Cardboard Freezer Boxes

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Cardboard Freezer Boxes
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  • Cardboard Freezer Boxes & Dividers

    Diversified Biotech

  • Cardboard Freezer Boxes

    Argos Technologies

    …mechanical freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks at temperature to -196°C. Choice of boxes and dividers to accommodate tubes from 0.5 – 50mL. New PCR Box The newest addition to the Argos cryostorage line features a 5-1/4" x 5-1/4" x 1" cardboard PCR box. The box

  • Freezer Boxes

    Crystal Technologies

    Cardboard boxes for freexer racks. Some models available with a cell divider, drain hole and/or drain slots.

  • Cardboard Storage Boxes

    Globe Scientific

    …Scientific's cardboard storage boxes are designed for the compact storage of sample tubes, cryogenic vials and centrifuge tubes in a temperature range of -196° to +121°C. They have a liquid resistant coating and are designed for use in refrigerator and cryogenic freezer systems.

  • CoolCell® Alcohol-Free Cell Freezing Containers


    …fiberboard box is waterproof, durable and recommended for refrigerators, freezers, ultra-low freezer storage or liquid nitrogen vapor Store up to 81 cryogenic vials (1 mL to5mL) or microtubes Holds up to repeated freezing and thawing better than conventional cardboard boxes Bright colors…

  • True North® Flatpack Freezer Boxes


    …corrugated or thin film polypropylene. True North® freezer boxes are moisture resistant, which significantly reduces the chance of mold growth. With superior durability, polypropylene outlasts the cardboard box alternatives that are susceptible to softening and producing…

  • Cardboard Cryogenic Vial Boxes and Partitions


    …solutions in a box Store cryogenic vials in liquid nitrogen, or in mechanical freezers in our freezer storage boxes. Select a box and a partition that fit the size and number of vials for your needs. Bottom drain holes prevent moisture build-up and provide drainage. Box footprint is 133…

  • Colored Cardboard Freezer Boxes

    Argos Technologies

    Unique color band design Available in 5 bright color options (blue, purple, pink, green & orange) For use with 81 & 100 place dividers Ample white space and marking area allows for labeling sample identification 5-1/4 x 5-1/4 x 2 inches; fits most standard freezer racks

  • 100 Place Cryo Storage Boxes

    Argos Technologies

    freezer boxes and can store tubes up to 53.5 mm in height. Cryo Storage Boxes can withstand harsh conditions (-80°C - +121°C) and will not degrade like cardboard storage boxes. A lock & seal triple hinge and locking clasp on the front keeps your samples secure while the box is closed. Each box

  • Cryogenic Storage Labels

    Bel-Art Products

    The strong, permanent adhesive on these labels withstands cold storage temperatures and maintains adhesion to glass, plastic, cardboard and more, even in liquid nitrogen. Organize and label samples for short or long-term cold storage Ideal for -80°C to -196°C environments Dot…

  • 15 and 50mL Cardboard Cryogenic Boxes and Dividers


    Low-cost choice with excellent low-temperature storage properties Fill lower section with water or crushed ice to chill sample tubes quickly. Top inset tray secures tubes in place. Molded polystyrene racks stack neatly to save benchtop space.

  • Argos PolarSafe™ Polypropylene Freezer Boxes

    Argos Technologies

    15&50mL Storage Box PolarSafe polypropylene freezer boxes can accommodate 15&50mL centrifuge tubes for long term storage; an excellent alternative to cardboard storage boxes. Boxes can be stored to -90°C (130°F) and are autoclavable to 122°C (251.6°F). (Dimensions: 5¾ x 5¾ x…

  • Cardboard Microtube Boxes


    …that the tubes contained will remain in their appointed well even if the box is tipped or knocked when the lid is in place. Store in mechanical freezers or vapor phase LN2* Will fit into most standard freezer racking 0.2 mL tube (9.5 mm max) version has 169 wells in a 13 x 13 format…

  • 81-Place Polypropylene Storage Boxes

    Argos Technologies

    Durable PolarSafe storage boxes are the perfect solution for freezer storage and organization. Matte surface on box sides are suitable for printing and or labeling. Boxes withstand temperatures from -80°C to +121°C and will not degrade like cardboard boxes. Tight fitting lid ensures samples…

  • Freezer Boxes and Dividers for New Brunswick Chest Freezers

    New Brunswick Scientific

    Exclusively designed and manufactured for NBS freezers to maximize storage space Waterproof boxes and wax-coated cardboard dividers provide a low-cost alternative to injection-molded boxes

  • Cryogenic Storage Boxes

    MTC Bio

    …storage boxes are designed to hold 1.2mL to 2.0mL cryogenic storage vials. An excellent and longlasting replacement for cardboard boxes, they are fully autoclavable and withstand temperatures ranging from -196° to +121°C. they are compatible with all standard 5.25 inch (133mm) freezer racks.…

  • Cryoware Labels

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …are specifically designed for use at cryogenic temperatures Adhere to plastic and cardboard cryogenic storage boxes Will not peel or shrink, even upon removal from mechanical or liquid-nitrogen freezers Ten sheets of labels Labels measure 25 x 50 mm (1” x 2” inches);…

  • CryoKING® Premium Cardboard Freezer Boxes


    Made of durable cardboard with superior white outer coating Chemically resistant to alcohols and mild organic solvents Five assorted colors available: white, yellow, pink, blue, and green White Premium Cardboard Freezer Boxes have a glossy coating, other colors have a matte coating Water…

  • 81-Well Cryogenic Rack With Lid


    …81-well rack works with all 0.5, 1.5 and 2.0 mL cryovials. The 9 x 9 matrix rack is designed to replace 5 1/4” x 5 1/4” cardboard freezer storage boxes. The storage rack holds up to 81 tubes and comes complete with a clear polypropylene lid and large, easy to read alphanumeric labels.…

  • Accessories for UV F Series Ultra Low Temperature Freezers


    Freezer Racks and Boxes Side Access Racks made of stainless steel or aluminum for 50 mm (2") boxes, for 5x4 or 6x4 boxes, empty or filled with standard boxes Sliding Drawer Racks made of stainless steel, for 50 mm (2") boxes, for 5x4 or 6x4 boxes, empty or filled with standard boxes

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