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Centrifuge 5ml
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  • 5mL Centrifuge Tubes


    Benchmark's 5mL centrifuge tube takes the conveniences of standard 1.5ml tubes and scales them up for larger volumes. These polypropylene tubes come with an attached cap that provides a tight, leak-proof seal. They can also be effortlessly opened (or closed) with one hand. The cap is designed to…

  • Hermle Z216 High Speed Microcentrifuges


    …biology laboratory. All common microtubes (0.2ml, 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml) can be accepted as well as PCR strips, hematocrit tubes, and even 5.0ml centrifuge tubes. Advanced microprocessor controls allow for setting/displaying of the rotational speed in either rpm or rcf. In addition to retrieving…

  • Macro Centrifuge Tubes

    Celltreat Scientific

    Macro Centrifuge Tubes offer the convenience of a micro centrifuge tube with the ability to process sample volumes up to 5mL In many applications, these tubes are the ideal alternative to 15mL centrifuge tubes, greatly reducing plastic waste, storage space and shipping costs All tubes have a…

  • GCC Series Standard Clinical Centrifuges

    Globe Scientific

    The GCC-S Clinical Centrifuge has been designed for numerous clinical and research applications with simple yet robust features. The included twelve (12) position rotor accommodates 5mL, 7mL or 10mL culture or blood collection tubes and up to eight (8) 15mL tubes (all adapters are included). An…

  • Universal Centrifuge Adapters


    Made of Acetal plastic. Reusable and freezable (-90°C).

  • GCC Series Enhanced Clinical Centrifuges

    Globe Scientific

    …clinical centrifuge, the GCC-E adds an enhanced user interface with it's easy to read backlit LCD display, high accuracy and automated self-diagnosis on startup. The GCC-E is suitable for numerous clinical and research applications and includes a twelve (12) position rotor that accommodates 5mL,

  • Mini Centrifuge


    …cut-off, samples can be safely observed at all times. The centrifuge quickly accelerates to maximum speed (6,600 rpm / 2,200 rcf) and stops within seconds while the motor mounting system provides quiet, vibration-free operation. All centrifuges include a round rotor with capacity for six standard…

  • Heraeus™ Megafuge™ 8R Small Benchtop Centrifuges

    Thermo Scientific

    Heraeus Megafuge 8 refrigerated centrifuge provides exceptional capacity in a compact design with a smart, simple interface and the flexibility to support both clinical and research applications. The Heraeus Megafuge 8 centrifuge fits in: To optimize bench space with maximized capacity. To…

  • Locking Centrifuge Tubes

    Globe Scientific

    Available in 0.5mL, 1.5mL, 2.0mL & 5mL Diamond Midi™ Locking Centrifuge Tube Locking Centrifuge Tubes are engineered with a secure locking system that provides the security of a screw cap microtube with the simplicity of a snap cap tube. Features: Secure –…

  • MyFuge™ 5 Microcentrifuge


    centrifuging standard microtubes (1.5/2.0ml). Simply close the lid and the centrifuge quickly accelerates to the fixed speed of 5,500rpm. Open the lid, and the rotor decelerates to a stop for removing samples. The 5ml rotor positions accepts 5ml centrifuge tubes (snap cap) directly. While 5ml

  • Hermle Z206-A Compact Centrifuges


    …collection tubes The Z206-A Compact Centrifuge is suitable for a variety of applications inside both the clinical and research setting. Three angle rotor options are available permitting use with all common tube sizes from 0.2ml to 50ml. A unique 6 x 5ml swing out rotor is also available for…

  • 5mL Snap Cap Diamond Midi™ Centrifuge Tube

    Globe Scientific

    …when working with sample volumes between 2.0mL and 5.0mL. With the same diameter and conical shape as a 15mL tube, the shorter 5.0mL Diamond Midi™ Centrifuge Tubes: Reduce total cost to the lab for purchase and use Reduce environmental impact during production and disposal …

  • Diamond Midi™ Centrifuge Tubes

    Globe Scientific

    …when working with sample volumes between 2.0mL and 5.0mL. With the same diameter and conical shape as a 15mL tube, the shorter 5.0mL Diamond Midi™ Centrifuge Tube: Reduce total cost to the lab for purchase and use Reduce environmental impact during production and disposal …

  • FlexiFuge Mini-Centrifuge

    Argos Technologies

    …angle rotor for 1.5mL tubes, dual strip rotor for 0.2mL PCR tubes or strips, eight adapters for 0.5mL tubes and two 4-Place 5mL rotors: one works with standard 5mL tubes, while the second will accommodate the new Argos CapSafe, Eppendorf or other 5mL tubes available on the market. CE Marked.

  • Adapter, 25 X 1.2-5ml, F/250ml Bkt, Pk2


    Four-place swinging bucket tube adapters for A-4-62 swing bucket rotor. For use with 5810/5810R centrifuges Maximum 25 tubes/adapter Capacity: 1.2 to 5mL tubes Pack of 2

  • 5mL Snaplock Microcentrifuge Tubes


    Axygen 5 mL Snaplock microcentrifuge tubes fit in standard 15 mL centrifuge rotors and offer the ultimate experience in lower volume sample requirements. Smaller volume tubes minimize contamination issues – pipet tips can easily reach into the tube for sample accessibility. Expect the…

  • LSE™ Compact Centrifuge


    …(sold separately) for use with the Corning LSE Compact Centrifuge, which can accommodate tube sizes of 15mL, 50mL, and 1.5/2.0mL microcentrifuge tubes. In addition the LSE Compact Centrifuge will accommodate a swing-out rotor for 6 x 5mL tubes. Optional adapters accommodate other various tube…

  • GCM Series Refrigerated Microcentrifuges

    Globe Scientific

    …maximum speed and capacity utilization Audible alert function Dual lid lock function ensures samples are kept at temperature even after centrifugation Intermittent temperature control mode, CFC-free refrigerant and low carbon life rotor capacity Fully autoclavable aluminum rotor with…

  • 5.0mL ClickLok™ Microcentrifuge Tubes


    5.0mL ClickLok™ MCT with snap cap, designed for processing medium-sized sample volumes. The 16mm tube is compatible with 15mL centrifuge rotors. Polypropylene. RNase, DNase, Pyrogen and DNA free. Centrifugation up to 25,000 g. Autoclavable. Temp range +121°C to -196°C.

  • BeadBug™ 6 Position Homogenizer


    …are spun briefly in a centrifuge, and the lysate removed with a pipette. Designed to fit the needs of medium throughput laboratories, the BeadBug 6 can simultaneously process up to six samples in 2.0ml tubes. With optional adapters,the unit will also accept two 5.0ml tubes. A full range of…

  • 5 mL Centrifuge Tube Rack

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Designed specifically for 5ml centrifuge tubes, including Eppendorf* brand, this rack will also accommodate other tubes with a diameter of 13-16mm. Made of durable and corrosion resistant white polypropylene plastic End plates have handles for easy transport and stacking Top shelf…

  • 5mL Spin Columns


    5ml spin columns have an internal volume of 8.5ml and is designed for small scale purifications using 15ml centrifuge tubes. Supplied with screw cap and plastic stoppers. This columns are also ideal for gravity flow purifications Features Total Volume: 8.5ml Resin Volume: 5ml

  • CryoKING® Premium Cardboard Freezer Boxes


    …have a glossy coating, other colors have a matte coating Water resistant coating for improved durability Holds 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml, 5ml and 10ml microtubes and 15ml or 50ml Centrifuge Tubes Working temperature: stable from -196°C to 121°C Suitable for liquid nitrogen freezing

  • 5.0mL SuperClear® Centrifuge Tubes with Attached Caps


    …tubes are more than twice as effective at transmitting light than other brands of 5mL centrifuge tubes. SuperClear® tubes feature an extra-thick and durable wall that can withstand centrifugation to 25,000 x G, more than twice some other brands. The ultra-clear polypropylene resin…

  • 5.0mL MacrewTube™ Microcentrifuge Tubes


    For medium-sized sample volumes. The 16mm tube is compatible with 15 ml centrifuge rotors. Polypropylene. RNase, DNase, Pyrogen and DNA free. Centrifugation up to 25,000 g. Autoclavable. Temp range +121 °C to -196 °C.

  • Self-Standing 5ml Conical Bottom Copolymer Screw Cap Centrifuge Tubes


    Skirted, self-standing tubes with a conical bottom. Tubes are graduated at 1.0mL intervals and feature a large frosted writing area. Caps fit tubes securely for a leakproof seal. Sterile tubes come with caps attached. Transport tube comes with a blue cap Certified RNase, DNase, and…

  • Snap-Cap 5mL MacroTubes™

    MTC Bio

    …allowing 1mL or 5mL tips to easily reach the tube bottom. The tubes are made of high clarity, low-binding, virgin polypropylene and are certified RNase and DNase free.  The 16mm diameter is identical to standard 15mL tubes, ensuring compatibility with existing centrifuge rotors. …

  • Pyrex Oil Conical Centrifuge Tube


    …to 0.5mL in divisions of 0.05mL; from 0.5mL to 2mL in divisions of 0.1mL; from 2mL to 3mL in divisions of 0.2mL; from 3mL to 5mL in divisions of 0.5mL; from 5mL to 10mL in divisions of 1mL; from 10mL to 25mL in divisions of 5mL and at 50, 75 and 100mL. Reference: ASTM D-96, D-91, D-893 and D-1796.

  • 5mL Microcentrifuge Tubes

    5mL microcentrifuge tubes are the perfect intermediate volume option between traditional microcentrifuge tubes and 15mL conical tubes Suitable for all rotors and racks that hold 15mL conical tubes--no adapters required Graduated every 250uL for easy volume estimation Rated to 25,000 x G for…

  • Centrifuge Tube Oil, 100 ml


    These 100mL PYREX® pear-shaped centrifuge tubes are used for determination of water and sediment in petroleum products. They are fabricated from mold-blown blanks to insure uniform shape and greater mechanical strength. The scale and figures are durable white enamel which stand out clearly against…

  • 5mL Five-O™ Screw Cap MacroTubes™

    MTC Bio

    MTC Bio’s 5mL Five-O™ MacroTubes™ take all of the conveniences of standard 15mL conical tubes and scales them down for space efficiency and decreased natural resource consumption. Useful from -86°C to 110°C, these tubes are a valuable resource for boiling and for sample…

  • 5ml Self Standing Screw-Cap Tube with Blue Cap, Unassembled


    Self-standing polypropylene transport tube comes with a blue cap Volume: 5mL; cap and tube material: virgin polypropylene Unassembled; non-sterile; autoclavable Provides a ‘leak-proof’ and reliable seal for critical sample storage Features a large, frosted writing area; …

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