Buret Clamps

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Buret Clamps
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  • …plated. Adjustable to hold up to 60mm OD burettes, these clamps feature double keyed spring type adjustments. Available with an extension rod 8 ¼" (22cm) long, 5/16" (0.8cm) OD, with an overall length of 12 ¾" (32cm), Or with a boss head clamp that can swing freely and is lockable at any angle up…

  • Buret Clamp holds any size buret from micro to 100mL capacity. Simply compress the scissor-like mechanism, insert buret and gently release to grip. Numbers and graduation on buret remain easy to read. For height adjustments, recompress mechanism and slide buret up or down and gently release. Clamp

  • Buret Clamps

    United Scientific Supplies

    Clamps are die casted from aluminum and feature black rubber sleeves for firm gripping of burettes.  The adjustable clamps hold up to 30mm OD burettes which are held in place by the pressure created by the springs.  For use with rods up to 19mm diameter.

  • Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 8.5x1.599x5.187in These spring loaded polypropylene clamps allow a clear  view of the graduations over the entire length of  a burette. The arms are fitted with rubber grips  to prevent slipping and the central boss features  of a conical…

  • Clamps


    CLAMPS, BURET, Clamp will hold two burets from micro to 100mL. Spring loaded mechanism adjusts simply by squeezing, yet hold buret firmly in place. Mounts directly to standard support rod with built in hook connector. Constructed of epoxy coated aluminum with vinyl jaws. CHEMGLASS LAB CLAMPS,

  • Bel-Art Automatic Burets

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …glass buret ensures non-contamination Easy-to-read blue graduations against a white background 10 mL buret readable to 0.05 mL; other burets readable to 0.1 mL Delivery end fitted into plastic push-button stopcock permitting drop-by-drop delivery Small screw clamp presets…

  • clamps have fixed screw action and open to 5/8” (16 mm), for thermometers, burets, rods, etc. Jaws close down to completely shut. 8847T02 clamp has extension stem 5” x 1/4” diameter (125 mm x 6.4 mm); 8847T04 Clamp has male connector; 8847T06 has ball joint adapter. Medium clamps

  • Total Acidity Brewing Kit

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements Components for the Total Acidity Test Kit: (3) Class A Volumetric Pipets, 50mL (1) Straight Buret with PTFE Stopcock, 50mL (6) Tall Form Berzelius Beakers, 200mL (1) Rubber Bulb (1) Buret Stand with Clamp

  • …(16 mm). Clamp mounts into either closed connector, open-sided connector, ‘T’ connector; clamps do not obstruct scale. 8847T34 double buret clamp is similar to 8847T32, but with two single buret clamps mounted 4” (100 mm) apart on crossbar to simultaneously hold two burets, tubes,…

  • …thermometers, other scales, or printed matter. The telescope is 8" long while closed, and opens up to 10 1/2 ". The draw tube can be clamped firmly to prevent shifting between readings while making focusing easy at any distance between 30 cm and infinity. Magnification of the telescope…

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