Butterfields Buffer

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Butterfields Buffer
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  • Butterfield’s Phosphate Buffer (BPB) is used in many procedures for detection of pathogenic microorganisms from food and environmental sources. The BPB is routinely the initial diluent for the raw specimen to be tested. AOAC recommends BPB as the

  • Butterfield’s buffer meets or exceeds requirements established by APHA, FDA, AOAC, and USP for food and dairy products and pharmaceutical testing. Monopotassium phosphate is used in the Butterfield's Buffer for plate count procedures in the microbiological examination of various…

  • Butterfield's Phosphate Buffer

    Hardy Diagnostics

    For the preparation of dilutions for plate count and other laboratory tests.

  • Butterfields Buffered Phosphate, 450 mL bottle. Complete Solutions for Testing Recreational Water Complete Solutions for Testing Wastewater Complete Solutions for Testing Drinking Water  

  • Prefilled Dilution Buffers

    GVS Filter Technology

    …Tamper-evident seal Butterfield’s Buffer, pH 7.2 ±0.2, contains monobasic potassium phosphate and is used extensively in the food, dairy and pharamceutical industries. Offered in 90 mL and 99 mL volumes for easy 1:10 dilutions. Phosphate Buffer, recommended for use in BOD…

  • S2Media™ Butterfield's Phosphate Buffer is recommended for dissolving, diluting, or suspending test samples. This product is intended for laboratory use only.  cGMP facility  FDA registered facility. Please reference our product listings for medical devices.  100mL…

  • 3M™ Bird Rinse with 400 mL Butterfield's Buffer is a leak-resistant, wide-mouth plastic container pre-filled with 400 mL of Butterfield's Buffer and has a screw-tight lid that provides a leak-resistant seal for safe shipping and handling. An effective "Lift 'n'…

  • …with a perforated red tear strip. Hardy's Dilu-Loks eliminate the time and money spent on preparing your own dilution vials! Available with peptone water, buffered peptone water, butterfield's buffer, deionized water, phosphate buffer with MgCl, and as an empty sterile container.

  • Pre-filled 9mL Butterfield’s Buffer Dilution Bottles with Flip Top. Featuring an attached locking hinged-lid that stays open for easy use. Every bottle is pre-filled to 9 mL with an overall capacity of 13 mL.

  • S2Media™ Butterfield's Phosphate Buffer is recommended as a diluent for plate count methods.  cGMP facility  FDA registered facility. Please reference our product listings for medical devices.  10mL in 16x125mm tubes  1 box contains 50 tubes

  • pH 7.2

  • The 3M™ Dilution Pouch with Butterfield's Buffer is a heavyweight, puncture-resistant pouch, ideal for many sample preparation and enrichment procedures. Designed to meet stringent laboratory testing needs, these bags have the strength needed to endure sample preparation and handling…

  • …States Department of Agriculture (USDA) procedure for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). Each kit contains: 25 mL of Butterfield's Buffer in screw cap bottle Disposable 100 sq cm template (10 x 10 cm test area) Dehydrated sponge in sample bag 2 gloves Zip-closure transport…

  • Screw-top bottle containing 25mL Butterfield's Buffer for the 3M™ USDA Cattle/Swine Kits. Benefits Cattle/swine diluent for the 3M™ USDA Cattle/Swine Kits. Formulated and put together to be used for USDA testing. Meets the requirements of the US Pathogen Reduction…

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