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  • Natural Square HDPE Bottle with Take-Along Locking Pump


    Locking pump will not leak when engaged - suitable for travel High density polyethylene suitable for many solvents Square shape provides stability and saves storage space Wide opening that is easy to fill Translucent - allows easy viewing of contents Height: 3.375 inches Dispenses…

  • Mini Solvent Pump


    Mini solvent pump reliable filling of small quantities The Mini solvent pump is a high-quality hand pump for small containers such as bottles, canisters and tanks up to about 10 litres. For reliable filling and dosing of solvents and readily flammable liquids. Simple principle - highly…

  • Seripettor Pro Dispenser


    …are damaged by crystallizing reagents, just change the inexpensive cartridge, and you're back in business! Protects Light-sensitive Reagents: Pump assembly with Hastalloy stainless steel spring. An opaque upper sleeve helps protect liquid from UV-light during dispensing operations, while…

  • Round Amber Glass Bottle with One-Touch Pump


    Dark bottle protects light and plastic sensitive fluids Constructed of glass - allows storage of fluids not compatible with plastic One-touch pump Translucent - allows easy viewing of contents Dispenses approximately 0.2cc of liquid with each pump Ideal for use with hand sanitizer

  • Kartell Pump Dispensing Bottle


    Supplied with PP closure, this 500mL Pump Dispensing Bottle is highly suitable for dispensing liquids and creams. Wide surface area is easily labeled with contents. Pump Dispensing Bottle is suitable for food grade products. Dimensions: 3" diameter x 9" height

  • Rotavapor® R-100 Rotary Evaporator


    …Woulff bottle Vacuum Pump: V-100, 1.5 m3/h, 10 mbar 1190U73 Glass Assembly: C (Cold trap) for low boiling point solvents Protective Coating: Without Recirculating Chiller: F-100, fix +10 °C, 400 W Vacuum Controller: I-100, with Woulff bottle Vacuum Pump: V-100,…

  • Accu-Drive® Electronic Burette Systems


    …titration, depending on operation module selected. Plug-and-play titration or dispense modules fit into base units containing pump block which are fitted to reagent bottles. The control modules for dosing and titration consist of a keypad with an integrated LCD and electronics. They can be…

  • Q-sep Bottle Top Solvent Dispenser


    …dispense liquids for QuEChERS extractions with this versatile pump. A quick, simple adjustment lets you set the output volume anywhere from 2.5 mL to 30 mL per stroke, and the included adaptors will accommodate most reagent bottles. Adjustment knob offers 56 output volume settings from 2.5…

  • Trigger Sprayer Pumps


    Trigger Sprayer Pumps are available foam PE lined or linerless Industrial Sprayers.

  • Spray Bottles


    Pressureless spray bottle made of LDPE with long-life hand pump. The functioning of each individual sprayer is tested during manufacture. Areas of application: Industry, laboratories, production, leisure, household. Suitable for agricultural pesticides and detergents. Media-contacting parts…

  • Scienceware® Acid Pump / Reagent Dispenser

    Bel-Art Products

    bottles with GPS No. 38-430 or 38-400 threads This dispenser fits many 2.5 & 4 liters, 5 pint (80 fl. Oz), ½ gallon & 1-gallon jugs and bottles. To use, squeeze the smaller bottle and depress the top button to immediately stop dispensing. Use the two included adapters for short neck bottles.

  • GoatThroat Pump Replacement Parts & Accessories


    GoatThroat pumps, long valued for their innovative design combined with a simple, safe, and clean hand-operated fluid delivery system, bring another innovative advancement to the industrial marketplace. These small, versatile pumps can now safely be used with shop air, aircompressors or bottled

  • Vacuum Pump V-100


    …to use vacuum pump will be delivered with a silencer and 2m of vacuum tubing. All Models Capacity, Final Vacuum 1.5 m3/h, 10 mbar 1190U86 Condensation assembly: Secondary cold trap Vacuum Controller: I-100 (Manual, Timer) Woulff Bottle: With 1190U87…

  • Round Brown HDPE Alcohol Bottle with Lasting-Touch Pump


    Opaque brown High density polyethylene bottle protects light sensitive fluids Lasting-touch pump allows for quick one-handed dispensing - perfect for alcohol dispensing in working environments Wide neck opening with “Swing lid” - easy to fill, easily closes, reduces odors, and…

  • Pump for Gallon Bottles


  • IPTG / X-GAL Spray Solution

    IBI Scientific

    The IPTG/X-GAL Solution is a ready-to-use product in an easy-to-use spray bottle format. The solution concentration is 8mg/ml. Each pump of the spray bottle produces about 0.2ml of solution.

  • Filtering Flask Kit (Vacuum Pump Kit)

    GSC International, Inc.

    The Gas Generating Bottle is useful in the production of gasses and provides a funnel tube and a connecting tube. Includes a 500ml capacity Bottle, 2-hole Rubber Stopper, Thistle Tube and a 90 degree angle connector tube.

  • KONTES/GUTH Unitized® Wash Bottles

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    KONTES/GUTH Unitized® Wash bottles allow you to automatically pump a continuous, forceful jet of washing or rinsing liquid that may be instantly stopped as needed. Easy one-handed operation (either hand), leaving the other hand free for other needs Crystal clear glass flask permits…

  • GOJO® LTX-12™ Dispensers

    GOJO Industries

    …refill bottles make it easy to check fill status. CONTROLLED COLLAPSE refills hold their shape as they empty for a more attractive appearance. Removable pump makes recycling easy. SANITARY SEALED™ refills made of durable, recyclable PET material, using 30% less plastic than rigid HDPE bottles.

  • Mini Solvent Pump


    …such as bottles, canisters, carboys and tanks with GL45 threads, from 1 liter up to ~ 10 liters in size. Accessory thread adapters are available that allow this pump to fit on S40, GL38 & GL32 threads. The pump works according to the excess pressure principle. Through use of the pump ball and…

  • Mechanics System 2 Physics Kit


    …Bernoulli’s Principle. Includes an Experiment Guide covering 14 activities: Water Pouring from a Spout Mariotte’s Bottle The Force Pump Discovering Boyle’s Law Using a Syringe Pascal’s Ball Aparatus Communicating Vessels Finding the Density of…

  • Scienceware® Spray Pump Bottles

    Bel-Art Products

    Fine Mist Spray Low-density plunger style polyethylene Includes clear cap which helps to prevent evaporation and leaks Available in 250 mL and 500mL

  • Natural Square HDPE Bottle with One-Touch Pump


    …suitable for many solvents Square shape provides stability and saves storage space Wide opening that is easy to fill Translucent - allows easy viewing of contents Height: 3.375 inches Dispenses approximately 0.2cc of liquid with each pump Ideal for use with hand sanitizer

  • Hand-Pump For 1-Gallon 7x Bottles

    MP Biomedicals

    Hand Pump for 1 gallon bottles of 7X Cleaner.

  • Woulff bottle with bracket


    Additional recovery of solvent to protect vacuum valve and vacuum pump Direct connection to the vacuum valve Features connection to vacuum controller Volume of 250 ml

  • Pump Oil


    Lightl In plastic bottles, except five-gallon size Low vapor pressure, 10 -5 torr Vapor pressure does not materially increase at temperatures up to 50°C; flash point 232°C Supplied with 7893G10 series Hyvac Two-Stage Pumps. Specific gravity 0.89; viscosity 350 s.u.s.…

  • 1L Glass Bottle for Vacuum Degassing System


    1L Glass Bottle for Vacuum Degassing System

  • 2L Glass Bottle for Vacuum Degassing System


    2L Glass Bottle for Vacuum Degassing System

  • Thomas® 1000 mL Adjustable Spray Wash Bottle


    …Adjustable spray wash bottle has an instant-off trigger release that eliminates messy drips. Closed position on sprayer maintains solution purity eliminating overnight evaporation and air/dust contamination. Double-headed feature eliminates problem of removing a dripping pump and refilling…

  • Vacuum pump oil, viscosity 150 cP (25 °C)(lit.)


    CAS Number: 64741-88-4 EC Number: 265-090-8 MDL Number: MFCD00132812 General Description High quality oil withstands acids, alkalis, and other corrosives better than standard grade vacuum pump oils. Packaging 832 g in glass bottle

  • 1x0.5L bottle with cap and PTFE insert, 1m PTFE 1/16 tubing and1x40um SS solvent…


    1x0.5L bottle with cap and PTFE insert, 1m PTFE 1/16 tubing and1x40um SS solvent frit

  • 1x2L bottle with cap and PTFE insert, 1m PTFE 1/8 tubing and 1x10um SS solvent…


    1x2L bottle with cap and PTFE insert, 1m PTFE 1/8 tubing and 1x10um SS solvent frit

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