Capillary Tube Accessories

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Capillary Tube Accessories
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  • Capillary Tube Accessories

    Globe Scientific

    …for easy patient identification. The pipette bulbs are designed for use with all Globe capillary tubes. They help to expel the blood from the capillary tube (if needed). They are also used when drawing blood directly from a 13mm or 16mm blood collection tube (instead of directly from a finger).

  • …collection tubes or 8 x 50mL conical tubes at 4,500rpm/ 3,260 x g, and further flexbility for swing-out processing needs with available adapters. TX-100S clinical rotor includes sealed carriers to provide efficient clinical processing of up to 8 x 5/7mL blood collection tubes with certified…

  • Capillary Tubing


    Pyrex Borosilicate capillary Tubing, single lengths

  • The ASXPRESS PLUS FEP-covered carbon fiber sample probe is 10 inches in length, and with tubing, has a capillary length of 75 inches. This probe kit Includes: PFA capillary tubing Capillary tube connection fitting Probe clamps, qty. 2 Ferrule, qty. 1 O-rings, qty. 5

  • …vinyl tubing; Luer pipet tip; one tubing clamp; seven polypropylene tubing connectors; and one each of the following: 1/16” , 3/32” and 1/8” bore tubing to male Luer; 1/16”, 3/32” and 1/8” tubing to female Luer and 1/16” to 3/31” bore tubing.

  • T-BORE, CAPILLARY ARMS, Similar to CG-436, but with all three arms being made of 2mm ID capillary tubing. 120°, A 1:5 taper PTFE stopcock with three sidearms sealed 120º apart. Plug has a bore to allow connection of any two arms at once.

  • The ASXPRESS PLUS Ultem (polyetherimide) sample probe is 12 inches in length, and with tubing, has a capillary length of 75 inches. It requires a Z-drive guide plate. This probe kit Includes: PFA capillary tubing Capillary tube connection fitting Probe clamps, qty. 2 Ferrule, qty. 1

  • These PYREX® capillary melting point tubes are made from No. 7740 glass.

  • …solids (up to 20%). This conespray nebulizer allows you to analyze samples with higher solids concentration than is possible with a Cross-Flow nebulizer. GemCone nebulizers require an end cap for use with Scott Spray Chambers. This is a 10 foot capillary tubing accessory for various nebulizers.

  • 1-ARM CAPILLARY Similar to CG-424, but with one arm being made of 2mm ID capillary tubing. CAPILLARY ARMS Similar to CG-424, but with both arms being made of 2mm ID capillary tubing.

  • …Drain tube assemblies 4, Finger-tight PEEK port plugs 2, Syringe ports 2, PEEK finger-tight body 2 µm stainless steel frit filters 2, Luer-Lok™ adapters to 10-32 screw thread Instructions 1170C58: Laboratory Accessory Kit Provides sample injection accessories

  • Similar to CG-446, but with the top oblique stem being made of 2mm ID capillary tubing.

  • Melting Point Capillaries

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …and L23) Similar to 6418K07 and K23, but one end is sealed Of N-51A borosilicate glass Length is 90 mm; packaged in vials of 100 Packaging Note: There are 100 tubes per round shelf pack (plastic vial) and 20 shelf packs per case totalling 2000 individual tubes per case.

  • The stainless steel sample probe features a screen tip and is used in oils applications. The probe includes the capillary tube fitting, although doesn't include capillary tubing.

  • STOPCOCKS, STRAIGHT BORE, GLASS PLUGS, CAPILLARY ARMS, Similar to CG-400, but with the sidearms being made of capillary tubing having the same bore as the plug. Supplied complete with metal retaining clip CG-423. STOPCOCKS, STRAIGHT BORE, SCHLENK, GLASS PLUGS, This stopcock is especially designed…

  • …programmable sequence of functions, including pause Optional extra platforms to accommodate microplates and tubes up to 50ml Includes universal platform for 1.5ml-15ml tubes Applications: Life science laboratories - for hybridization reactions, cell growth, soft extraction…

  • …probe manufacturers. The lower portion of each insert fits precisely into the Spinner Turbine; the upper portion holds a short 10 mm NMR tube (almost 4 inches long with open ends) that extends beyond the top. This set-up can be used with autosample changers that grasp the tube above the turbine.

  • …is used for running the first dimension of IEF gels. Up to ten 8 cm gels are poured in disposable capillary tubes and placed in this insert. Gasketed ports allow for easy insertion and removal of tubes. Blocking plugs are included for closing off ports that are not in use. BUILT FOR SAFETY AND…

  • Aspire™ Laboratory Aspirator

    Accuris Instruments

    …prolonged use. Pressing the button applies the vacuum. The pipette accepts Pasteur pipettes, serological pipettes, and also comes with 2 accessory pipette cones. One cone is designed to accommodate 200/300ul pipette tips, the other has a thin, stainless steel capillary for fine control aspirating.

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