Centrifuge Vacutainer

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Centrifuge Vacutainer
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  • Adapter Vacutainer 4x4-10ml A-4-38 Pk2


    Adapter for A-4-38 Swing-bucket rotor (round bucket). 4-place, 4 to 10 mL tubes Set of 2

  • Z100A Clinical Lab Centrifuge


    The economical Z100A, a small lab centrifuge, features a 6 x 15 mL fixed angle rotor. The variable speed unit runs to 4,000 rpm/1,900 x g, suitable for a variety of applications in the clinical setting or research lab. The rotor accepts six 15mL or 10mL tubes directly. Optional adapters accept…

  • CM-7S Plus Benchtop Centrifuge


    …our popular CM series centrifuges. Featuring our patented SkySpin™ motor controller and a large colorful LCD display the CM-7S Plus brings a new level of control and customization to the classic centrifuge. Redesigned, rubberized start and stop buttons make the centrifuge simple to operate,…

  • Hermle Centrifuge Bundles


  • Heraeus® Megafuge® 8 Small Benchtop Centrifuges

    Thermo Scientific

    …Contains: Heraeus Megafuge 8 centrifuge, ventilated, TX-100 clinical swinging bucket rotor with carriers, Adapters for 5/7 mL BD Hemogard®/ BD Vacutainer® tube (set of 4) Low Capacity, Sealed Package Contains: Heraeus Megafuge 8 centrifuge, ventilated, TX-100S clinical swinging…

  • TubeRollers


    …roller Benchmark TubeRollers are designed for the gentle, thorough mixing of a variety of containers, including  Vacutainers™, bottles, test tubes, centrifuge tubes and roller bottles.  Both models (5 roller and 10 roller) operate at a constant 38rpm, chosen as the optimum…

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