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Chemical Cart
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  • Chemical Cart


    Fully assembled from 18 gauge, 1 inch square steel tubing Have 4 inch diameter casters which absorb vibration over rough, uneven floors. Two have toe-locks. Electrostatically coated tubular steel, with tough, corrosion-resistant epoxy that will not scratch or mar doorways, walls or…

  • Flexi-Bin Cart


    Durable carts feature 18-gauge welded steel frames of 1” square steel tubing Flexi-Bin carts provide safe transport for glassware and chemical containers Flexi-Bin carts feature removable corrosion-resistant polyethylene bins in 10” and 4” depths Ergonomic,…

  • Thomas Mini-Dolly Folding Cart


    This is the ideal platform cart to move chemicals, carboys, computer paper, filing boxes, and scientific equipment - Easy rolling. Eliminates lifting required by high-shelf carts.  Weighs only 20 pounds, but handles up to 265 pounds. Large nonskid platform (17-3/4 x 25-1/2 inches) holds…

  • Universal Spill Cart


    Absorbs up to 135 gallons This 170-gallon Universal Spill Cart is designed for indoor and outdoor applications where bulk tanks are present. Dispenser cart is made of heavy-duty, highly durable plastic. Kit remains water-tight when cover is on. Contents include 40 socks (3” x…

  • Hazmat Spill Cart


    Absorbs up to 135 gallons This 170-gallon Hazmat Spill Cart is designed for indoor and outdoor applications where bulk tanks are present. Dispenser cart is made of heavy-duty, highly durable plastic. Kit remains water-tight when cover is on. Contents include 40 socks (3” x 4’),…

  • ScrubberMate Glassware and Rack Cart


    …in the drawers to hold inverted flasks, beakers and other glassware. Rails are provided to allow a lower washer rack to slide directly onto the cart from the washer. In addition, the the lower drawer pulls out for simple loading of inserts or individual glassware. An upper washer rack may be docked…

  • AC600 Series Ductless Chemical Fume Hoods

    AirClean® Systems

    Designed to provide a low cost chemical hood solution for protection of the operator and environment from toxic vapors, gases, fumes, and particulate. The AC600 Series ductless chemical workstation features the use of molded thermoplastics configured for a variety of common applications. Smaller in…

  • Polyethylene 6 Drawer Locking Procedure Carts


    …for easy pushing or pulling. This chemically resistant cart features sturdy polyethylene, ABS and PVC construction. Available in a variety of colors. Large Procedure Cart for flexible storage A new innovative option to traditional metal carts Non metal, rust proof polymer construction…

  • Hourglass 2-Sided Light Duty Carts


    …material, the 2-Sided Hourglass 2-Sided Light Duty Cart is light in weight and strong in function. With a unique 2-Sided design, you can access the durable polystyrene trays from both sides. The large 22 x 11 inch HDPE top offers a spacious chemical resistant work surface that is easy to clean. …

  • Polyethylene Core SP Space Saving Lab Carts


    Lockable compact cart with 3 drawers and bulk storage area TrippNT's Polyethylene Core SP Space Saving locking lab cart with clear door provides a large amount of extra storage and workspace in a small footprint. This all white cart carries almost three times its weight and the innovative…

  • White Polyethylene Extra Wide Storage Carts


    …Made from half inch high density polyethylene and rugged ABS, this cart is tough. It's easy to push and pull using the cutaway handles in the top. White always says clean and it stays that way too because it's chemically resistant and can put up with the harshest abuse you can dish out. Its…

  • Small Black/Silver Polyethylene Mobile Lab Carts


    chemically resistant black high density polyethylene and is designed for those who need a large amount of storage and work space in a cart. The integrated lock with two included keys keeps the door securely locked in place. When unlocked them tambour door rolls up and into the cart. Inside the cart

  • #549 Safety Stance® Safety/Anti-fatigue Mats

    Superior Manufacturing (NoTrax®)

    …spillage of liquids, heavy cart traf?c. Wet areas where chemicals or cleaners are commonly found – test areas, production, sinks, wash down areas,eye wash stations. Features: Resilient rubber compound withstands industrial cutting oils and chemicals Large hole con?guration facilitates…

  • Black and Silver Large Polyethylene Mobile Lab Cabinet


    …polyethylene. Whether you are in a diagnostic center or hospital this cart, bench and cabinet performs. Large flat work surface 8 x 2 feet (length width) White polyethylene construction Durable chemical resistance Locking 2 large pull out shelves 8 feet long 2 completely…

  • 8 Foot Lockable HDPE Mobile Storage Bench


    TrippNT's Belize Lab Island 8 Foot Cart with Locking Roll Top Doors and Pull-Out Shelves is made from half inch high density polyethylene. A mobile bench on wheels from white polyethylene creates a chemically resistant, durable reconfigurable work space.

  • Black/Silver Medium Polyethylene Mobile Lab Cabinet


    … Large cart with flat work surface PVC Locking roll top door 4 inch rubber casters, all locking Provides 16 cubic feet of movable storage White high density polyethylene construction Space saving, disappearing, roll top door Durable resistance to chemicals Large sliding…

  • Surgical Instrument Cleaner & Lubricant

    Miltex®, an Integra company

    A dual-purpose instrument cleaner and lubricant. Chemically engineered for use as a presoak or for manual cleaning, washer/decontaminators, ultrasonic cleaners and cart washers. Cleaner & Brighter Instruments Removes Stains, Blood and Mineral Deposits Biodegradable Concentrate,…

  • On-Site Portable Gravity-Fed Eyewash


    …two rigid casters in front and two swivel casters with “Total Lock” brakes in back. Cart measures 33"H x 29" x 22 1/8". WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel hydroxide, which is [are] known to the State of California to cause cancer. For…

  • SharpSafety™ Large Volume Sharps Containers


    …large sharps Lids can provide temporary closure when container is not in use to reduce exposure to contents Carrying handles and carts with wheels are available for easy transport and lifting of heavy, full containers Optional gasket lids provide leak-resistant containment…

  • FreeZone® Freeze Dryers Miscellaenous Accessories


    …adjust angle from 5° to 35°. Made of powder-coated steel. Excellent for pre-freezing flasks for greater surface area. FreeZone Cart (1177K42) Slant Freeze Flask Holder accommodates flasks of any size. Manually adjust angle from 5° to 35°. Made of powder-coated steel.…

  • Absorbent Liner


    …surfaces and absorbs liquids Protect benchtops, floors and carts with this highly absorbent cover. Keeps spills from spreading. Cushions the surface while absorbing liquids. Backing is waterproof and resistant to most chemicals. Made of highly absorbent three-ply tissue with a polypropylene…

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