished finish for years of chemical-impervious use and are made entirely of stainless steel — including springs, pins and knurled adjustment knobs Thomas Pinch Clamps are the undisputed industry leader for safety and security. Progressive springs make clamp

  • Clamp Extension

    GSC International, Inc.

    A cast aluminum clamp with cork lined prongs to hold a flask securely. The jaws open to a maximum of 3". Overall length 9.5".

  • Stainless Steel McCarter Reaction Clamps

    Wilmad LabGlass

    Used to connect two pieces of glass with flat flanges of the same diameter, these stainless steel horseshoe-shaped clamps are uniquely designed. Adjustable tension springs that secure even pressure over the flange area, may be slid on or off easily - thus facilitating assembly and disassembly of…

  • Large Finger Clamps


    Larger-finger clamps are available for use with the Bench-Top Shaker. They can hold various types of glassware up to 2-1/4" (57 mm) in diameter. The clamps may also be adjusted to hold glassware at the most effective shaking angle. Sold individually. Part number R96 836 is a light duty clamp

  • 3-Prong Extension Clamps

    United Scientific Supplies

    …chrome plated. Clamps open to about 3", have a recommended maximum grip size of about 2.25", and feature double keyed spring-type adjustment screws. Available with an extension rod 8.25" long, 5/16" OD, with an overall length of 12.75", or with a boss head clamp that can…

  • Stronghold Support Glassware Buret Clamps

    Harvard Apparatus

    …single buret clamp is of glass-filled nylon with two small nylon clamps which are mounted vertically 4” (100 mm) apart to hold firmly in two places. Jaws open to 5/8” (16 mm). Clamp mounts into either closed connector, open-sided connector, ‘T’ connector; clamps do not…

  • Swivel Clamp

    United Scientific Supplies

    Chrome plated steel double clamp. Accepts rods up to 0.75" (19mm) in diameter. One clamp can be rotated 360° about long axis and clamped in any position.

  • 4-Prong Extension Clamp

    United Scientific Supplies

    Features a 4-prong die-cast clamp attached to a chrome-plated steel rod. Jaws are lined with cork. Overall length is 8".

  • A-Base and Rod

    United Scientific Supplies

    The A-shaped base is made of rugged cast iron for extra stability. It has 22cm long legs and features a baked on black chemical resistant finish. The rod is zinc plated steel, 61cm long and 12mm in diameter.

  • Burette Clamps


    Two prong zinc-plated, stamped steel with aluminum alloy holder is adjustable by checknut to any angle Takes objects from 3/8” to 1 3/8” diameter. Fits rods up to 1/2” diameter. Length: 6 3/8”.

  • Labjaws Round Flask Clamps


    Stainless steel worm-drive screw clamps have large, flat thumbscrews for fast and easy adjustment. Four sizes to accommodate 64 to 165 mm diameter apparatus.

  • Support Rings


    …basic wire circle is welded to shank (except 2" size). Aluminum muff. Attaches to support rods up to 3/4" (19mm) in diameter. Extension Rings Shank of Extension Ring clamps to support rods with clamp holder. Manufactured from steel wire, zinc-plated for corrosion resistance.

  • Clamp Holders

    United Scientific Supplies

    Clamp holders for rods up to 19mm (0.75") in diameter. Available in Cast Iron or Brass.

  • Right Angle Clamp Holder

    GSC International, Inc.

    Cast iron construction with nickel plated thumb screws. Will accept rods up to 5/8" in diameter.

  • Scienceware® Burette Clamps, PP

    Bel-Art Products

    Graduations are always visible The clamps fit standard support rods, 12.5mm (1/2") and includes an adapter to fit to narrower 9.5mm (3/8") rods. Polypropylene is chemical resistant and autoclavable at 121°C (250°F).

  • Multi SUREGRIP™ Clamps


    The Simethicone Multi SUREGRIP™ Clamp is manufactured to meet the U.S. Pharmacopoeia Standard and holds up to 3" diameter containers. Additionally, the Simethicone Multi Clamps can be used to shake larger vessels that Finger SUREGRIP™ Clamps cannot handle.

  • Stainless Steel Ball & Socket Clamps

    Bal Supply

    Stainless steel Pinch clamps are for use with O-ring and ball and socket clamps All sizes except 1236D18 and 1236D20 have screw locking devices. Only screw locking clamps are recommended for O-ring joints. All clamps are made of 304 –18/8 Stainless Steel.

  • Swivel Clamps


    …extension clamps, the swivel clamps have an integral holder for attaching to a lab-frame or other apparatus. Built-in holder grips rods up to 19mm (0.75") in diameter and is adjustable for forward or reverse-facing adjustment screws. Shaft wing-nut allows the holding angle of the swivel clamp

  • Converter Clamp

    Sonics & Materials

    The light duty converter clamp securely supports 2½" (64 mm) diameter converters onto stands with ½" (13 mm) diameter support rod. Chemical-resistant reinforced plastic.

  • Electrolytic Support


    …associated glassware to demonstrate the electrolytic decomposition of water, hydrochloric acid, and other solutions. The unit consists of a cast iron base (H-21225) with insulated binding posts, support rod (H-21360), one burette clamp (H-8022), and one clamp (H-21430). Glassware is not included.

  • SYNTHWARE Joint Clamps

    Kemtech America

    Joint Clamp, Standard Taper, Plastic, Synthware, Various Joint Sizes Available.

  • 3-Prong Heavy Duty Extension Clamp

    United Scientific Supplies

    This extension clamp features heavy-duty electroplated zinc alloy construction and dual prong adjustments. The 5" long extension rod is constructed of stainless steel Prongs open to about 4", have a recommended maximum grip size of about 3.25", and feature double keyed…

  • Tripod Clamp


    Tripod Clamp used with a variety of our handheld instruments. This small 4654 tripod supports the instrument at a convenient viewing angle Ideal in the lab or any other level surface

  • Standard Taper Clamps

    Bal Supply

    These stainless steel, corrosion resistant clamps use strong spring closed forced jaw designed for securing standard taper joints.

  • Screw Compressor Clamps: Open Jaw (Hoffman)


    Screw Compressor Clamps are used to control the flow in flexible tubing. The clamps have a machined adjustment screw to permit accurate regulation of the flow. All corners are rounded to prevent cutting of the tubing. The clamps feature brass construction that is plated for corrosion resistance and…

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