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    Accessories for Mini Tube Rotator

  • Pipette Carousel

    Crystal Technologies

    …your benchtop with the compact, 6-place pipette carousel. The pipette is held in place at the handle, with room for up to 6 single or multi-channel pipettes. The carousel rotates easily for convenient access to the pipette you need. Rotating carousel for easy pipette selection Holds up to six…

  • Faveo Carousel Stand

    Microlit USA

    Rotatable carousel stand for Microlit micropipettes Holds up to 6 Microlit pipettes Rotatable top for great accessibility to all pipettes Sturdy base

  • TurboMatrix ATD Sample Carousel

  • Rotating carousel stand for the Biotix LTS compatible xPIPETTE. Rotates for convenient pipette selection Holds up to 7 pipettes Holds multi and single channel pipettes Made from chemically resistant polypropylene

  • The Diamond® APEX™ series of pipettors are quite simply one of the best lines of pipettors available today. The magnetic assisted piston ensures the best consistency with each plunger motion to the first and second stops for aspiration, dispense and touch off. A new spring and seal design…

  • Mini Tube Rotators

    labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …Clinical applications. A Variable Speed with LCD display Includes Carousel for 36 x 1.5/2.0mL tubes Provides complete 360° Rotation An adjustable 0-90° Mixing Angle Interchangeable carousels for all common laboratory tubes Cold Room and Incubator compatible AC…

  • This pipette carousel rack is perfect for keeping your bench-top organized. Universal fitting for pipettes, stable, and features slots for 6 single channel pipetters. Keep your pipettes safe and in a convenient location with this great pipette stand. Fits Gilson Pipetman, Labnet, VWR, and many…

  • …The nUVaClean Pipette Carousel from MTC Bio can help! This new pipette stand is the first of its kind, utilizing a germicidal UV lamp, which serves to disinfect and decontaminate your pipettes in a 28 minute cycle. The enclosed housing of the nUVaClean Pipette Carousel rotates freely and…

  • …in a convenient starter kit for a great price. Fully autoclavable Reduced plunger forces The leader in accuracy Each starter kit includes: (4) Ultra EZpette™ pipettes (0.5–10µL, 2–20µL, 20–200µL and 100–1000µL) (1) six position carousel stand (2) racks each of pipette tips

  • Tube Rotator

    labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …Laboratory Tube Rotator is ideal for Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Clinical applications. Provides gentle or vigorous mixing. Supplied with a carousel for 14 x 50mL tubes. Digital Microprocessor Control Adjustable speed provides gentle or vigorous mixing action Adjustable angled…

  • Holds six Finnpipette Focus single-channel or multichannel pipetters. Rotating, portable Transparent lid protects pipetters from contamination Shipped with three adapters for electronic Finnpipette Novus pipettes and five adapters for manual Finnpipette pipettes

  • GENESYS 8-position carousel

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

  • The Carousel 6 Plus offers parallel chemistry in the most universally accepted chemistry reaction vessel, the round bottom flask. Accepts round bottom flasks, including vessels with one or two sidearms: 5ml, 10ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 170ml and 250ml. Key Features Powerful, even…

  • …Limited volume shell vials have a precisely designed conical bottom which permits maximum sample evacuation.Vials for waters® 96-position carousel, 8 x 40 mm is used for different life science applications. Synonyms: Shell Vial, 0.7mL, 8x40mm, polypropylene, 100 pk Legal Information:…

  • This vial is designed to work in the Waters WISP(TM) 96 Position Autosampler. Avialable in clear Type 1 borosilicate glass. Vials feature thicker walls for safer sample handling. Please order your closure separately. Legal Information: Waters is a registered trademark of Waters

  • Picus & eLINE® Charging Carousel Stand

    Sartorius Liquid Handling

    …be stored and charged on a charging stand or carousel, whenever they are not in use. In this way, the batteries always remain charged, when the work begins. Compact carousel stands for multiple pipettes are ideal for saving bench space. Charging Carousel is for storing and charging four electronic…

  • Motorized piston drive Minimizes hand fatigue Exceptional accuracy Rechargeable Li-ion battery Comfortable and user friendly Denville's XLE Electronic Pipette is fully motorized to eliminate the hand strain associated with repetitive pipetting. It is unexpectedly…

  • This stand is designed to hold six Corning® Lambda™ plus single-channel pipettors.

  • Compact carousel stand is ideal for saving bench space and is compatible with all mechanical pipette models of Sartorius. When the pipette is not in use, it should be stored in an upright position in order to avoid contamination from desks and benches.  

  • …of 960 tips, 10 racks per box) 0.1-20uL (1 Box of 960 tips, 10 racks per box) 1-200uL (1 Box of 960 tips, 10 racks per box) 100-1250uL (1 Box of 576 tips, 6 racks per box) 6-Place carousel pipette stand *Certified sterile, RNase, DNase, Pyrogen, DNA, and PCR inhibitor free.

  • … LCD display Includes 260751 Carousel for thirty-six 1.5/2.0ml tubes Provides complete 360° Rotation An adustable 0-90° Mixing Angle Small footprint for your bench — we know you need all the space you can get! Interchangeable carousels for all common laboratory tubes.…

  • Twister Pipette Work Station

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    The Twister™ Universal 336 Pipette Work Station from Socorex can accommodate six pipettes of most brands. It is available in seven translucent colors. The Twister features a soft 360° rotation making it easy to grab the correct pipette. The work station is easy to disassemble and clean. The…

  • Tube Rotator


    Includes Carousel (Thomas No. 1223R14) Digital Microprocessor Control Adjustable speed provides gentle or vigorous mixing action Adjustable angled head offers mixing angles from 90°-180° Five carousel options provide greater versatility for most tube mixing needs Timer…

  • Sleeve 12 x 32mm Open Base Clear Glass Support Sleeve; used to offer microsampling capability in a standard 2mL vial carousel or robotic autosampler. Sleeve will only accept 200µL and 300µL vials

  • Includes cell changer and one carousel each for glass/quartz and plastic cuvettes. Accessory PCB (L6000500) required for LAMBDA 25/35/45, or PCB (B0509681) required for LAMBDA 10/20/40/Bio, but not included.

  • Multi-Tube Carousels For using a variety of tube sizes in the Little Shot and Big Shot Ovens. See the Specifications for complete details. Microplate Carousels Holds standard microplates or deep well plates. Plates must be sealed before used in a carousel. Little Shot Model holds 4 plates and…

  • …damage and cross contamination. The carousels provide easy access to the pipette of your choice and have a robust design with a small footprint. They can hold up to six liquid handling instruments. The stands carry one electronic pipette or Repeater. Carousels and stands are available with and…

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