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Bulb Glass Pipette
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  • …resistance to chemical attack. Its three glass valves control the evacuation of air, liquid uptake and liquid dispensing. Expel air from the bulb by squeezing the "A" valve and the bulb at the same time. Draw liquid into the pipette by squeezing the "S" valve. To dispense…

  • …optimized flow geometry in the tip ensures reliable liquid dispensing from the pipette. The mechanical resilience of the tip and its fire-polished edges ensures a long service life. All BLAUBRAND® USP bulb pipettes are supplied with a batch number and an accompanying USP batch certificate in the…

  • …for accuracy, appearance, glass quality, calibration line, and inscription of former NBS Circular 602 Designed from ASTM Specification E969, Class A requirements 75 and 200mL sizes are designed from ASTM E542 Manufactured from 51 expansion borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and…

  • Dropping Pipette Bulbs

    GSC International, Inc.

    These red rubber 5mL dropping pipette bulbs are intended to be used on the end of a glass dropping pipette. Comes sold as a pack of 12.

  • …unbreakable, one-piece pipettes eliminate contaminated rubber bulbs, broken glass and exposure to infectious materials. They are made of ultra-clear, low density polyethylene (LDPE) and are ideal for microbiology, blood banking, hematology, immunology, and urinalysis. Sterile pipettes are excellent…

  • Dissecting Kit

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Kit includes: 1 4½" Dissecting forceps with curved and serrated tips 1 Curved dissecting needle 1 Glass pipette with rubber bulb 1 4½" Dissecting forceps straight and serrated tips 1 Dissecting scalpel, 6" long, 1½" cuting edge. 1 4½" Dissecting scissors, sharp,…

  • RF1000™ Pipette Controller

    Heathrow Scientific

    …for one-handed operation. Simply squeeze the main bulb, and push the toggle forward to aspirate or back to dispense. Push the blow-out bulb to expel any liquid remaining in the pipette. The RF1000 accommodates graduated or volumetric pipettes (glass or plastic) and can be used with volumes ranging…

  • Glass Dropping Pipettes with Bulbs

    GSC International, Inc.

    Our Glass Dropping Pipettes consist of a glass tube attached to a 5mL bulb. We also sell replacement bulbs. Sold in packs of 12.

  • glass or plastic serological pipets Durable ABS construction for scratch resistance and easy cleaning Strong magnets on both sides for secure mounting to most metal surfaces Rack can stand on flat surface without mounting Two included accessory attachments keep pipet fillers and bulbs

  • Eye Dropper

    United Scientific Supplies

    Straight pipettes with glass tube and tapered rubber bulbs. About 70mm long with 2ml capacity.

  • Manual Pipet Controllers

    Globe Scientific

    …by pressing the button just below the bulb. Your 3375 is protected by an easily replaced internal 3um hydrophobic filter. Features: Ease of use Precise pipetting control Robust and lightweight Compatible with most plastic and glass pipettes from 0.1 to 100mL 3um replaceable…

  • …of 20 to 30 seconds but will vary with solution concentration. Oakton offers four electrode types: membrane, solid-state, gas sensing, and glass bulb. Gas sensing electrodes also include replacement membranes. Choose from single-junction or double-junction electrodes. Single-junction electrodes…

  • …dispensing. Borosil® Class B Volumetric Pipettes comply with ASTM E-969-02. Available in sizes ranging from 1mL to 100mL. 30mL and 40mL options are not covered by ASTM standards. Manufactured from the same USP Type 1 borosilicate glass that North American scientists have come to…

  • ProPette™ MPC is the precise and easy to use manual pipette controller that 's always ready to use. After attaching a pipette, one squeeze of its large rubber filling bulb is all it takes to start pipetting – there are no wires, no tubing and no battery to recharge! Begin aspirating by touching the…

  • Pipette Controller

    Heathrow Scientific

    …inline pipette controller was designed with an ergonomic grip and bulb for simple and precise operation. A "T" bar thumb lever controls the aspirating and dispensing speeds from serological pipettes from 1 to 100mL in size. Operation is simple: Squeeze the bulb to…

  • Long-Tip Sample Transfer NMR Pipettes

    Wilmad-LabGlass - SP Scienceware

    Wilmad Long-Tip Sample Transfer NMR Pipettes are designed for easy transfer of liquid samples contained in 5mm OD NMR tubes, long neck volumetric flasks or chromatography columns. Manufactured from high quality ASTM Type 1 Class A glass Resistant to most organic solvents Transparency…

  • …nose cones - pink, violet, or green Maintenance-free Robust and easy-to-use, the Profiller 435 controller model offers ergonomic shape and lightweight design. It provides smooth control during both aspiring and dispensing, when using glass or plastic pipettes with volumes up to 100 mL .

  • Plastic Pasteur Pipettes

    Argos Technologies

    …pipets offer the same aspirating precision of glass, and the safety and benefits of plastic. Plastic construction allows the long flexible stem to be bent to draw liquid from narrow or small volume tubes. These pipets can be used with aspirating bulbs or vacuum applications to remove liquid waste…

  • Borosil® Reusable Class A Volumetric Pipettes are with One Mark for accurate measurement and decanting of liquid. Calibrated for delivery(TD). Each pipette is individually calibrated by automatic, laser-controlled calibration equipment. Manufactured with sturdy, consistent wall…

  • …all capacities, all volumes. Short tipping angle, interchangeable volumetric bulbs give reproducable volumes. Bulb joint is 14/20, head and flask 29/42. Complete apparatus consists of head, flask, volumetric bulb, clip, two 19mm (3/4-in) springs, one 38mm (1-1/2-in) spring. See 8030 for replacement…

  • Pipet Helper®


    …aspiration bulb provides rapid filling of the pipet. The aspiration and dispensing of liquids are controlled gently by the ergonomic lever. Additionally a splash free blow-out is provided. The specially designed aspirating cone ensures secure seating for all measuring and volumetric pipets (glass

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