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Chloride Test Kit
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  • This kit tests for Chloride in fresh water samples using the Direct Reading Titrator method. Applications: Environmental Education, Aquarium and Fish Farming

  • Contents: 30 mL Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 30 mL Chloride Reagent A 30 mL Sulfuric Acid, 0.5N 15 mL Phenolphthaein Indicator 0.5% 2 x 30 mL Silver Nitrate 0.171 N 1 Sample Tube, 5-10-25 mL w/ cap  

  • EPA-accepted method for NPDWR and NPDES Employs modified APHA Argentometric method Range of 0 to 50 ppm Cl in 1 ppm increments Sufficient for 50 tests Range of 0 to 200 ppm Cl in 4 ppm increments Sufficient for 50 tests at 200 ppm Employs Argentometric method

  • Chloride is very corrosive to most metals in systems with elevated pressures and temperatures such as boilers and oil-drilling equipment. The Mercuric Nitrate Method References: APHA Standard Methods, 23rd ed., Method 4500-CI C-1997. ASTM D 512-04. Chloride Ion in Water, Test Method…

  • …nearly all natural waters, chloride affects human taste above 250 mg/L. High levels inhibit plant growth, and many industrial processes need to limit chloride concentration. Test kits use either silver or mercuric nitrate titrant. The model CD-DT, a multi-range kit, is supplied with the…

  • Chlorides are tested to control the blow down from boiler and cooling systems in industrial water treatment. The sample is titrated with a standard solution of silver nitrate with chromate used as the indicator. Mercuric nitrate titrants are available for lower level detections. Each kit is packaged…

  • Chloride is found in nearly all natural waters and affects human taste above 250 mg/L. High levels inhibit plant growth, and many industrial processes need to limit chloride concentration. Contains 40 tests. Easy to use, disposable, and inexpensive A great way to obtain quick,…

  • Method: photometric 2.5 - 250 mg/l Cl?

  • …Determination of Chlorides in Water," Analytical Chemistry, Vol 28, No. 11, pp. 1665-1668, November 1956. J. O'Brien, "Automatic Analysis of Chlorides in Sewage,"Wastes Engineering, pp. 670-672, December 1962. The Chloride Vacu-vials® test employs the ferric…

  • Octet Comparator For determining sulfate in natural waters and waste waters Employs modified APHA turbidimetric method with barium chloride Has color standards representing 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 160, and 200 ppm sulfate, sufficient for 50 tests

  • For determining salinity (as chloride content) of water Employs modified APHA Argentometric method Range of 0 to 20 ppt salinity in 0.4 ppt increments Sufficient for 50 tests at 20 ppt 

  • Applications: Laundry and Sanitation This kit tests for caustic levels by adding drops of Barium Chloride solution to a sample where white precipitate will form if carbonates are present. Levels are then determined using the Phenolphthalein Indicator. Range and sensitivity is 1 drop = 0.1 or 1%…

  • Sodium Test Kit


    …increments Test requires three titrations: one to determine bicarbonate and carbonate ions; one to determine sulfate and chloride ions; and one to determine calcium and magnesium ions; sodium concentration is then calculated from the results of the three titrations. Sufficient for 50 tests at 500…

  • Chloride 2 Indicator Powder Pillows for argentometric method For test kit

  • Chloride Titrant Reagent Refer to the Test Kit Replacement Reagent Section for proper kit replacements Silver nitrate, 1.88 N Bottle/100 mL medicine dropper bottle

  • Test Kit, is designed to meet the demands of specialized salt-water applications. Each kit includes the apparatus and reagents necessary to measure 10 critical parameters. Two tests, ammonia-nitrogen and convenient chloride titration test for salinity, have been designed exclusively for this kit.

  • … Nonpolar Column Test Mix, 500 μg/mL in methylene chloride, analytical standard; Intermediate Polar Column Test Mix, 500 μg/mL in methylene chloride, analytical standard; Polar Column Test Mix, 500 μg/mL each component in methylene chloride, analytical standard…

  • …about human errors. 25  Ammonia vials per box. Unique, ready-to-use heme testing method to evaluate the activity of Anammox bacteria in the Anammox nitrogen removal process. Test kit TNT882KTO comes with one box of TNT882 pk/25 and one box LCW906 pk/25. Performing the method…

  • Reagent Set includes: Diphenylcarbazone Reagent Powder Pillows, Mercuric Nitrate Titration Cartridge, 0.2256 N and Mercuric Nitrate Titration Cartridge, 2.256 N Used in Digital Titrator Kit Mercury nitrate Method 10 – 8,000 mg/l Approximately 100 Tests

  • Silver nitrate-for low range test kit. 100 mL Marked Dropping Bottle.

  • …and provides grater accuracy than drop count testing. This sophisticated test kit offers testing of treatment chemicals and feedwater parameters, with the accuracy demanded by water treatment professionals. Test kit parameters include alkalinity, chloride, hardness, sulfite, phosphate, and pH, with…

  • The test measures both ammonium ions and dissolved ammonia in e.g. groundwater and surface water, seawater, drinking water and aquarium water.

  • Hydrion Quat Test Paper

    Micro Essential

    Test Paper provides a simple, reliable, and economical means to measure the concentration of Quaternary Sanitizers, including n-alkyldimethylbenzyl and/or n-alkyl dimethyl ethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, and Rocall II. With color matches at 0-100-200-300-400ppm (parts per million), the test paper…

  • Ionic Strength Adjustor (ISA) for Chloride determinations by Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) method. Powder form prevent from diluting samples. Ideal for low Chloride level readings. Eliminate most interferences. Pack of 100 powder pillows.

  • …This kit provides testing capability for alkalinity, chloride, hardness, sulfite, phosphate, pH, iron, silica, and total chlorine. Includes popular boiler treatment tests Monitors chlorine Determines silica and iron concentrations Provides a wider range of pH testing capability…

  • UN Number: UN3316

  • …by testing air and water samples from your local area! This kit includes nine different tests to determine the air and water quality of samples you collect from your community. Investigate your water quality by testing for dissolved oxygen levels, water hardness, pH, and phosphate and chloride

  • Method: colorimetric with test strips and reagents 0.02 - 0.05 - 0.1 - 0.2 - 0.5 mg/l As 0.1 - 0.5 - 1.0 - 1.7 - 3.0 mg/l As MQuant™ UN Number: UN3316 Storage class: 10 - 13 Other liquids and solids Storage: Store at +15°C to +25°C. Hazard: Irritant;…

  • UN Number: UN3316

  • …economical test kit for monitoring scale formation in small industrial boilers, the BSC-1 Boiler Feed and Scale Test Kit uses drop count titration methods to determine levels of alkalinity, chloride, and hardness. Utilizes drop count titration - a simple, economical titration method Kit

  • Buffered Dilution Water Pillows, pk/25 (magnesium chloride and potassium dihydrogen phosphate, makes 25 L dilution water; 1 liter per pillow.)

  • …versatility and accuracy of this test kit will prove invaluable to boiler operators and chemical sales professionals. Model PBC-DT Professional Boiler Treatment/Boiler Feed and Cooling Water Test Kit: Alkalinity CaCO3 10-4000mg/L in six different ranges Chloride Cl 10-8000mg/L in seven…

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