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Buret And Bottle
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  • Automatic Self Zeroing Burettes

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …Borosilicate glass burettes have white 0.1ml graduations and are mounted to a high-density polyethylene screw cap Squeezing the flexible polyethylene bottle forces liquid into the burette Built in overflow automatically drains excess liquid back into reservoir Glass stopcock has a 2mm bore …

  • …from precision bore tubing and calibrated To Deliver (TD, Ex) on computer-controlled machines. Glass bottles with ground glass joints are sold separately. 500ml bottle size is compatible with the 10ml automatic burette. 2000ml bottle size is compatible with the 25ml and 50ml automatic burettes.

  • Self-zeroing burette is mounted on a glass bottle. Includes a PTFE needle valve stopcock, intermediate stopcock and rubber bellows. Class A, ASTM E-284, meets USP standards, individually serialized and certified. Includes Schellbach backing for easy reading of liquid levels. With amber graduations.…

  • Borosil® Boroflo Burettes ("Burets") provide users with the ultimate flow control. Replaceable Boroflo PTFE Screw-Thread Keys create a chemically-resistant, leakproof system which requires no lubrication whatsoever. Each Borosil® Burette is calibrated by automatic laser…

  • …glass buret is filled by pressure through a tube extending from the bottle up inside the graduated tube. A small hole in the filling tube at the "O" line permits setting of the liquid level and return of the excess to the bottle. Complete Set furnished with buret, bottle (LG-4230-120…

  • Bel-Art Automatic Burets

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    … Small screw clamp presets drop speed for repeat titration Polyethylene filling tube extends from buret top into bottle reservoir 10 mL and 15 mL Burets have a 500 mL reservoir bottle; other burets have 1,000 mL bottle. Bottle, screw cap and round base are made from polyethylene.

  • …Features: High quality stepper motor provides smooth and accurate titrations Comes with a 45mm thread and adapters to fit common lab bottles Recirculation feature minimizes waste when priming Comes with magnetic stirrer and 20 x 5mm stir bar TFT display module for simple control…

  • Automatic Zero Acrylic Burets

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Nalge 3640 Safe and easy-to-use Includes reservoir bottle with screw cap, 0.9 meter of PVC tubing and dust cap Similar to 1985R15 series, but automatic zero type with low-density polyethylene squeeze bottle reservoir connected to side filling tube by PVC tubing.

  • Top Buret


    …display readings on both models range from 0.01 ml to 999.9 ml.. This bottle top buret is extremely sturdy, and its user friendly display and control features provide simple, fatigue-free operation. Top Buret features : Continuous, pulse-free dispensing technique for rapid titration…

  • …automatic burets are used in applications requiring the highest degree of precision and accuracy for volumetric analysis. These are ideal for repeat titrations requiring traceable volumetric accuracy or when the titrant should not be handled. Packed complete with a reservoir bottle, U-shaped…

  • Amperometric Portable Titrator

    Fischer, Bailey, Porter

    …Unit includes a 1 mL buret, 5 mL buret, 250 mL beaker, cotton swabs for cleaning electrodes, one bag of 9388J21 phenylarsine oxide solution, 120 mL bottle of potassium iodide solution with 30 mL dropper bottle and 120 mL of pH 4 and pH 7 buffer solution with 30 mL dropper bottle. Power requirements:…

  • …overflow is returned to reservoir 2002A01 (LaMotte 0847) and A06 (LaMotte 0996) burets include 50 mL plastic squeeze bottle reservoir with screw cap to hold buret. 2002A03 (LaMotte 0427) and A09 (LaMotte 0997) burets include 24 mm screw cap, but do not include reservoir. Can be furnished with 28…

  • Buret Filler Kit

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …25 or 50 mL glass or plastic burets Nalge 3645 Self-zeroing Kit includes a 1,000 mL LDPE squeeze-bottle; 1.2 meters of 1/8” bore clear PVC tubing; polypropylene fill-tube; polypropylene adapter plug which is reversible to fit either size buret; and two size 63 polypropylene…

  • …universal aid in the laboratory, electroplating industry, water treatment plants, for field analyses and numerous other applications. Squeeze the bottle to fill above the 0 line; automatically self zeros. Prominent features include: measured to deliver; made of borosilicate glass with blue ring…

  • Integrated solar panels power electronic components and display Available in 20 mL or 50 mL styles Volume accuracy: ±0.2% Head rotates 360° Serial bi-directional RS-232 interface High-grade solar panels work even in limited lighting conditions. The handwheels…

  • Automatic Zero Reservoir Burets

    Wilmad-LabGlass - SP Scienceware

    …stopper of reservoir bottle Rubber bulb with finger-stop vent in connecting T-tube to pump titrant from reservoir to buret top Delivery tube with 2 mm bore stopcock extends beyond reservoir 2001F10, 15 and 20 Burets provide 7 inches clearance for titration vessel and 2001G50 Buret provides 8 7/8…

  • Faster than a buret Accurate to ±1% Completely portable Interchangeable cartridges Hach’s digital titrator is fast, accurate and produces repeatable results. It uses concentrated titrants packaged in compact, interchangeable cartridges formulated for measuring over 40 parameters. The digital…

  • …plug. The borosilicate glass buret is filled by pressure supplied by the rubber bulb. A small hole in the filling tube at the "O" line permits setting of the liquid level and excess titrant is returned to the bottle. Complete Set furnished with buret, bottle (LG-4230-120 or LG-4230-124),…

  • Ideal for micro work, filling burets, manometers, and small bottles. Steam autoclavable at 250°F (121°C).

  • Drying Tube


    Drying Tube with sealing-ring for Dispensette/Digital Buret/Titrette. For use with: (Thomas Nos.) 1194M54, 1194M55, 1224B89, 1221V47, 1224B90 and 1221V48.

  • Simplified design provides greater strength, resulting in longer service life, easier repair in the event of breakage and elimination of hold-up in the immersed tube. Supplied complete with pressure bulb, polyethylene release tube and reservoir bottle.

  • For chloride determination by argentometric buret titration.

  • For sulfite determination by buret iodometric titration. 0.0125 M (APHA formulation). 1 liter bottle  

  • For determination of chlorine by amperometric buret titration.

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