Chlorine Titrator

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Chlorine Titrator
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  • Series A790 Amperometric Titrator

    Smith Ecological Systems

    …to 0.01 ppm or low range down to 1 ppb Measures free, total and combined chlorine residuals, as well as residuals of potassium permanganate and chlorine dioxide Standard front titration procedure or back titration capabililty for wastewater Measures free residuals as well as mono-and…

  • Chlorine And Chloramines Test Kits


    …total chlorine, monochloramine and dichloramine in water Employes DPD tablet method Standard range: Octa-slide has color standards representing 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 ppm Sufficient for 50 tests Direct Reading Titrator (9859K40 and K41) For determining high range chlorine

  • Amperometric Portable Titrator

    Fischer, Bailey, Porter

    chlorine residuals at low levels Conforms to APHA Methods 409C, D-1253 and EPA method 4500-Cl-D and E Enables low-level chlorine to be determined at discharge point Titrates to an electrical endpoint Battery or AC power Determines free, combined or total chlorine

  • Chlorine Bleach Test Kit


    Applications: Industrial Water Boiling and Cooling, Water and Wastewater This test kit measures for Chlorine Bleach using the Direct Reading Titrator method. Range/sensitivity is 00-10%/0.2% Cl.

  • Sodium Thiosulfate, 0.113N Crtg


    For chlorine determination by iodometric Digital Titrator titration. Sodium Thosulfate Cartridges for Digital Titrator 0.113 N, Digits x 0.1 = mg/L CI in 5 mL sample, Digits x 0.000141 = meq Approximately 40-100 tests UOM/Each

  • Chlorine Test Kit


    This Chlorine test kit measures for Chlorine using the direct reading titrator method. Range/sensitivity is 0-10 ppm/0.2 ppm Cl. Applications: Drinking Water, Food and Beverage, Industrial Water Boiling and Cooling, Laundry and Sanitation, Water and Wastewater # Tests (# Rgts): 50 at 10…

  • Sodium Thiosulfate Std, 0.02256N


    Sodium Thiosulfate, Stabilized, Cartridges, For Digital Titrator For Chlorine: Digits x 0.01 = mg/L CI2 in 100 mL, Digits x 0.0000282 = meq 0.02256 N

  • Buffer Solution, Phosphate, for Chlorine


    For chlorine determination by the DPD ferrous titration method.

  • Chlorine Reagent Sets


    Chlorine by Drop Count Titration. Replacement reagent set for CN-65 Test Kit (225401). Set includes: Sulfamic Acid Powder Pillows, Sulfite 1 Reagent Powder Pillows and Sodium Thiosulfate Standard Solution for approximately 100 tests. 3241D96: Chlorine Reagent Set, DPD Free and Total Chlorine,

  • Buffer, Phosphate Type, pH 7, for Amperometric Chlorine


    For determination of chlorine by amperometric titration. APHA formulation 100 mL bottle.

  • DPD Indicator Solution, 500ml


    APHA, Chlorine (DPD Titration Method)

  • Phenylarsine Oxide (PAO) Standard Solution, 0.00564 N


    For chlorine determination by amperometric titration methods.

  • Phenylarsine Oxide (PAO) Titrant


    For Free and Total Chlorine determination by amperometric titration. 0.00564 N PAO 500 mL bottle

  • Sulfite 1 Reagent Powder Pillow


    For determination of sulfite, chlorine and hydrogen peroxide by titration methods. Pack of 100 powder pillows

  • Chlorine/Bromine Test Kit


    Applications: Industrial Water Boiling and Cooling This test kit measures for Chlorine or Bromine using the direct reading titrator method. Range/sensitivity is 0-10 ppm/0.2 ppm Cl or Br.

  • Potassium Iodide SwifTest™ Bulk Dispenser


    For total chlorine determination with the AutoCAT 9000 Chlorine Amperometric Titrator. Includes SwifTest dispenser and vial containing enough reagent for approximately 300 tests. Fast, easy reagent addition Just squeeze to add powder Color coded by parameter Fast, easy reagent…

  • Sulfite (free) Titrets® Titration Cells


    …(1983). CHEMetrics' sulfite test kits employ the iodometric chemistry in which sulfite is titrated with iodide-iodate titrant in an acid solution using a starch indicator. Thiosulfate will titrate as sulfite. Sulfamic acid is added to the sample to prevent interference from nitrite. Results…

  • Specialty Application PCTE Membrane Filters

    GVS Filter Technology

    …activated charcoal to adsorb organic halides. Filter and residue are combusted and halogen atoms converted to ions for titration. The maximum level of trace volatile, chlorinated organics in the base film is specified by the method as 0.03 µg/cm or 0.15 µg for a 25-mm membrane. Osmonics tests (by…

  • FF-2 Fish & Farming Ten Parameter Kit


    …using accurate Digital Titrator titration and continuous color-disc colorimetry. Tests include Acidity M & Total (100-4000 mg/L as CaCO3), Alkalinity P&M (100-4000 mg/L as CaCO3), Ammonia (0-3 mg/L), Carbon Dioxide (10-100 mg/L), Chlorine (2-100 ppt as salinity),…

  • FF-3 Saltwater Aquaculture Test Kit


    …convenient chloride titration test for salinity, have been designed exclusively for this kit. Tests include Acidity MO & Total (100-4000 mg/L as CaCO3), Alkalinity P&M (100-4000 mg/L as CaCO3), Ammonia (0-3 mg/L), Carbon Dioxide (10-100 mg/L), Chlorine (2-100 ppt…

  • Acetic Acid, Glacial

    MP Biomedicals

    …preparation and preservation. Because acetic acid is a weak acid, it is effective as a buffer at pH 4.75 ± 1. This buffer can be prepared by titrating acetic acid with a hydroxide or by mixing equal volumes of equimolar acetic acid and sodium acetate solutions. Other uses for acetic acid…

  • AgCl 62 Metal Combination Electrode

    Lab Synergy

    Metal combination electrode for halogenide titrations, Glass shaft, platinum junction, electrolyte KNO3 2 mol/l + KCl 0.001 mol/l, Ag/AgCl-reference system, sensor silver cap 4 mm Ø, chlorinated, plug head, length 120 mm, 12 mm Ø, -5...+100 °C.

  • Oxygen Flask Combustion Unit

    Exeter Analytical

    … The Schöniger flask method is a well proven technique for the combustion and then subsequent analysis of a range of elements including Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine, Sulfur, Phosphorus and a number of metals. The combustion of the sample is a simple procedure and involves placing a few…

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