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  • Durable, double skinned, insulated plastic buckets are small, stackable and useable with dry ice.

  • Nalgene™ LDPE Buckets with Lids

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …in formalin and other preservatives with Thermo Scientific Nalgene LDPE Buckets with Lids, featuring air-tight lids meeting OSHA standards for storage of bloodborne pathogens. These low density polyethylene buckets are excellent for no-splash transport around the lab and are chemically resistant…

  • Resists most aqueous solutions, acids and bases Steam sterilizable Can be used from -45° C to 110° C Centering ring holds bottle from wall Large carrier accommodates 2.5 L and 4 L bottles. Small carrier accommodates 500 mL and 1,000 mL bottles. Made from a unique, high performance,…

  • Scienceware® Large Pails

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …polyethylene or autoclavable translucent polypropylene, these 13.2 liter (14qt) pails have a snug fitting lid and plated steel bail. Each bucket is 32cm (12-3/4") high with a 27cm (10-1/2") I.D. at top 7290F45 pail and cover are steam autoclavable at 121°C (250°F) …

  • …polypropylene buckets (gray, red) and a stainless steel drip cap. The durable and lightweight stainless steel caster base is easy to maneuver around any cleanroom. The double bucket system allows for differentiation between cleaning and rinsing solutions.? ? The autoclavable polypropylene buckets

  • Pail, Graduated 2.5 Gal.

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Thermo Scientific * Nalgene high-density polyethylene Buckets feature a wide-lipped pour spout and polyethylene-coated handle. Chemically compatible with a wide range of lab reagents.  Heavy duty construction for rugged use.  Ideal for transfer of laboratory solutions and powders. …

  • Scienceware® Small Pails

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …are available in polyethylene or autoclavable polypropylene. Include snug fitting lid, removable plated steel support ring and bail handle Bucket height: 25cm (10"), 20cm (8") I.D. at top F16775-0000 polypropylene pail and cover are steam autoclavable at 121°C (250°F)

  • These LDPE buckets with easy pour spout are graduated internally in liters (TC-to contain). The steel bale handle has a comfortable grip. Suitable for food and beverage products with good to excellent chemical resistance especially at room temperature. Use up to 80°C or well below freezing.

  • Packaging bucket for transport, packaging and storing of various materials. Suitable for the food or building material industries and non-aggressive chemicals in environmental protection, hospitals and the household. With strong handle. Quality closure on the bucket for product safety. PP,…

  • Polypropylene Pails

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    POLYPROPYLENE, NALGENE Polypropylene Nalge 7012 Of thick polypropylene, with rolled rim, nylon-coated handle and polypropylene grip Interior is graduated in quarts and liters With steel support ring encircling pail near rim and removable, steel bail handle Autoclavable …

  • Scienceware® Heavy-Duty Pails

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Heavy-Duty Pails Polyethylene Wide rims that hold their shape under heavy loads Heavy-gauge, plastic-coated metal bail and a spout Recessed hand grip promotes safe handling and pouring Molded liter graduations on interior of pail

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Buckets

    Sampling Systems

    These Heavy Duty Stainless Buckets are from from heavy gauage 316L Stainless Steel, so are very durable ideal for a range of applications. Crevice free interior Made from 316L Stainless Steel Swing handle Flat base Not graduated Lids available (sold seperately)

  • Stainless Steel Bucket

    Polarware Company

    Stainless steel bucket with handle Two capacities available Tapered for easy pouring “Ears” for handles resist breakoff and allow easy cleaning

  • Swinging Bucket Rotors

    Thermo Scientific

  • Contec’s Polypropylene Bucket System 2769-KIT is a fully autoclavable stainless steel rolling cart with two polypropylene 5 gallon (20L) buckets (red, gray), and stainless steel drip cap. Durable, yet lightweight construction makes the 2769 bucket system easy to maneuver around cleanrooms. Cart…

  • …400 mL bottles. Rotor A-4-81 with 4 swing-buckets for 7x 50ml conical tubes, for Eppendorf Centrifuges 5810/5810R. Maximum speed 3,250xg (4,000rpm). Rotor A-4-81 without buckets. For use in Eppendorf Centrifuge 5810/5810R. Plate bucket for rotor A-4-81; for Eppendorf Centrifuges 5810/5810R.

  • The Ice Bucket, Reinvented. No more melted ice, puddles, floating tubes, or wet and contaminated samples. New Four Liter Capacity Polyurethane Construction Durable & Lightweight Shaped to Balance in One Arm Molded Side Knobs Includes Lid Condensation Free Hand Wash with Mild Detergent,…

  • Double Bucket Chassis

    Vileda Professional

    …Single or Double Compact Bucket System 149622 Ideal for CE Duo Mops and CE Flat Mop Solid and stable polypropylene plastic buckets and bails are 100% autoclavable One 6 gallon bucket Swivel plastic casters, fully autoclavable, fixed to the bucket with stainless steel pin…

  • Four-place swinging bucket tube adapters for A-4-62 swing bucket rotor. For use with 5810/5810R centrifuges Maximum 25 tubes/adapter Capacity: 1.2 to 5mL tubes Pack of 2

  • Vivaspin Turbo 15


    …low non specific binding. Vivaspin TURBO 15: The fastest ultrafiltration device in the market! Sample concentration from 2 to 15 ml in swing bucket or fixed angle rotors accepting 50 ml centrifuge tubes. Twin vertical membranes with innovative new design architecture for fastest concentration…

  • Round Ice Bucket Test Tube Racks

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …Impervious to moisture and odors Fit Magic Touch Ice Buckets Racks are resistant to highly acidic and basic solutions, salts, alcohol, chloroform and phenols. Round, conical shape allows racks to rest firmly and steadily in the bucket. The racks can be used in ice or dry ice and will…

  • Vivaspin 2


    …Cellulose Triacetate (CtA) with high hydrophilicity and very low non specific binding. Vivaspin 2: Sample concentration from 400 µl to 2ml in swing bucket or fixed angle rotors accepting 15 ml centrifuge tubes. Available in PES, CtA, and Hydrosart modified regenerated cellulose membrane (HY) for…

  • Bucket with pouring spout Made from 316L Stainless Steel Crevice free interior Not graduated Swing handle Supplied with skirt band Drop on lid that covers spout completely (lid sold seperately)

  • 2 Gallon White HDPE Open Head Pail Style: Open Head Pail Capacity/Volume: 2 Gallon (256oz) Color: White Material: HDPE Durable White HDPE Open Head Pails are perfect for storing and shipping large volumes of solids, powders and liquids. Ideal for general shop or warehouse…

  • Overflow Can and Catch Bucket

    United Scientific Supplies

    …can and catch bucket packaged as a convenient set for use in Archimedes' Principle, density, and specific gravity experiments. Accessories: Durable aluminum can with spout for use in Archimedes' Principle, density, and specific gravity experiments. Use with Catch Bucket. Overflow Can measures…

  • HDPE buckets feature handles and molded pouring lips and graduations. PP lids available.

  • Bucket and Cylinder

    United Scientific Supplies

    Consists of solid metal cylinder in a close fitting metal bucket, 19mm in diameter, 50mm long. Shipping weight 3 oz. Dimensions: 4"x1.5"x1.5"

  • Contec's irradiated bucket liners protect buckets and disinfectant solutions by reducing the opportunity for cross contamination. Intended for single use, these buckets liners provide users with no access to autoclaves the ability to keep solutions sterile.

  • 4 x 100 ml rectangular buckets for high capacity Flexible adapters for a wide range of tubes Max. rotational speed: 5,000 rpm (max. rcf: 4,500 x g) Caps for aerosol-tight centrifugation Rotor, buckets, caps, and adapters are autoclavable (20 min, 121°C)

  • …gallon (25L) buckets and wringer. Durable, yet lightweight construction makes Contec's 2720 bucket system easy to maneuver around cleanrooms. Red and blue buckets allow for differentiation between cleaning and rinsing solutions. Applications Fully autoclavable bucket system is…

  • Contec's Bucket System 2772-KIT is a fully autoclavable rolling cart with two 6.5 gallon (25L) polypropylene buckets. The lightweight, yet substantial stainless steel cart with heavy duty casters is easy to maneuver around any size cleanroom. The quiet, heavy-duty wheels feature stainless steel…

  • UltraSpeed™ Bucket Kits

    Vileda Professional

    …color coding clips within the buckets (red, blue, yellow and green) Push Bar kit sold separately 147412 Sold Separately Option push bar for use with both single and double bucket systems Large hand grip Can be used to carry an additional 6l bucket 143222 Microfiber…

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