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Circulating Water Bath
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  • Precision™ Circulating Water Baths

    Thermo Scientific

    Precision circulating water baths are an ideal choice when temperature uniformity and control are particularly critical, as when working with enzymes or in serological applications. Available in three different models, these high performance baths range in capacity 19 L, 35 L, and 89 L. The advanced…

  • Stirred Thermostatic Baths and Circulators Accessories

    Grant Instruments

    …of graphical display logging of temperature profiles to disk for storage and subsequent analysis store programs to disk The Labwise™ software runs on a PC (Pentium II with Windows 95 or higher) and is suitable for use with Grant TX150 and TXF200 series circulators / baths.

  • HighTech Refrigerated/Heating Circulators


    …/ Heating Circulators provide a range of operating temperatures from -28 °C to +200 °C to -50 °C to +200 °C. These temperature control units are suitable for temperature control of internal and external applications. Models equipped with the HE circulator include a 4-speed…

  • Digital Water Baths

    LW Scientific

    The LW Scientific 10 liter and 20 liter Water Baths create a constant temperature with an open reservoir and immersion circulator, ideal for heating temperature-sensitive samples. The stainless steel reservoir is seamless, eliminating the possibility of rust and leaks, and the rounded corners are…

  • Circulating Water Baths

    Shel Lab

    SHEL LAB Circulating Water Baths are an excellent choice for research and quality control applications. They are highly accurate, easy-to-use, rugged and safe. The stainless steel cover is included with the purchase of this model. The use of covers is suggested since they allow maximum temperature…

  • CC Visco 3 with Pilot ONE

    Huber USA

    …offer the highest temperature stability for optimal temperature distribution in the thermostat bath. For operation below or near the ambient temperature there is a cooling coil integrated for a cooling water connection. Various function packages for the Pilot ONE can be activated using E-grade as…

  • Heating Circulators

    Grant Instruments

    …training required Integral pump for external circulation (TC120) - Circulation of temperature control fluids to external apparatus / equipment Model available with/without clamp (T-clamp) - Conveniently converts vessels into stirred bath, offering excellent versatility Low-liquid detection…

  • WPE Excellent Series Water Baths


    …size available in 45 liters only Temperature range up to +95°C with additional boiling stage (only with pump switched off) WPE includes water circulation pump Corrosion resistant stainless steel inside and textured stainless steel outside Gable cover and reversible shelf included

  • Constant Temperature Water Baths


    …a high-precision thermostat and circulation pump. Settings for the temperature and timer can be easily input using the up and down keys, and the settings appear on a digital display. The BA/BK models are deep constant temperature water baths. The BK model enables fixed operation,…

  • Denville Circulating Water Bath with 8.5L Stainless Steel Tank


    Circulating Water Bath with 8.5L Stainless Steel Tank This stainless steel water bath is a convenient and reliable 8.5 liter bath that consistently delivers outstanding results in the lab. Precise and user-friendly temperature control Automatic water level detection system Variable water

  • Deluxe Water Baths


    The Deluxe Water Bath supports the following standards: ASTM D6927, D5581, D4867 Water Bath with microprocessor-based temperature control for precise temperature control throughout the range. Includes magnetic circulator, ensuring constant water temperature, and, a stainless steel shelf, which…

  • SW Series Shaking Water Baths


    …for easy sample removal. A wide range of accessories, including bath covers, are available. Shaking frequency adjustable from 20 to 200 rpm. Shaking stroke = 15 mm. SW22 unit with ±0.2 °C stability. SW23 incorporates a water circulation pump for a stability of ±0.02 °C.

  • Precision™ Water Bath & Thermal Bead Bundles

    Thermo Scientific

    …fit into the bath can be held in place by the beads without floating. The beads reduce the risk of contamination because there is no liquid to circulate the contamination to the other vessels or promote bio growth and they can be sterilized chemically. All Precision™ Water baths come with…

  • LT ecocool™ Energy Efficient Refrigerated/Heating Circulating Baths

    Grant Instruments

    A range of innovative, eco-friendly, refrigerated heating circulating baths offering significant running cost savings whilst delivering powerful cooling.  Consisting of two models, the LT ecocool range is supplied assembled as ready to use kits, complete with accessory hosing*, clips and…

  • CORIO™ Heating Circulators


    JULABO CORIO™ CD Open Heating Bath Circulator combinations with stainless steel bath tanks for routine laboratory tasks. Units include bright LED display and easy operation. A The CORIO™ CD immersion circulator provides temperatures from +20 to +150 °C . Integrated pump enables temperature…

  • ECO Water-Cooled Cooling Thermostats


    ECO Water-cooled cooling thermostats with stainless steel bath and control head The new ECO is a continuation of the amazing success story of the current LAUDA Ecoline. There are innovations and developments particularly with regard to the range of features and the ease of operation. Both…

  • TopTech Refrigerated/Heating Circulators


    …/ Heating Circulators provide a range of operating temperatures from -20 °C to +200 °C to -50 °C to +200 °C. These temperature control units are suitable for temperature control of internal and external applications. Models equipped with the MA circulator include a 4-speed…

  • Lindberg Digital Circulating Water Baths

    Lindberg/Blue M

    water baths; designed to meet the most critical industrial and clinical laboratory applications. Seamless stainless steel sides with rounded chamber corners allow for a smooth circulation pattern in the chamber and easy cleaning Mechanical circulation, along with an insulated bath

  • Large Deluxe Water Baths


    …Marshall specimens at a time. The H-1394 includes a stainless steel shelf, which supports specimens while allowing 2" of free circulating water above and below specimens. H-1394 utilizes a magnetic stirring bar to induce water flow within the bath and ensure a uniform temperature is maintained.

  • Water Bath Thermostats


    …reliable 8.5 liter bath that consistently deliver outstanding results in the lab. Features: Precise and user-friendly temperature control in the bath Automatic water level detection system Variable water circulation speed External water circulation pump to accurately heat…

  • Aqualine Water Baths


    …Aqualine water baths offer an affordable entry into laboratory thermostating. The equipment range for basic applications in the laboratory stands out for its simple operation with digital LED display and high reliability. The devices have no circulating pumps and no fittings within the bath.

  • Penetrometer Bath


    bath temperature readout in switchable °C/°F format and a dual-speed circulating pump assures temperature uniformity. Bath is protected by a separate adjustable over-temperature thermostat and a low-liquid cutoff. Built-in cooling coil is provided for circulating a refrigerated coolant or tap water

  • Unheated Baths

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    … Five models to choose from Stoved enamel steel outer cases Designed to be used with a clip-on Tempette or Tempunit temperature circulator Baths incorporate attractive carrying handles for added safety Thomas numbers 9833H25 through H37 have seam free stainless steel inners for…

  • CORIO™ Heating Circulators with Open Bath


    …CORIO™ CD Immersion Heating Circulator combinations with tranparent or stainless steel bath tanks for routine laboratory tasks. Units include bright LED display and easy operation. A quick connect bath clamp is included. The CORIO™ CD immersion circulator provides temperatures to…

  • BH Series Precision Constant Temperature Water Baths


    …alarm output terminal, calibration offset function and key lock function Better external circulation with powerful circulation pump Circulation pump flow changeable up to 10 patterns Circulated water temperature (closed type) can be controlled precisely by external sensor Control panel…

  • Minichiller Compact Chillers

    Huber USA

    …+100°C. Minichillers are available as both air and water cooled models and use natural refrigerants. Environmentally-friendly, economic cooling solution High efficiency Precise temperature control Powerful circulation pump Robust stainless construction Reliable…

  • CORIO™ Heating Immersion Circulators


    …quick connect bath clamp is included. The CORIO™ C immersion circulator provides temperatures to 100 °C for internal bath applications up to 30 L. The bath clamp accomodates mounting to rectangular and round bath tanks. The CORIO™ CD immersion circulator provides…

  • Heat Transfer Station

    Huber USA

    …to standard circulators when a chilled water supply is already available. The HTS heat exchanger is suited for temperature control of bio reactors, condensers, rotary evaporators, vapour traps etc. Efficient circulation pump Efficient thermal transfer Low cooling water usage LED…

  • Weighted Holders

    Bel-Art Products

    …into a water bath with full access to the vessel opening. The Vikem® vinyl coated lead ring has been fitted with a stainless steel gripper. Four prongs firmly retain the vessel for safe, stable use in a water bath, without drifting, floating or tipping. Water is allowed to circulate beneath…

  • OCB Open Circulating Baths


    …ensures excellent temperature homogeneity Highly effective water bath Recommendations Make your choice of racks to suit your test tubes Open Circulating Baths are widely used in laboratories Suitable for any application and kind of sample that involves water bath

  • Temperature Circulators

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    …Units Exceptional thermal performance Adjustable over-temperature cut-out Standard circulating pump with external circulating connections Temperature circulators for attachment to 9833H25 unheated baths. Refrigeration or cooling coil is required for below ambient cooling. Please contact…

  • Unichiller Chiller / Recirculating Cooler

    Huber USA

    water temperature compared to traditional tap water cooling. Chillers also reduce water consumption and help conserve the environment whilst lowering operating costs. Unichillers are suitable for the removal of heat from chemical processes, cooling technical plants or as a central cooling water

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