Ceramic Crucible

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Ceramic Crucible
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  • The CoorsTek crucible is made of porcelain that withstands extreme temperatures, corrosive environments and thermal shock, ensuring durability and reliable performance. The interior and exterior of the high-form crucible are glazed. High form, glazed inside and out except for outside bottom…

  • The CoorsTek cover is compatible for use with various kinds of crucibles. It is glazed all over but except for the rim. It is suitable for use in research laboratories.

  • CoorsTek Chemical Porcelain For Crucibles, Glazed all over except for rim. Made of 99.8%-pure Aluminum Oxide. Recommended for use with CoorsTek® Alumina Crucibles AD-998 ware is highly refractory, meant for use in reducing and oxidizing atmospheres.

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    GSC International, Inc.

    Heat Insulated Pads with low thermal conductivity. Made from flexible alumina and silica oxides with a smalll amount of organic binder. Useful for protecting surfaces when working with hot items like crucibles or flasks. Size 6 x 6". Pack of 12.

  • GSC International, Inc.

    …hot items like crucibles or flasks. Sold in packs of 12 or case of 120. Specifications: Working Temperature: 1000°C or 1832°F Max. Temperature: 1260°C or 2300°F PRODUCT WARNINGS WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including ceramic fibers, which…

  • This CoorsTek AD-998 High-Alumina labware high form crucible is made of 99.8%-pure aluminum oxide. It is highly resistant to alkalies and other fluxes This alumina-ceramic ware is especially useful to chemists, metallurgists, and others involved in high-temperature work demanding…

  • Choose from high form, conical and cylindrical 99.8% Al2O3 Withstands temperatures up to 1,750°C Uses covers Useful for determinations involving molybdenum, platinum, rhodium, tungsten, tantalum and iridium.

  • Glazed throughout with the exception of outside bottom surface

  • XRF Scientific Americas Inc.

    Made from 99.95% pure platinum and platinum alloys, these crucibles have thicker bases and lighter walls that help them endure harsh use. “Non-wetting” 5% gold-platinum alloy crucibles are also available for use in the glass, ceramic and cement industries.

  • United Scientific Supplies

    …Forceps, stainless, 5” long [1] Crucible tongs, steel, 9” long [1] Funnel, Glass, long stem, 90mm dia Funnel, Plastic, 75 mm dia [1] Test Tube Clamp, brass, with finger grips [1] Wire Gauze, 5” x 5”, with ceramic center [1] Crucible, Porcelain, 25 ml with lid [1]…

  • …Objectives 3.5 and 3.3. Kit Includes: 300g Sodium Bicarbonate Sodium Carbonate Blend Materials needed but not supplied: Crucibles w/ Lids Crucible Tongs Laboratory Spatula/Scoops Laboratry Stands w/ Iron Rings Ceramic Triangle Bunsen Burner Balance, 0.001g precision DOT Info: Non-regulated

  • …can be placed on or under this plate A neoprene O-ring assures a tight seal down to 0°C without the need for grease (ring will not be harmed if grease is used.) White polypropylene bottom can support incandescent crucibles on High Heat Minerit HD Ceramic Desiccator Plates (series F42038)

  • United Scientific Supplies

    …ring, 9" legs, Mohr's Pinchcock Clamp, Clamp Holder, Right Angle, Clay Pipe Triangle, 2", Crucible Tongs, Nickel-plated Steel, 9" Ring Support with Clamp, 4", Support Stand with Rod, 5" x 8" / 24" rod, Test Tube Rack, Plastic, holds 6 tubes, Test Tube Clamp, Wire Gauze with Ceramic Center, 5" x 5"

  • United Scientific Supplies

    … Alligator Clip w/ 24" Wire - 2 Burette Brush - 1 Burette Clamp, Double - 1 Clamp Boss Head - 1 Clay Pipe Triangle, 2" - 1 Crucible Tong Plated 9" - 1 Electrodes, Carbon Rods - 2 Metric Ruler, Plastic 30 cm - 1 Nichrome Wire w/ Aluminum Handle - 1 Pencil, Glass…

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