Buchner Funnel Stoppers

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Buchner Funnel Stoppers
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  • Adapter, Vacuum Filtration

    Ace Glass

    Used for reduced pressure filtration with 7186 style, plain stem Buchner funnels. Top is tooled to accept a pluro stopper, bottom has a joint. Serrated hose connection has a second ring of 13.5mm O.D. Inserting the recommended size pluro stopper and th

  • Filtering Flask Kit (Vacuum Pump Kit)

    GSC International, Inc.

    …filtration. Included is a 500ml Borosilicate Filtering Flask, Vacuum Pump, Porcelain Buchner Funnell, 9cm filter paper, connection tubing, and a rubber stopper. The stopper hole is specially cut to hold the Buchner funnel. The Vacuum Pump is simplifies the process of vacuum filtration, eliminating…

  • SYNTHWARE Pluro-Stopper Set

    Kemtech America

    Set comes with 8 sizes. Stoppers are to be used with Buchner and Fritted glass funnels.

  • Neoprene Filter Adapters


    …between a filtering funnel and a flask. For use with Buchner funnels, Gooch crucibles, filter tubes, etc. Can be used individually or nested with adjacent sizes. Eliminates the boring of rubber stoppers and the difficulties of inserting and removing glass stems in stoppers. Neoprene withstands…

  • Filtering Kit

    United Scientific Supplies

    An excellent, faster working, alternative to traditional gravity based liquid filtration. Contents: 500ml Filtering Flask 90mm porcelain Buchner Funnel Hand Vacuum Pump with Gauge Pack of 90mm Filter Papers (pack/100) Rubber Stopper Vacuum Hose Instruction Manual

  • Filter Adapters

    Bal Supply

    …fit the Buchner and fritted glass funnels, porcelain filters without headpieces, and for reverse flow cleaning of filter crucibles. Especially useful for supporting funnels, Gooch crucibles, filter tubes, etc. in filtration assemblies. The adapter does not need to be fitted closely around the funnel

  • Synthware Vacuum Filtration Adapters

    Kemtech America

    Used with plain stem Buchner funnels and pluro-stopper. Hose connector has an O.D. of 10mm at the largest serration. Joint is a standard taper inner joint. Pluro-stoppers are not included.

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